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First Post10/30/20143:15pm

retirement rifle

(11 posts)

I'm still thinking about retiring in June and marking the occasion with a Mark V Ultra Lightweight in 7 Wby.
I know there are plenty of people in the Nation that have their favorite rifle.  Let me hear from you if you think the UL is a good choice or here's your chance to convert me to your favorite.  I have a 240B for deer...
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Last Post10/31/20149:15am

I am the third generation in my family to use the 7B for pretty much everything in North America and I absolutely love it. I am a wood guy so mine is in a Euromark and wears a Zeiss 4.5-14. However, during a recent bear hunt in driving rain I wished for a plastic gun and am strongly considering the ultra lightweight  or the range certified ver...
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First Post10/30/20143:57pm

Weatherby Mark V Question

(11 posts)

Howa Mark V  serial number range 1974 to 1981.     Barrel only says 300 mag.   I thought all 300 mark v  weatherby mags were marked   300 wby mag ?     Other question and this does not pertain to this rifle.    Who made the mark V rifle stocks i.e. black synthetic,   pe...
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Last Post10/31/20148:13am

You're getting solid information as always here. The stock you describe is the McMillan Fibermark. It should be a pillared stock.

As for the 300 Magnum designation, southtxkiller is right. The "magnum" designation was used up through the time frame he mentions, best I can tell. I've seen a few guys with 7mm Magnum sta...
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First Post10/27/20147:35pm

Iranian Red Sheep mount is finished.

(11 posts)

Finally received my mount. Turned out better than I expected.

This is an Iranian Red Sheep I shot  last September on a high fenced ranch outside of San Antonio with my 257 Weatherby.  It was a fantastic hunt. Fortunately I didn't have to trek the mountains of Iran to shoot him! ...
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Last Post10/30/20148:55pm

Congratulations! With huge bases like that, looks like he probably won a few head butting battles. At the speed of that bullet, I was surprised to hear it didn't exit. The Accubond performed well.

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First Post10/29/20145:53pm

Reloading a 300 WM. S:O:S

(7 posts)

As I did before I need your references again about reloading that caliber. My rifle is a Vanguard 300 WM and I am having problems with my charges. I cant get good groups. I explained it not much time ago. I need you to advice me grains of IMR 4350, for a 180 grains bullet with the potential and an accuracy perfornmance. I dont believe in reloading ...
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Last Post10/30/20148:12pm

Dont be sorry Chris. Noslter Partition and Ballistic tip are fantastic. It is just with that bullets and de american IMR 4350 are the components I like most. I reloaded with 70 and with 71,5 grains of that powders and CCI 250 primers. No problem. Thank you friend. Juan
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First Post10/26/20142:58pm

What caliber do you consider the big bores start?

(30 posts)

Curious to your opinions?
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Last Post10/30/20145:32pm

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First Post10/30/20141:40pm

257 weatherby vanguard s2 accuracy problens

(4 posts)

Always wanted a 257 weatherby finally got one in the vanguard s2 stainless problems is its no very accurate, I've shot weatherby 100 gr ammo as well as Hornady 110 gr I have a ziess conquest 4.5-14x50 scope on it so good optics can anyone help me with the accuracy problem? Also when ...
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Last Post10/30/20144:01pm

Usual problem is somebody sold you Remington 700 bases for a  Vanguard. I would suspect bases/rings and scope after that. Both the .257 Wby. Vanguards I`ve spent time with were way sub MOA with my loads of 100gr. TSX.   Good luck!   
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First Post10/19/20146:58pm

My first big game hunt - anterless moose in Central Saskatchewan

(11 posts)

This is just my second year hunting, and I got drawn for an anterless moose, where I live in Saskatchewan. I went out on opening day, and I got my moose! The guy I had gotten permission from had said I could hunt there, but could not take the big cow. He had just taken her down himself when we got there, lol! Anyways, I could've possibly scout...
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Last Post10/30/20143:50pm

Did not get my cow elk yet i will get her soon going out tomorrow moning
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First Post10/26/20142:30pm

Why shouldn't I buy a 243 Vanguard 2 for Whitetails??

(35 posts)

I have been hunting deer, among other critters, for over 40 years now.

Until now my rifle of choice has been my 740 Remington, 30-06 (a nice 1957 vintage model) 

Anyhow, realizing that I can't take things with me I decided that I want a new deer rifle....
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Last Post10/30/20142:44pm

Look under the FAQ on the Weatherby site and I believe you will find they suggest 40 rounds not 60.
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First Post10/29/20145:46pm

Burris Veracity

(9 posts)

Has anyone had a chance to check out the new Burris line of scopes? Their new Veracity line looks promising. Wondered if anyone has got a hand or an eye on them to give their thoughts. Almost too many "good" scopes to choose from.
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Last Post10/30/20141:30pm

The glass in both are very clear but I was indoors looking at them and never turned the magnafication up or down
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First Post10/28/201412:47pm

Scope Suggestions

(13 posts)

Hey folks new to the site and need some advice, I have a the vanguard s2 in 30 06 and I put a zeiss terra on it love the combination. I just got back from muzzleloading and the bushnell trophy i have on it wont hold its setting and I am looking for advice on a mid range scope for it. I am done with the bushnell line they used to be good scopes but ...
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Last Post10/30/201410:21am

I have a few Leupold Vari-X1s and Vari-X2s and never had any problems with any of them and the largest caliber I have a Vari-X1 on is a .45-70 Government.  I also have a Redfield Revolution on an 8mm Remington Magnum and no problems with that one either.  Leupold bought Redfield a few years ago and the Redfields are very clear and hold up...
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