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Last Post07/23/20144:30am

The price tag is too much for me. I have an older chronograph that still works good enough. I managed to shoot one of the shade arms but I replaced the rod OK.

Remember when VCRs became more affordable in the early 1980s? Like them, this newest generation of the chronograph might follow the same line of prices getting lower as time goes...
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First Post07/20/201412:55pm

Accumark or ultra lightweight

(16 posts)

I am making a move to the weatherby mark v.  I have always wanted one and finally can  justify it.  I plan on using it for Michigan/wyoming deer and an elk hunt in wyoming or Montana. 

I have made my mind up on the 270 weatherby cartridge.  Don't suggest a different round unless it is the 257.  The 300...
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Last Post07/22/20149:52pm

Contrary to what folks will tell you, you're no longer giving up much to the 7 by choosing the 270Wby, and you're gaining a shade of velocity amd trajectory. There is nothing I'd try with a 175gr .284cal I would be uncomfortable trying with a 150-160gr .277cal bullet. Add to that an extra 100fps for the 270Wby when comparing bullets ...
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First Post07/22/20142:46pm

youth guns

(2 posts)

Does anyone have experience with the Wby GH2 or youth rifles?  Can the gun "grow with the shooter"?  Is the recoil pad operable in either configuration-- 12 1/2 LOP or 13 5/8?.  i.e. can the gun grow with the shooter while still having the recoil pad?
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Last Post07/22/20144:05pm

I am not familiar with the GH2 designation, but the youth model Vanguard uses aspacer to extend the stock, and uses the recoil pad in either the short or long configuration.
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First Post07/19/20081:18am

African Big Game and the 378

(37 posts)

Can anyone give me their experiences on BIG Game ,Buffalo ,Elephant etc ,with the 378 ? and which projectiles soft and solids for these game ,their is endless waffle about the the 375 H and H as being the be all and end all, as the best all round African round which i think is BS ,when the 378 is far superior to it ! yet you rarely here about the 3...
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Last Post07/22/20141:25pm

Good info Buff.Nice to hear from someone with real life experience.
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First Post07/21/20148:25am

.223 Match Bullet Blow up in Flight ???

(11 posts)

I was shooting the match of my life yesterday. I knew I made one mistake so when the guy who scored my targets said you were on fire but I don't know what happened here. I didn't think much of it till he pointed it out. I hadn't even hit the paper. But did notice some spatter and A small hole shown in the photo. I am rely baffled by ...
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Last Post07/22/201410:49am

I talked to A tech. at Sierra. He said they have had no problems with that bullet. but was very interested. He told me to check the remaining 300 bullets and look for any weight diffrerences . And also to inspect my barrel and chamber of the rifle.
I agree with those who said I will probably never know exactly what happened.
On a better n...
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First Post11/09/20105:49pm

Who has the oldest Weatherby rifles?

(45 posts)

My oldest is a Vanguard VGX with Serial # 00043

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Last Post07/22/20146:22am

nwredneck, how about posting pictures of your rifle
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First Post07/17/201412:44am

Changing optics on my AR

(10 posts)

I got the opportunity to attend a class put on by Leupold, from one of my distributors at work. We learned about Leupold the company, it's history, how optics work, what makes glass clear or not, and how to mount scopes properly. What I didn't know was that I had the opportunity to purchase as many Leupold optics as I wanted at 60% off re...
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Last Post07/21/201410:56pm

sorry didn't see the length, I thought you were getting 3200 out of your barrel, try the 5.56, Lake City XM-193 55 gr. FMJBT factory round.... it should average close to 3100.
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First Post07/21/20149:37am

barrel swap on 270 weatherby mag?

(6 posts)

Doing a little research and was wondering if anybody could give a little info, I have a mark v 270 wby. Mag and since the 7mm wby. Mag and the 257 wby mag have the same case length could you just purchase those barrels and be able to swap them out and they work with out doing any other work to the rifle?
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Last Post07/21/201410:20pm

Since they're all on the same case - yes, you could build a switch barrel rifle.  No modifications to the feed rails would be necessary.  You would have to get each barrel chambered/headspaced correctly and then match mark them to your action.  You would also need a barrel vice of some kind to change barrels (not too expensive)....
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First Post07/21/201410:33am

RL-22 and temp variations

(11 posts)

What POI changes can I expect using RL-22.  I live in So Cal and hunt in Wisconsin.
It is usually around 80 here but last season opening day was -2.  I haven't been able to find any H4381.
Thanks for the help
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Last Post07/21/20145:07pm

I saw a study a while back that examined the velocity variations of various powders under various temperature swings.  I wish I could relocate it.  Here is one of them:

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First Post07/21/20148:06am

Coastal NC Shooting Bud

(1 posts)

If there are any Weatherby owners from coastal NC that are looking for a place to shoot let me know. My shooting buddy moved to Alabama and it gets a little boring shooting by yourself all of the time.
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