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First Post02/01/201512:31am

2 wheel pullable game haulers

(2 posts)

Bama Rick was telling us about having to get out his big buck without a 4 wheeler.Game haulers work really well.The commercial ones are really compact and light an...
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Last Post02/01/20153:33am

have 1 I purchased 10 years ago with wide tires and it works well. it has hauled out a lot of deer, everybody i hunt with uses it also use it for elk just  haul 1 haul 1 quarter at a time, broke the 1st 1 I had trying to haul 2 quarters at a time which proved to be to much weight for it. the 1 I have now is a lot more heavy duty then the 1st o...
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First Post01/30/201510:40am

Weatherby Vanguard S1 dropped into a LRS Thumbhole

(12 posts)

Just wondering if any one out there has any experience with the LRS Thumbhole stock or any similar stock that can tell me how it works for them. I am interested in improving the consistency of my old 30.06. 
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Last Post02/01/20153:05am

I agree with Ron.Dont have one for a reason.Looks cool though.
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First Post02/01/201512:16am

Page 18

(4 posts)

 What is your guess as to what is on the in-famous page 18? My guess is a mark v deluxe just like the 70th annniversary but!!!!!! chambered in the new 264wby mag. A real kicker would be several vanguard models also chambered in the new 264wby mag.
I know i would be right at my dealer to order one.
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Last Post02/01/20152:54am

264 Weatherby.Hmmmm.Waiting on mine also.Hope it's one.
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First Post01/08/201512:21pm

New Website! Updated Nation to come.

(74 posts)

I got an email from Justin with a link to the new website.
He would very much appreciate it if you could take a look and see if you can find any problems with it. They plan to introduce it formally at the SHOT show, so if you do have criticism...
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Last Post02/01/20152:49am

Trapper Son since you're obviously completely and totally anti-Weatherby please do us a favor and take your crap to somewhere else. 
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First Post02/01/20151:31am


(4 posts)

I'm purchasing a huskemaw 5-20x50 and I want to have them build me a turret and I am curious how hard it is to get the info to send in?
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Last Post02/01/20152:38am

Quality always cost a premium.
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First Post01/31/20156:13pm

Regarding trappers son's Comments on "New Website! Updated Nation To Come"

(14 posts)

Greetings everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the post by trappers son in Jameson's post announcing the new website and plans for Nation.  While trappers son may have made some good points, the personal attack, insulting, derogatory and vulgar way he delivered them negated his credibility and the credibility ...
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Last Post02/01/20152:35am

Mike and Jameson's comments were right on.  Mike said it best when he said, "Membership in Nation is by invitation.  It’s not an entitlement.".  Far too often people think they are owed or are entitled to something which they're not.  Sure this is a public forum however it belongs to Weatherby and as su...
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First Post01/29/20158:04pm

7 Wby for Grizzley?

(18 posts)

I am planning on a Grizzley bear hunt this spring in BC and am planning on bringing my 7mm Wby, I plan on using either a 168gr Barnes LRX, Barnes 175gr Tsx or a Partition in the similar weight class, just looking for some insight from other 7 Wby shooters and maybe some suggestions I have overlooked.
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Last Post02/01/20152:25am

If you read all the posts he is a resident and will be doing a diy hunt.
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First Post01/29/201510:27am

carbines anybody?

(14 posts)

Last fall, as I was crawling though the dense vegetation, I kept thinking that one day I should try a short-barreled rifle.  I've never had anything shorter than 24". Has anyone tried one of the Vanguard carbines?
For shorties, the choices are the S2 carbine with synthetic stock, 20 " bbl @ 7 pounds or Threat Response with ...
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Last Post02/01/20152:19am

I'm a fan of short barreled rifles for special purposes, like hunting very thick cover or even backpack hunting in very steep terrain - where your rifle may often need to be strapped to the pack itself.

My favorite cartridge for a 20" tube is .308 Winchester, as it loses very little velocity with a short tube. The 7mm-08 Remin...
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First Post01/22/20153:57pm

Vanguard .375

(20 posts)

Vanguard .375 seems like a good idea. Saw it after I watched the last video Jameson posted.
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Last Post02/01/20152:04am

Does anyone have any idea as to when the .375 H&H models will be hitting the shelves?
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First Post01/31/20151:04pm

'Bama Black Belt Buck (Season Redemption, Ch. 2)

(12 posts)

My hunting season got off to a bad start.  We added a new member on our lease, which turned out disastrous.  Then I broke 3 bones in my back during bow season.  The doctors said it was o.k. to shoot and hunt, but no dragging deer for 10-12 weeks.  I shot a pretty good deer with my cross-bow and felt like it was a good shot. ...
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Last Post02/01/201512:14am

I just got a couple of texts from our hunting camp.  3 more 8 pointers killed this afternoon.  I think we might just be on a roll.  That makes 6 in the past 3 weeks and we have 10 days left!   

Dubyam and Paul, We are having a hog problem especially on...
Joined: 10/19/13
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