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First Post04/22/20147:16pm

Yote chambering thought....

(12 posts)

Local shop keeper has two Savage 25T's for sale for a great pice.  Looking to make a new doggy gun out of one.  My choices are 204 Ruger or 223 Rem.  I'd load for both.  Leaning towards 223 just cause components are easier to come by especially brass.  Thoughts?...
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Last Post04/24/20141:33am

I have used everything from .22 mag to 7mm mag. I really like the .222 and .223. I have taken a few with a .22 mag. with good results but all were less than 100 yards.
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First Post04/24/201412:30am

Top Qualité nom de marque les produits Nike

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Si vous visite   achetez un deux Nike Free Run 2 femmes, certainement , créer  sûr certains sans doute les chaussures sont très confortables . Puisque vous avez  plus de ces  trucs , c'est le te...
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Genießen Sie Kauf Nike Schuhe Online

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Nike Free Run online kaufen ist eine Form der Auf get Anzahl avenues.About Frauen Trainingsschuhe , die nach good trainieren ​​Damen der Frauen , entwirft die Nike Nike Free Trainingsschuhe sind , die die waren für gut geeignet viele...
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First Post04/24/201412:22am

Disfrute comprar zapatillas Nike en línea

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Nike Free Run Mujeres es un tipo de cualquier  variedad de , con los   características de la formación del coaching de chicas , Nike diseña las zapatillas Nike de entrenamiento libre que han sido ideal para mucho...
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First Post04/23/20141:49pm

Euromark Stock Question

(5 posts)


Been reading the forum for a long time, and the thoughts on here pushed me to buy my first Weatherby, but this is my first post.

I purchased a Euromark in .257 about year or so ago.  Love the gun, hunts great, and it is currently at Hill Country Rifles having a little "accurizing" work done to it - bedded, l...
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Last Post04/23/201410:08pm

I have two Euromarks and I think I know what you mean. I absolutely love the finish on them, but It does almost seem to have a little "seal" to it. I bought both of mine brand new quite a few years apart and they have the exact same finish/feel to them. I sure wouldn't mess with it if it was me, but that's just my opinion. The f...
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First Post04/22/20149:16pm

Best after market Turkey choke?

(9 posts)

I just purchased a SA-08 today, i plan on taking it out this coming up weekend for spring turkey. I have question for those who have bought after market chokes.

Which after market turkey choke would you guys recomend.

On a different note, i was reading threw the threads and seen alot of negative chatter about different loads ...
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Last Post04/23/20145:41pm

Thank you!
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First Post04/21/20146:21am


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Pretty quiet here yesterday!  Was that a crash or a "upgrade"?     
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Last Post04/23/20142:58pm

George A. Dickel is one the finest physicians of the 19th century, my favorite.
I love some 12yr white label 90 prof George and 100 prof Crown also. I've acquired a taste for Jim Beam short batch also ,Ma...
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First Post04/16/20148:03pm

Elk rifle recommendations??

(31 posts)

This year I am going elk hunting in Montana and Wyoming and was looking on getting a new rifle. I have a .270 wby mag but I just want another cartridge that can reach farther and hit harder. I was wondering if anyone had  any rifle or cartridge recommendations? I could be shooting from 50-500+ yards, thank you!!
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Last Post04/23/20141:55pm

"Thanks for all the recommendations but I came down to a 300 wby mag mark V in an accumark or ultralight weight, I will probably have a muzzlebrake put on it,"
-your at different ends of the scales there.

"If you need a muzzle brake, get a heavier rifle or lighter caliber.... Hate those things!  JMO"
- ...
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First Post04/23/20149:05am


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I have two MK5 rifles, one in .300Wby and one in .257Wby. Nothing has ever ran away after being shot with the .300 but I find as I get older I prefer the .257 for anything except elk.
The trouble is both have horrible factory triggers. I am aware of the set screw adjustment but I want something better. Anyone have any personal experience with...
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Last Post04/23/20141:37pm

7 Timneys and counting, wont leave home without one.
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First Post04/22/20143:23pm

Wanted: used Vanguard 300 Wby Mag

(5 posts)

A friend is looking for a used 300 Wby Mag Vanguard. He's checked and a few other sites I can't remember, so if you have one you want to sell, please PM me.

Thank you.
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Last Post04/23/20147:33am

My friend found an original model 300 Roy last night on Gunbroker and got it cheap cheap cheap. The buttstock is beaten up, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to shooting well. He's replacing the stock anyway, and likely getting a new trigger.

Thank you for the support on this short but effective project.
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