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First Post09/19/20143:48pm

Bullet killing power

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Just in case some of you have not read this article by Chuck Hawks, I am posting a link to it.
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First Post09/19/201411:55am

Vanguard .270 Walnut stock???

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I know I am new to this site and this is my first post here but I am not new to Weatherby rifles. I am a proud owner of a Vanguard .270 and I have had it for over 20yrs now and killed many.......many deer a few hogs and bears with it. My dad bought it for me for Christmas back when I was in highschool back in the early 90's. It came with a mat...
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Last Post09/19/20142:24pm

You might Give "Boyd's Stocks" a call in Mitchel S.D. They have both laminate, and walnut stocks that are just about a drop in. I  built a  Howa 1500 .270 in stainless on one of their Grey laminates 20 yrs ago, and it drives tacks. Howa1500 is the same as the rifle  Vanguard. Look them up on the net. You can probably g...
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First Post08/21/20146:51am

Which Model Mark V

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Good afternoon too everyone!

My name is Nico Harris. I am from south africa. I recently baught a weatherby mark v rifle in 340 weatherby second hand. It has no model on it and the previuos owner does not not the model! Can any one tell me what model the rifle is if i give you the serial number?


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Last Post09/19/20142:16pm

Do I think free floating would be bad for accuracy? I think free floating may be helpful in some cases, but with the addition of your silencer combined with the thin contour of your rifle barrel, it is my uneducated opinion that it will not bring you any significant improvement in your accuracy.

I have used my .340 to shoot targets as d...
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Unfortunately, I don't think it will air on the major networks.
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First Post09/18/20141:15pm

Wyoming Elk Hunting Success

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Well...we have collected one 6 point bull. This bull was taken Monday evening by my hunting partner. It was a classic bow hunt.  We had observed this group of elk the day before and hiked in ~ 4 miles to where they were. They started bugling and we started using a cow call (Carlton Cow Call...he was intrigued). It took abo...
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Last Post09/19/20141:42pm

Your pic posted OK.

Congrats on a great bull!!
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First Post04/14/201412:45am

Orion Shotgun

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Just picked up an Orion I in 20 gauge. Built by SKB Japan. It's like new. Zero dings or scratched on the wood or blue. It was built in 1998 and only had 100 rounds through it for shooting clays. I was wondering value. I got the gun and $235 for a Detonics 45 I purchased in the early 80s for $150.
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Last Post09/19/20147:38am

I don't know nothing about no Detonics this or that, but SKB built a dang nice shotgun for Weatherby back in the day.  I have one myself.  Its value? Hard to say - those web auction sites are a pretty good start.  In 2006 I paid $1000 for the last new one on the shelf at Sprt Warehouse.Congrats and enjoy.
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First Post09/17/201412:13am

S2 stock upgrade, worth it?

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I am suitably pleased with the new Griptonite stock on my stainless S2, as it is as good as any other synthetic on the market, and it is living up to the sub-MOA guarantee.  And then there is the B&C medalist.  They are indeed nice stocks, great reputation and are on the top MkV rifles and other brands top offerings, but is it worth i...
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Last Post09/19/20147:31am

In my opinion I think B&C Medalist bedded replacement stocks are excellent products and the weatherby line can be considered "drop-in fit".  If you're looking for a rock solid, attractive, no-flex solution the Medalist will give you that. Rest assured you can consistently torque the action screws each time maintenance requir...
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First Post09/10/20146:33am

Weatherby Inc: Is the 6.5mm Creedmoor coming back?

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To anyone at Weatherby Inc who can speak on this matter:  Is the 6.5mm Creedmoor coming back to the S2 Vanguard line?  I think it would be a good thing under the Christmas tree.
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Last Post09/19/20146:26am

One of my LGS told me he hated ordering guns for folks. More often than not, by the time it arrived they lost interest in it and wouldn't come to pick up the weapon. Then it would sit on his shelf for months before it finally moved. He started asking for down payments first, which significantly reduced the number of special orders he got becau...
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First Post09/16/20145:45pm

Laser bore sighters

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What is everyone's experience with laser Bore Sights?

I have some scopes to mount on a few rifles to include my Mark V .300 Magnum and my .300 Savage.  In my research I read a post indicating that Sightmark's .300 Cartridge size laser doesn't work in either rifle.  I guess those of you that are more familiar with...
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Last Post09/19/20142:15am

I've used a laser bore sighter with decent results. The adaptors that fit the bore are the wild card here since a you might have to use a .27 caliber piece in your .28 caliber rifle OR the adaptor simply doesn't fit well. That means your laser isn't truly centered and your scope corrections won't be true.

Oregon Jim&...
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