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First Post10/21/20146:58pm

back from wyoming

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me and a buddy just got back from Wyoming from our muley/lope hunt and we had a blast.  we each had a area 79 deer tag and he shot his first muley (a smaller buck) and I shot a good 3x3 that was by far biggest deer we seen in 4 days of scouting and eventually thru 8 days of the woods.  he is 25" wide and has 15" g2's on bot...
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Last Post10/22/20146:32am

Very nice!  Congrats!!!!
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First Post10/21/20143:08pm

.270 or .308

(15 posts)

If your intended species was elk and you were likely to never take a shot over 350 yards which caliber would be your choice, .270 or .308? Would your answer be different if you were also wanting a caliber of rifle to use for whitetail, mule deer and antelope?
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Last Post10/22/20146:29am

Geez! I can't believe this! The man asked a simple question about whether to use a .270 or a .308 on elk.

"I might just be trying to justify a new caliber in the gun cabinet but I also may be making a smart decision.....I can't decide."

Anyone that owns a firearm or has hunted more than a day in his life c...
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First Post10/19/201410:20pm

New Member to Weatherby Nation and Weatherby Owners Club

(12 posts)

Hello everyone.  New Member here and just joined tonight.  Bought my first "Bee"  Friday, a Vanguard series 2 chambered in .308 Winchester.   Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. But I have a cheap scope mounted in Talley Lightweights for break-in so I...
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Last Post10/22/20146:28am

Vette, depending on the Weatherby caliber, you don't have to pay $80 per box of ammo.  Weatherby has an "inexpensive" line, and they use Spire Point bullets and normally go for around $39.00 a box, which most of the time it is cheaper than buying new brass.  Just a thought if you ever find that one Weatherby caliber you...
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First Post10/20/20146:48am

Vanguard Series 2 .308 barrel twist

(13 posts)

Had a burning question that has bothered me for a while.  I used the search function and nothing came up on the subject. So I'm posting here to see if anyone might know.

I requested a catalog from Weatherby, and when it came, I was browsing through all the beautiful rifles.  When I came to the Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic s...
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Last Post10/22/20145:28am

NMARKNITE, I guess if I really want to see what this rifle will do, I'll try Federal Gold Medal Match, as this is the ammunition that other factory loadings are judged by.  This ammunition will usually be a good indicator of potential accuracy, as long as it's available for that caliber.  I shoot .308 and .30-06, and my girlfrie...
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First Post10/21/20146:52pm

Only one question

(3 posts)

Vanguards Series 1 has a pression point at forend. The question is the following, Vanguards Series 2 have that too? I have read in this forum that this pression point at forend must be as manufacture makes and never get out that part because rifle would never shoot same performance. Is it thrue? This question is in order that I have some problems w...
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Last Post10/22/20145:15am

Juan, I think what you are asking is about the pressure points on the lead edge of the fore stock...the part that makes contact with the barrel.  Yes, both the Series 1 and Series 2 Vanguards have this pressure point.  I have read that Weatherby says that the pressure point is there because of the longer barrel and harmonics.  Basica...
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First Post10/21/20149:06pm

Vanguard Parts & Scopes For Sale

(1 posts)

I have a lot Vanguard compatible parts and some scopes I would like to sell or trade. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer. I am willing to negotiate especially if you want multiple items. I am also willing to ship.

Timney Trigger
Good used condition
$80 obo

Drop box mag kit and 3 magazines (3 round mags)
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First Post10/20/20141:05pm

.340 Weatherby

(10 posts)

Most of the published information on ammo for the .340 Weatherby goes to .250 grain bullets. However, I see references to Nosler Accubond ammo in 300 grain. Does anyone have any information on that. If so, please share.

Also, has anyone ever compared the .340 Weatherby using 300 grain Accubonds with the .375 H&H using 300 grain Accu...
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Last Post10/21/20147:15pm

All other factors being equal, which they invariably are not in real-world conditions, penetration is a function of sectional density, which is a ratio of the bullet's mass to diameter. A .338cal 300gr bullet has an SD of .375. For comparison the 300gr .375cal bullet has an SD of .305. A 250gr .338cal SD is .313, which tells me that the .338ca...
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First Post10/21/20146:25pm

7mm Wby Mag Stable Bullet weights

(2 posts)

I have recently purchased a ultralight RC I'm 7mm wby mag and will be reloading, I was looking at trying to utilize a 168 gr bullet but have run into more times than not on manufacturers pages that a 1:9 twist is required to stabilize the bullet my wby has a 1:10 is anyone reloading for one with similar bullet weights?
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Last Post10/21/20146:42pm

I use 154 and 160's and never had a issue in a accumark and a fibermark, try it I bet you will be alright
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First Post10/20/20148:07pm

257 bullet selection

(14 posts)

Looking for input for on bullet selection for whitetail.  Furthest shot 350 maybe 400.  Closest 100. 
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Last Post10/21/20145:28pm

No problem.  The Oklahoma side of my family doesn't reload and have been well served by factory ammo. The nice thing about Weatherby calibers is that all ammo is premium.  Go with the flavor your rifle likes best
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First Post10/20/20149:37am

Back in Wood!

(8 posts)

I took some cartridges that I had reloaded for my cousin over to his house.  Out of the blue the wood v. composite argument reared its ugly head.  He said that out of the 147 guns that he had, only one had a wood stock and if he found a trade he'd get rid of it.  Turns out his ugly duckling wood stocked rifle was a nearly new We...
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Last Post10/21/20144:35pm

I'd like to think that maybe the hospital switched babies when he was born. Lol. You know the can choose your friends but not your relatives. I left him with an S2 in 257 to set him straight.
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