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First Post08/22/20142:55pm

Wby 257 for Sale

(12 posts)

Thinking about buying this one. I wonder if the price is negotiable?
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Last Post08/23/20142:41pm

I sent them an email and asked them what part of math did they not understand but have not checked lately to see if it's been fixed? Found a Model 70 Pre64 300 H&H if anyone is interested? Only 1500.00 and it's a cherry 1958 model and they say it's bore is as,in as good condition as the stock! Anyone interested PM me I will send ...
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First Post08/21/20141:33am

Cleaning Kit Recommendation?

(13 posts)

Hi! I just ordered my first brand new rifle, a Vanguard S2 .30-06 Sprg. synthetic package. Super excited! I need to get a new cleaning rod/kit for it. What's everybody's favourite? Also, I noticed some specify the bolt body diameter. Can anyone tell what it is on my gun?
Any other tips you want to give me, I'd be happy to hear!...
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Last Post08/23/201411:33am

I use the Bore Tech, Dewey bore guides, Tipton ultra jags, Dewey rods, and straight mineral oil for the outside.  I use to use Rem oil and others, but most of them have a base material in them of mineral oil and an odor that I didn't want.  Several competition shooters that I know told me they switched to it years ago, and are happie...
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First Post08/22/201412:10am

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Last Post08/23/201412:08am

is the dud, i just try to pull the trigger second time and nothing trigger is soft, i have to reload manully
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First Post08/15/20149:14pm

scope fail

(14 posts)

Shooting a 300 today had a Bushnell Legend 3-9 x 40 DOA on it.  Fist shot, scope went totally out of focus.  Took a lot of adjusting to get it right.  Following that the zoom seemed off.  Also adjustments didn't seem to be fine as well.  Determined that it was me, I went through 20 rounds with at best was 1.5" - 2...
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Last Post08/22/20149:59pm

A .300 Bee is a good operational test of a scope.  I tested a Sightron S-II on my .300 Roy after a couple of seasons on my 7mm Wby before parking it on my .257 Roberts.  Never read a report about a Kahles scope failing, but I'm sure it has happened since Homo sapiens assembles them, too.
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First Post08/18/20148:45pm

scopes for mountain rifles

(14 posts)

I tried to post this earlier but my internet died just as I was getting ready to post, so if this message is a repeat, forgive me
I am hoping to put together a lightweight rifle for rough terrain/long treks.  Does anyone hunt with a fixed power scope?  I was thinking about either a Leupold 6x or their 1.75-6 so I could mount it low....
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Last Post08/22/20148:56pm

Thanks to everyone for all the advice.  I was trying to find a coin to flip when I backed into a scope deal.  I have a cousin who is always trying to sell something.  I went over to his house and had no intention of paying real money for an off-the-rack Marlin 30-30 until I noticed it had a newer-than-the-rifle Leupold  VX3 ...
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First Post08/17/20143:25pm

For sale or trade-Barnes bullets 308--150gr

(2 posts)

These are non tipped triple X bullets for reloading/components 308 caliber -150 grain projectiles.

The box is 44 pcs with 31pcs being new and 13 pcs being pulled from my reloads, bullets were pulled using a Hornady camlock puller.

$20 or trade for 308-270-257-243-224 bullets of non copper only.
Shipping will be $5.80...
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Last Post08/22/20147:57pm

To the top of the page.
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First Post08/19/201412:27pm

Bad math and the 26 Nosler

(21 posts)

The attention the 26 Nosler received was oh so gushy about a cartridge that tossed a .26 caliber bullet with a high ballistic coefficient at a high speed. Now, the great data is starting to get some cracks in it.

The article below shows the 140gn bullet spewed out of the 26 Nosler didn't really make the 3,300 fps at the muzzle. It ...
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Last Post08/22/20144:59pm

Assume for a minute these ballistics are true for the 26 Nosler( I doubt it). My 270 Win., if it had the prescribed 26" barrel could basically duplicate the story's velocity with same weight bullets!  90 year old chambering!   
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First Post08/06/201412:50pm

An informal survey

(39 posts)

Would those of you who own and shoot rifles in metric calibers tell me which of those calibers you have, which you prefer, and why? I'm working on an article.
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Last Post08/22/20144:08pm

I hope you give us a chance to see this article first, Jameson, since some of our info may be included!   
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First Post08/21/20146:51am

Which Model Mark V

(20 posts)

Good afternoon too everyone!

My name is Nico Harris. I am from south africa. I recently baught a weatherby mark v rifle in 340 weatherby second hand. It has no model on it and the previuos owner does not not the model! Can any one tell me what model the rifle is if i give you the serial number?


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Last Post08/22/20141:54pm

Nico, it sounds like you have a well greased plan.   Please show us pictures once you have it all done.
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First Post08/21/20149:55pm

Jessy Nelson Bio

(3 posts)


Weatherby posted this on Youtube today. I didn't get the email about it until just now, but here is the link:
Another awesome video. The only time I ever tried to do the stuff Jessy Nelson does was back in my college days, back when...
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Last Post08/22/20147:28am

Good post Jameson. I think it's a great decision by Weatherby to sponsor Jessy. He seems to be a great kid and certainly pulls in a different (younger) demographic for Weatherby. Not sure if you know it or not but, Jessy just won his first Pro Motocross moto last weekend  in Indiana and ended up 3rd overall for the day. That's huge a...
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