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First Post10/05/20149:22pm

257wby gain twist bbl prelim tests

(17 posts)

hello all!
ive just started tuning a gain twist 26" stainless steel bbl crafted by Ron Smtih (RKS) on my 2001 mark5. I have a custom made NEAR alphamount with a swaro 3x12x50 habeict with first focal, bedded in a beautifully used 1970's fibermark stock, lightened trigger.
since im in uncharted waters for load data on 257 with a ...
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Last Post10/24/20141:03pm

It is always nice to bloody a new gun.Congrats on the kill.
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First Post09/10/20146:33am

Weatherby Inc: Is the 6.5mm Creedmoor coming back?

(31 posts)

To anyone at Weatherby Inc who can speak on this matter:  Is the 6.5mm Creedmoor coming back to the S2 Vanguard line?  I think it would be a good thing under the Christmas tree.
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Last Post10/24/201410:20am

This is great news about the 300yd accuracy. That doesn't "happen" without good techniques and an equally good rifle. Let's hope the powers that be at Weatherby keep the 6.5 Creedmoor in production.
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First Post10/23/20144:27pm

Terrorist attack in parliament Ottawa canada

(11 posts)

Basically, if you haven't heard. Single "linked"person, kills a reservist young soldier doing volunteer guard duty at fallen soldiers war memorial. Then goes in main parliament building eventually gets shot by a 'good guy with a gun'.
Canada isn't immune to this crap.
If youse care to google it do so. ...
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Last Post10/24/20148:34am

The latest news says another loon attacked 4 NYC cops with a hatchet. One cop is in critical condition. The loon was not a survivor . Suicide by cop? A bystander was wounded. 
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First Post10/23/20147:11pm


(6 posts)

Calling all 7mm Wby shooters...a little help with my bucket list if you please.  I'm thinking about retiring next June. Like many hunters I wanted to mark the occasion by getting a rifle.  I thought I had shot every caliber from 17-458 but looking through my reloading records I see no entry for the weatherby version.  Good calib...
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Last Post10/24/20148:06am

Great cartridge and one of my favorites. I own a first year production USA made Mark V Stainless. Here in Pennsylvania I made my longest shot on a whitetail with it (419 yards). I used a handloaded Nosler 150gr Bal-Tip. I also load the Barnes 160gr.TSX. Both are very accurate combos. I doubt you will regret investing in Roy's 7MM Magnum. ...
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First Post10/23/20141:34pm

Lost my safety

(7 posts)

As many of you know I bought an original Vanguard Back Country. I love the gun 300B. Except for that creepy trigger which had about 3 false pulles before the pull that released the pin. I finally tore it down and adjusted the trigger on it. Thought I'd try this before buying Timmney which will not match the stainless as nicely. End result of a...
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Last Post10/24/20146:22am

Guess I`m lucky. All 4 of the S1's I've had have great triggers. The single worst trigger I own is a Model 70 7mm WSM. The rifle is one of my most accurate so I hesitate on fixing what ain't broke.    Good luck, Mike! 
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First Post10/23/201412:10pm

Rifle Season North Louisiana

(2 posts)

Rifle season opens in north Louisiana Saturday .
There is nothing like seeing a whitetail get knocked off its feet by a .257 wby 115 BT 
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Last Post10/23/20148:57pm

Good luck!  Our deer season does not start for another 2 weeks.  My 257 b with 100 grain noslers are itching to go!
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First Post10/19/201410:20pm

New Member to Weatherby Nation and Weatherby Owners Club

(15 posts)

Hello everyone.  New Member here and just joined tonight.  Bought my first "Bee"  Friday, a Vanguard series 2 chambered in .308 Winchester.   Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. But I have a cheap scope mounted in Talley Lightweights for break-in so I...
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First Post10/23/201412:33pm

Team Weatherby

(2 posts)

Weatherby has released a new Team Weatherby video on You Tube, this time on bull rider Brendon Clark. I have to say I think Weatherby has done an excellent, first class job on all these videos. Check it out at
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Last Post10/23/20144:00pm

I really enjoyed the video...I used to ride back in the 70s'

Rodeo was a large p[art of my up-bringing. 
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First Post10/20/20141:05pm

.340 Weatherby

(20 posts)

Most of the published information on ammo for the .340 Weatherby goes to .250 grain bullets. However, I see references to Nosler Accubond ammo in 300 grain. Does anyone have any information on that. If so, please share.

Also, has anyone ever compared the .340 Weatherby using 300 grain Accubonds with the .375 H&H using 300 grain Accu...
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Last Post10/23/20143:55pm

I would consider loading this 300gr. Accubond for my 338 RUM, but I can`t find the bullet. The 338 RUM is a basic twin of the 340  in ballistics without the belt.   
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First Post10/16/20149:40am

New Mark V

(20 posts)

Since I can't post any photos, I'll just have to tell you guys that I took delivery of a Mark V Terramark RC in .270 Win mag, with a muzzle brake. (Muzzle brake on a .270 Win mag? Yes, I had an accident a year and a half ago and messed up my right shoulder big time.) It is drop dead gorgeous, and I expected it to shot well, but... I took ...
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Last Post10/23/201412:27pm

Thanks for the weather reports and good wishes, guys. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Joined: 07/08/13
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