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First Post07/29/20148:47am

guns from Weatherby we'd like to see

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As mentioned in a previous thread, there are some guns we wish we could buy from Weatherby.  I'd like to see some love for the .243.  Yes, I know it's one of the more common offerings in the Vanguard line, but it's my favorite varmint round.  But in varmint-weight guns, offereings are basically limited to 223 and 308....
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Last Post07/30/20146:35am

i am no wildcat builder but what if Weatherby made the 6.5 we all want on a short action magnum?  something like a 6.5 (weatherby short mag) off of a 375H&H case.  this is one area i think weatherby is missing the boat, many people love short actions and its been awhile since weatherby did something revolutionary. Â...
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First Post06/27/201410:20pm

Crown Custom

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After many years of dreaming, I finally got one!

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First Post07/30/20141:58am

IMR powders and low temperature

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Stolen from Field & Stream: This past winter, I tried out a .30/06 load using IMR 4831 that had given me .600 groups when the temperature was in the 70s, but which fell apart (1.70") when the temperature was 60 degrees colder. It could only be the powder, I concluded. Today, with the temperature in the 70s, I tried it again and the groups ...
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Last Post07/30/20145:40am

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Does anyone have one of these? Do they exist in captivity?
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First Post07/28/20141:12pm


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Hey guys. I just joined and figured I'd post something.  I don't own a weatherby yet (always wanted one since I seen my grandfathers rifle.) I've been looking at a couple calibers and am interested in the big 338. The weatherby catalog says the recoil with the accubrake is about equal to a 300 win mag. To those that own or have ...
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Last Post07/29/20148:45pm

I haven't heard of anyone having scope issues with the .378s with the breaks on but anything is possible.  Also don't forget the Accubreak is a standard item on all .378s and has been for quite a while.  I have a .458 Winchester Magnum in an old Ruger 77 with the tang safety and no break and never had a problem with the scope on...
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First Post07/27/201411:19pm

getting the kids out.

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I've had the kids out shooting quite a bit this year with there Savage little Rascal. Today i decided to sweeten the pot. 5 balloons each, fewest round count gets a new Lego. Well turns out daddy has been doing a good job, 5 ballons 5 rounds for both of them. Tried a tie breaker, nope, when Lego is on the line these two don't miss. I boug...
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Last Post07/29/20148:17pm

Thanks for the kind words guys. The kids both of them Anwyn and Archer love shooting. Both are very safe and know what a bullet can do. They have seen me take grouse and my girl is fascinated by the insides and even helps me pluck ducks. Archer thought he had this shoot in the bag and was quite surprised when his sister went 5/5. She really takes h...
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First Post07/26/20148:55am

Talley Bases on a Vanguard 2 Sporter

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Hello to Everyone I am new to the forum and have just purchased my first Weatherby in 243. I ordered Talley bases and rings off the website after calling to confirm the correct type. I was instructed to order Mark V standard bases, however when I was doing some follow up with Weatherby I was told it is the magnum bases that should be used on this t...
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Last Post07/29/20145:56pm

So I spoke to both Talley and Weatherby and the conclusion was/is That there is barely 2 hairs difference than the lightweight Vanguard bases in height. Weatherby felt that with a 50 mm objective lens that the combination of bases in the Mark V magnum setup would work better than the vanguard bases. Talley was indifferent, they stated that either w...
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First Post07/28/20144:29pm

7-08 in Stainless

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Why does Wby NOT offer a 7-08  V2 in Stainless?  Make what consumers want, and charge the difference in materials costs. Amazes me, 10 V2 BLUED models, ZERO SS. 
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Last Post07/28/20149:49pm

I just spoke to custom shop about converting my MK V 300 to 375 Weatherby. Cant beat the ability to fire both 375 WBY and H&H. It will be fitted in an Accumark stock with iron sights added. Will pull the trigger next month.
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First Post07/28/20149:59am

Trophy Room Photos

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A couple of weeks ago I warned everybody that something was going to be done to try and keep spam off the chat site, especially the nasty spam that goes onto the Trophy Room. That process is now getting under way, so be advised that the Trophy Room will be temporarily disabled until a solution can be found. "Temporarily" is a relative ter...
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Last Post07/28/20148:13pm

Thanks for the info.
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Is the Vanguard S2 "bottom metal" and trigger guard plastic or metal?

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Looking to see if the Vanguard Series 2 bottom assembly is aluminum or steel .... Or really plastic.  Can anyone confirm?

If plastic, are there metal replacements out there that are affordable? 

Thanks guys
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