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First Post06/12/20153:57pm

SCOTUS: Clear as Mud

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I hate to keep banging the same drum, but the Supreme Court has turned down an appeal of two restrictive gun laws in San Francisco, specifically one that requires safe storage, and the other that bans hollow point ammunition. This will allow billionaire anti-gun nuts to introduce "safe-storage" initiatives and bans on popular types of amm...
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Guess we can expect a new assault on our gun rights since the loon in S.C struck!  Hillary has come out as pro gun control . Surprised, NOT HARDLY!   
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Last Post07/01/20153:48pm

+1, PARA45! My ex SIL has 9, yea, NINE deploys to war zones! You and he are keeping our ignorant butts safe so we can argue this political B.S.! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!    
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First Post06/30/20152:23pm

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Eric I forgot to answer your question about the hawks.There were surprisingly few.I dont remember seeing any 2 of the days.
Tom:I was cleaning about  every 60 shots.I did not notice a loss of accuracy with that amount down the tube.I am sure I could have gone more but figured I would  be safe.

One thing that helped me when...
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First Post06/29/20154:32pm


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Anybody have experience with a Magnum research BFR? Thinking about getting one! Thanks for input!
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Last Post07/01/20155:54am

I do shoot the 454  Raging Bull fairly regularly Actually, my 12 oz. scadium 357 S&W is a bit worse on recoil, so is the 2" barreled 41 mag..Taurus. The 45-70 Tracks to be here tomorrow.
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First Post06/30/201511:13am

270 WSM ammo

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I just bought a 270 WSM and was wondering what is the best factory ammo for deer and black bear
Winchester Power Max Bonded looks like it could be a winner

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Last Post06/30/201512:31pm

I've had decent accuracy with  the 140 accubonds, also. I`d recommend trying several loads and see what works best in your rifle. Mine is a Savage, BTW.   
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First Post06/30/201512:29pm

Magnum primer mystery, part II

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I reloaded the same cases used several days ago to the same specs as in the original test. I did not clean the bore after that test.

Shooting the Federal 215 magnum primer loads at the beginning of the test gave me a point of impact only 4" high at 100 yards with velocities of 3063, 3063 and 3071 ft/sec  in a group just over 1...
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First Post06/28/201511:49pm

Magnum primer mystery

(9 posts)

A primer velocity and accuracy test today with CCI, Federal, and Wichester primers has me puzzled. I loaded three cases each with the different primers. The cases were the same weight. Each case had 80.7gn of H-4831 and 180gn Hornady Interlock bullets. I did not determine water capacity of the cases in the test.

I thought the Federal pr...
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Last Post06/29/201510:16pm

Thats What I would say Eric. Try it again. Im sure you will get diffrent results. But like 224 and others said mix up the rotation. I will be looking forward to your results.
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First Post06/29/20156:04pm

300 win mag to 338 win mag in a ultra light

(2 posts)

I have a ultra light in 300 win mag that the previous owner shortened the barrel to 20.5 inches. And the recoil is over the top. I have just bought a stainless barrel in 338 win mag that is a mk v take off. Any reason I can't have a gunsmith install this barrel and put on a muzzle brake to tame it down.
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Last Post06/29/20157:26pm

Shouldn't be a problem at all. Your gunsmith may have to chase the chamber with a reamer depending on the headspace, but everything else should be fine (bolt face, follower, magazine, action rails, etc...). It is easier if the barrels have the same contour, but that can be overcome as well.
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First Post06/29/20155:46pm

Need a little advice

(1 posts)

Hey Guys- I'm new to the forum and was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I am planning on selling my collection of Weatherby Rifles, ammunition, brass and dies. If anyone has any suggestions on pricing for the following items I would really appreciate the advice. Once I get the pricing figured out I will be listing them for sale. If...
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First Post06/25/201511:42am

shooting primers

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I have a couple of boxes of old reloads that I don't want to shoot. Instead I want to unload the cases and start all over with a different load. This includes replacing the primers.

I want to rid myself of the old primers, and the quickest method to do that would be to load the primed cases into my rifle and shoot them, but I have q...
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Last Post06/29/201512:58pm

I have deprimed many cases by using a Lee universal depriving die and hand press. Never had one pop but I always wear safety glasses when priming or depriming cases anyway.
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