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First Post03/27/20159:53pm

American Rifleman article on .270 Wby Mag

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There is an excellent article on the .270 Wby Mag in the March, 2015 issue of American Rifleman.  The author also has an insert in the article on Weatherby 130-grain spitzer ammo, which is what I use for whitetail.  I have been able to buy that ammo for $40 a box from Cabela's & Cheaper Than Dirt.
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First Post03/27/20155:01am

Nosler Ballistic tips

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Was going over the Weatherby site and saw they say it's ok to use Nosler Ballistic tips on medium and big game.

Medium is deer and black bear where I hunt, Big they say, is, elk, moose and grizz...

I'm guessin this 180 grainer would hold up on Black bear.

Nosler only recommends BT's on deer sized game...
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Last Post03/27/20159:29pm

I loaded some 150 gr. Nos. BT's for my sons 30-06 @ 3000 fps. he shot A doe at about 35 yards and it blew right thru. Cant say what it looked like but at least it didnt explode on impact.
Now I know theres A big diffrence between A 30-06 @ 3000 and A 300 Wby @ 3300 but maybe the 180 gr BT would hold its own. I wouldnt be afraid to use it ...
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First Post03/08/20153:47pm

Where have you hunted black bear?

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I was a little surprised when I was asking about buying a new rifle or go on a hunt that the overwhelming said go on the hunt. With trying to keep the hunt priced right around $2000 +or- maybe $100 for my total budget. Can this be done if I was traveling from Indiana via truck?
I work the next few nights if anyone wants to pm me there email a...
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Last Post03/27/20159:08pm

I shot a nice 4 1/2 year old boar near Pickle Lake, Ontario in the mid-80's. As I recall the border area between Minnesota and Ontario produces bigger bears than the area further north.
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First Post03/27/20157:39pm

looking to pick up a vanguard s1 in 30-06

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Hello everyone, this is my first post so bear with me please. Im new to the whole bolt action world, and i was interested in the weatherby vanguard s1. My LGS has it with a leupold vx for just over $500 in 30-06. Is this a good deal? Ive been trying to do some research on the s1 but i havent been able to find much. Any info you guys can give me wou...
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Last Post03/27/20158:35pm

If your going to cabelas to look at a Vanguard, take a look at the Accuguard model they offer too.
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First Post03/26/20155:19am

rebarreling my mark v 243 !

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I have a mark v in 243 win I got on a deal. I absolutely love mark Vs but am not a 243 fan at all ! I just purchased a 338 barrel blank w the sporter taper (made by weatherby some many years ago) and I'm considering having the barrel finished and swapped w my 243 and the bolt opened. The barrel I got is 26 3/4" now and I wanted to have it...
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Last Post03/27/20152:53pm

where in NY you from
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First Post03/26/20158:04pm

Weatherby Ammo

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Anybody ever figure out why thier ammo shoots so good?
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Last Post03/27/20151:59pm

loaded hot enough for what weatherbys seem to like!
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First Post03/27/20155:49am

Weatherby Performance Outerwear

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Weatherby Camo Pants and Jacket
Wanting to sell these.

What are they worth?

Only worn a couple of times ice fishing.

Size - XL
Pockets - 6
Zippered lower leg
Snap bottom
Drawstring bottom

Size - 2XL
Pockets - 7
Zipper and snaps
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Last Post03/27/201512:16pm

PM sent
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First Post03/27/20158:17am

New Norma Strike Family of Bullets

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Came across this press release today, maybe you guys have already seen it, looks like they'll be a nice premium hunting bullet similar to the TSX and ETip, perhaps Weatherby will offer them with the Spitzer line and have a premium Hunting bullet in the lineup at a much cheaper price then the Partitions and TSX's for the non hand loaders? ...
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Last Post03/27/20158:29am

Sounds promising! Thanks for the info, weatherbyman.   
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First Post03/26/20154:36pm

Cost for setting up to reload on the cheap

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I passed on a couple of guns and ammo to my nephew  last week and we did some shooting.He was getting 1.5 inch groups at 300 yds consistently with 308 and 22-250.After he saw what custom loads will do he called me yesterday and asked what basics  he could get into reloading for.I think I have covered most everything needed and got some pr...
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Last Post03/27/20158:24am

I recommend getting him a subscription to Handloader magazine.
I know he has you to fall back on Roger,but the reading could bring up things that you might not talk about until they come up.
I think it's only $20 a year.
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First Post03/26/20151:37am

6.5 Creedmoor in Vanguard S2

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I'm interested in getting a 6.5 Creedmoor in a Vanguard. I read somewhere that it had been discontinued, but I don't really think it has been. It is still available, right? 
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Last Post03/26/20158:46pm

Yes, I've noticed them still listed but never in stock anywhere. It was a small gun shop owner who told me that it had been discontinued. But he maybe just wanted to sell me another brand he could get.

Well... we'll see if one pops up. If not, maybe move on to some...
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