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First Post09/30/201410:47pm

Your Favorite gun cases Soft and/or Hard

(11 posts)

My friends on this site have provided fantastic answers on so many questions!  Recently I was shopping for some new gun cases.  Currently I own a very nice aluminum two rifle case and a couple cheap hard cases.

Probably like many members I have many rifles but just a couple beautiful fine Weatherby's.  Mine happen to ...
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Last Post10/01/20147:17pm

I use these for travel and Cabelas soft cases for truck rides.
Joined: 11/08/09
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First Post09/25/20147:35pm

Trophy Room????

(4 posts)

Any idea when we'll be able to add to the trophy room
Joined: 02/08/12
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Last Post10/01/20145:52pm

Any info yet on this Roger? Hunting season is here and this will be the first year pictures where not posted by proud hunters. It is sad if Wby lets the scammers and spammers and Bambi mamby pammers win here.
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First Post09/30/201411:50am

Weatherby Saratoga

(10 posts)

Another rifle with a very new look. I betcha you haven't seen one like this....
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Last Post10/01/20145:40pm

What about us great white north Weatherby fans, any chance of getting one with the Canadian flag on

Yah Eh?
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First Post10/01/20142:09pm

Weatherby nation what good is it

(2 posts)

I have been a member for 4 years now.I would like to see insider info once in a while It seems like all we find out new are from magazine articles. Weatherby nation is turning into gunbroker. Something new once in awhile would be nice. Weatherby use to release new product in October 1st.
Joined: 02/06/10
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Last Post10/01/20144:59pm

I think the forum is for asking questions, gaining knowledge, exchanging ideas, expressing opinions, bashing Remington, and telling Weatherby what we think, but I don't think insider info is a big part of any forum. I think Weatherby tries to keep us in the loop, and I'd like to hear Weatherby things before the public gets it, but as long...
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First Post09/24/20146:00am

Does anyone miss wood?

(33 posts)

I was doing some cleaning and tidying up when it dawned on me that the contents of the safe all wore synthetic stocks.  I got nostalgic for wood.  I'd be interested in knowing what % of the nation still hunts with a wood stock.  I had the same .243 for 50 years and maybe that's just what I got used to....but maybe not. ...
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Last Post10/01/20144:25pm

I had a synthetic .257 and now have a wood stock "sporter" , Huntmachine. In reality, I can`t tell any difference on accuracy. The same load of H1000 and 100gr. Barnes TSX are both sub MOA!   
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First Post09/30/20146:31pm

Well, it's been a year!!!!!!

(6 posts)

Wow, how time flies, it's been a year since we moved to Georgia!  I can't believe that a year ago, my wife and I drove up with all  our personal stuff in a U-Haul trailer, she had one dog riding with her, and I had the other.  LOL!!!!!  Wow, how times flies when you are having fun. ...
Joined: 09/19/07
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Last Post10/01/20143:53pm

Para45, we are glad you came to Georgia and you and your wife are great friends. I am glad it is finally cooling off, it took forever this year. I hate time flies by and we don't get together more. Looking forward to taking you shooting this Sunday. Wes
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First Post09/26/20148:19pm

New Remington Rifle (or any brand you choose)

(15 posts)

New Remington rifle called  "The Congressman"

1. Is never accurate
2. Doesn't  work
3. Goes off unexpectedly
4. Hard to get rid of

Sorry,Heard this at the range today

Semper Fi
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Last Post10/01/20141:57pm

D. ALL of the above?   
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First Post12/14/20114:51pm

Looking for thoughts on .280 remington

(26 posts)

Im looking into possibly getting another hunting rifle and I was gonna stick with the .30 caliber family. Already have 2 .30-06's and I had always wanted a .308 winchester but read some stuff on .280 remington and I was looking for some real life input on ballistics and actual hunting experience with this particular caliber. Any helpm would be...
Joined: 10/07/07
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Last Post10/01/20141:09pm

Wow.  That's an expensive 280Rem, 505Ed.  I'd be hard pressed to pay $1400 plus transfer fees for a 280Rem Mark V in a 6-lug action, with a painted tupperware stock (notice the checkering?  It's not a Medalist or better synthetic, only injection molded plastic) which sold new for less than $1k, when it was available.&n...
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First Post09/29/20145:04am

load data for 7mm rem mag

(6 posts)

Hi guys and girls , ive just got my hands on a new mark v accumark in 7mm rem mag love the gun was wondering if anyone has load data for rl22 or any data that shoots sub moa thanks for any help .
Joined: 09/27/14
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Last Post10/01/20144:25am

Thanks for all the help everyone , today I went to the range with a new bench rest in hand and another box of factory loads after shooting 5 bullets no change then BOOOOOM for some reason the gun starts shooting 10mm 3 round groups wtf , it's now time to refine a hand load any ideas on why the rifle would do this an old cow cocky suggested It ...
Joined: 09/27/14
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First Post09/28/20144:58pm

270 Excessive Bullet Drop

(11 posts)

I am shooting a Remington 700 XCR 270 rifle.  I have loaded a 130 grain Nosler ballistic tip bullet with 48 grains of IMR4350 powder.  I went to the range yesterday and shot sub MOA groups at 100 yards and 200 yards.  However, my bullet drop was about 8" between 100 yards and 200 yards.  Is there any explanation as to what ...
Joined: 04/29/14
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Last Post09/30/201412:52pm

In theory  zeroed @ 100 yds to get a drop of 8 @ 200 yds your velocity would have to be around 2000 fps.   Common sense tells us even with a lite  load of 48 grains of imr-4350 that just not going to happen.   Something else is going on and you have to be specific with the questions I'm going to ask.

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