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First Post04/12/201411:35am

Clive Bundy vs BLM

(32 posts)

Please take a look at the Clive Bundy BLM standoff, I support the fight and the Bundy family 100%,
When I joined the Corp I swore to uphold the constitution from all threats -Foreign and domestic !
Did any of you ever retract your Loyalty when You Mustered out ?
I Did Not !
Semper Fi
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Last Post04/16/201410:46am

You remind me of my father Wayne. We need more men like you.
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First Post04/15/201412:46am

Remington recall on Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro triggers

(14 posts)

This recall might save one of us from an accident.

(From the web site) Remington has issued a voluntary recall of Model 700 and Model Seven rifles w...
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Last Post04/16/201410:45am

BTW, Thanks for your input, everybody!     
You are very welcome ...
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First Post04/16/20148:20am

gun control

(2 posts)

I see in the news that Bloomberg is forming a new anti gun organization.  Guess he didn`t learn much from his wasted money in the Colorado recalls!   
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Last Post04/16/201410:23am

Bloomberg is a disgrace and an arrogant idiot. My idea of gun control is using two hands to hold your pistol and a rest when possible for your rifle.
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First Post04/15/20142:27pm

H4350 for 300 Roy

(3 posts)

Hi fellas,.... okay 4350 with a 165 gr Gameking HP does not make for great accuracy in my Mk V.  Anyone use 7828 with a 165 gr head and have anything to boast results wise?  Thanks. 
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Last Post04/16/201410:12am

I have never used 165 grs, but I have used 180 grs Accubonds with 7828 SSC, and my Vanguard 300 Wby loves the load.  I used that one particular load to take some African plains game...see my trophy room.  The bullet/powder combo worked as expected.
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First Post04/14/20144:15pm

Alaskan Brown Bear

(17 posts)

Hey guys, just received a few pictures from my Step-Dads bear hunt up in AK. He used his 338-378 Weatherby about 175 yds. Pics are from cell phone, I'll try and get better ones later. 10'1" 1075 lbs.  Figured you might be interested seeing it was harvested with a Weatherby....
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Last Post04/16/201412:57am

Quote from my 7 year old grandson,  Gwanpa,dat one's A jim dandy n it! Yep, that's A nice one!
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First Post04/15/20149:22pm

weatherby 224 mark v german

(2 posts)

Could someone tell me what a german mark v 224 is going for?
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Last Post04/15/201410:00pm

Average price for a West German made Varmintmaster with 24 inch barrel has been $2200 lately, plus shipping. 99%+ condition.1st or 2nd year make date.
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First Post04/15/201412:38pm

New Alltime Snow Record for Detroit

(4 posts)

That's right it took till mid April but we finaly did it. A new all time snow record of 94.8" of snow in one calander year. But it seams like twice that much.
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Last Post04/15/20147:53pm

The CO2 greenhouse effect is physically impossible because the atomic mass of CO2 makes it far too heavy to rise into the upper atmosphere over every other much lighter atmospheric gas, including water vapor which itself is much lighter than CO2. Mention that fact to a man made global warming advocates and all they do is call you names. So much for...
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First Post04/13/20143:26pm

Lee Precision - Breech Lock Challenger Full Reloading Press Kit

(7 posts)

I want to get into reloading and was looking at this Lee Precision - Breech Lock Challenger Full Reloading Press Kit. Will I be able to reload for the 30-378 and 340 Weatherby with it? I just thought that I would ask on this site before I spent the money and couldn't use it. I have the Lee classic  loaders for everything else and thought&...
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Last Post04/15/20147:32pm

You will need to call Lee to find out what presses reload what .I have the latest RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme and what do I usually reload on?A Lee Classic 4 hole Turret Press.2 different calibers per turret if you are shooting rifles and everything stays setup the same.Some veryyy accurate loads also.Just a thought and good luck.
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First Post04/15/20145:04pm

Sa-08 after the first shoot

(1 posts)

Took apart the shotgun a few days after shooting it for the first time and there is a burn circle around the cylinder right above where the light/heavy load would sit. Is this normal ? It is very difficult to get off
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First Post04/11/20143:09pm

Spoonbill catfish caugfht

(14 posts)

Snuck up on em in my camo...
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Last Post04/15/20143:34pm

We have not tried any yet Oscar but will soon.They were good fighters and all good size.Much harder to control since you don have them hooked in the mouth.
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