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First Post04/28/201512:19am

.378 WM

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I bought a .378 MK5 and modified it a bit, added a synthetic stock, custom made open sights and recknagel twist off mounts with a 3 x 10 leupold Vari X 3 to take to Africa, had never hunted with a 378 before. What an awesome cartridge, it drops african animals at 400 yards as if they had a heart attack. Shot a lion my guides figured was 330 kg to 3...
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First Post04/27/20158:03am

my new 270 WBY

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hello everyone. well she is finally home. my accumark 270 WBY. she came with an Custom HS Precision stock. she sure is beautiful. i mounted a Meopta Meopro 3.5-10x44 scope on talley lightweight rings.
i am hoping to go and zero her tomorrow...
Joined: 03/14/15
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Last Post04/27/201510:49pm

Congrats Oscar! It's like X-mas in April. She looks wicked. Did you get the Z-plex or RD Meopro?
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First Post04/27/20157:36pm

My 1st Turkey Hunt - Lessons Learned

(3 posts)

So it's opening day in Ontario Canada for Wild Turkey.

They were re-introduced in the early 1980's with the first (limited) season in 1987.

Now they are everywhere, including my deer hunting property (since last fall), so I decided it was time to hunt some Turkey.

Well, never having done it before and havi...
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Last Post04/27/20158:58pm

I am hearing ya. We started last season. There is definitely a learning curve involved. Last weekend we took our first turkey, my son shot a real nice tom. I would post a pic but I am having trouble getting a photo posted. Anyway, be patient and understand that you are still learning.
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First Post04/26/20154:09pm

Newbie Question On Mark V Deluxe

(7 posts)

Friends, I need your help and guidance for a newbie. I am an experienced shooter and hunter but have never owned a Weatherby. I'm looking at a Mark V Deluxe in .257 WM to take on an antelope hunt out west in Sept. The serial number is 9452; which I think dates the rifle to 1958.

The rifle is in excellent condition with a few minor ...
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Last Post04/27/20158:31pm

I won't represent myself as an expert on valuation. It depends on the buyer. Some want the latest and the greatest. Others have particular specific likes. On a collector basis, probably the most valuable and rarest are the sand cast Mk Vs. Next are the pre-Mk Vs. That is for collectors who either don't use or use very rarely use as origin...
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First Post02/07/201412:21pm

Getting acceptable accuracy - where to start?

(44 posts)

I have a Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight in .30-06.  DOM is February, 2001.  I bought her new.  I have not altered this rifle in any way.

I've never been impressed with the accuracy.  She's a joy to carry and she fits me very well but I have zero confidence in shots over 250 ya...
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Last Post04/27/20158:01pm

Sorry, I always "forget" that they give away Tikka's on your side of the border.

Up here a VGII (synthetic) is under 600 bucks (Canadian).

A "blued" T3 is $900 and the stainless list at $1100 making them an "over priced" rifle.
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First Post04/26/20159:11am

Southgate Jap?

(4 posts)

Hello all. 

I'm new to this forum and have been having an interesting time looking around. 
I have seen reference to Weatherby rifles that are called Southgate Jap.  I have a Southgate 300 WM and I thought that Weatherby rifles were either made in Southgate, Germany, or Japan, not a combination of either locati...
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Last Post04/27/20157:44pm

Thanks for the replies guys.

I was just wondering about some other posts on this site where the poster was obviously confused calling his rifle a jap southgate.

Mine is a Southgate on a mauser action.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the one that was confused.
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First Post12/22/20146:55am

Greyhounds vs coyotes

(6 posts)

What I want to do on my next vacation.
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Last Post04/27/20154:51pm

Coyotes exist in 49 of 50 states, excluding Hawaii.! Regardless of Mr. Obama's claim to 57 states....   My German Shepherd saw a confrontation with a "yote" here in south Florida as a challenge to his imaginary sheep herd. He was prepared to chase that intruder to Cleveland, with a plane change in Atlanta! My money was on m...
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First Post04/26/20158:07pm

.260 remington

(5 posts)

shot the barrel out of my S1 22-250 (around 6000 rds) had it re-barreled into .260 rem. picked up the finished rifle last tuesday and couldn't be happier with it. I had already installed a Timney trigger and glass bedded the action and floated the barrel while it was still a 22-250. it now has a Lothar-Walther 24" 1 in 8 twist semi bull b...
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Last Post04/27/20159:39am

Congrats.Sounds like a good job of working up a load.
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First Post04/25/201511:27pm

Vanguard VGX deluxe question

(5 posts)

hi all,
I have an opportunity to pick up a Vanguard VGX Deluxe in 7 mm mag.   I understand the VGX Deluxe were made ~  1989 - 1993...

I was wondering if these particular Vanguards had the "3 rings of steel"  and the integral recoil lug, etc that the current Vanguards have.    How was the accur...
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Last Post04/27/20157:30am

The only differences between the older Vanguard and the S2 variant are the trigger and the rubberized panels on the stock. The stock geometry is unchanged from the first to second genration, with the exception of a few early 1990s era guns produced with classic-style straight stocks.
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First Post04/25/201510:02am

COL on my 300 Wby (Blaser R93)

(4 posts)

Hi guys,

I am new to the exiting world of Weatherby.   I have a Blaser R93, 300 Wby and have been playing around with loads on nosler 168gr Match bullets.  I get bad groupings (about 2") on 100yd over the entire range of loads and after many trips to the range, now thinks it has to do with my COL.   The gene...
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Last Post04/26/20152:23pm

Is there some reason to be using Nosler custom competition match bullets ?  Is Somchem the only powder brand you can buy locally ?  If you live in SA and if you don't need a match bullet  I'd try a different bullet  something like GS Custom or Frontier Spartans. 
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