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First Post11/21/20146:39pm

Moving up to a 257 Weatherby Magnum from a 25-06. Good or bad?

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I currently have a Weatherby Vanguard series 2 in 25-06 and absolutely love the rifle and the caliber. For many years I've managed to hunt without a quarter bore in my gun safe. I always wanted one, but never had a real need. Between my 6.8 SPCII and .308 with a nice collection of shotguns and rimfire rifles I could hunt pretty much anything t...
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Last Post11/24/20146:19am

I enjoy shooting my Vanguard 2 25-06 and I tend not to sell my guns after having purchased them. I am seriously considering the 257 Magnum in a Vanguard 2 just because I think I would like it and the long range capability it would give me. Besides, my wife can use the 25-06 and I'll use the 257. She won't mind that one bit and neither wil...
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First Post11/23/20144:30pm

fairly specific .257 load recipe request........

(24 posts)

This is probably a long shot but I'm getting pretty frustrated because I cant find a decent load for my .257 wby. Does anyone on here shoot a weatherby vanguard .257 wby? Mine is the 1st vanguard series SUB-MOA model. I am using weatherby brass, 115 grain Nosler BTs and I have IMR 4350 and RL22 as my powders. I have tried multiple loads using ...
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Last Post11/24/20143:17am

It would be interesting to know what size group your handled is producing at 200 yards? The 87gn projectiles are relatively short and could be expected to stabilise by 100 yards while the heavier, longer reloads may not have yet "gone to sleep" within that distance.
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First Post11/19/201412:22am

Wow! What changed? What happened?

(30 posts)

I have been a member of this board for a couple of years now, and everything has always been nice and friendly as opposed to most other boards where things and opinions get out of hand.  We all have different opinions, different experiences, different approaches, different ways of looking at things.  But we all had respect for each other....
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Last Post11/23/201411:33pm

Well i would like to appologize to the nation for responding to the problem child.
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First Post11/23/20147:53pm

Steel vs brass

(4 posts)

My son is buying a 223 Vanguard 2 and wants to know if steel casings will harm the action of the rifle?
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Last Post11/23/201411:17pm

Try not to use steel cases in a 223 chamber.   There are several different chamber spec's out there for 5.56.    Keep in mind a 223 is not a 5.56  even though it will chamber in a 223 chamber and fire at  HIGHER PRESSURES.  Lacquer coated eastern  European  or any steel cased lacquer coated 5.56&nbs...
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First Post11/23/20143:55pm

South Dakota 2014

(5 posts)

My son and I went to South Dakota for pheasant, turkey and deer.  I took my Weatherby Athena 12 GA OU, and my Weatherby Fibermark in 257 Weatherby. 

With the terrible conditions I was a bit (ok, a lot)  hesitant to take my Athena in those conditions, but them I told myself that I don't own any safe queens, and that I...
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Last Post11/23/201410:26pm

Oscar, congratulations to you and your son on a great hunt.  His buck is a dandy and wall hanger material no doubt.  I'm going to guess you're wondering why you waited so long to get you Athena since it shoots and fits you so well. 
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First Post11/23/20149:19am

Happy Holidays!

(6 posts)

Just threw the turkey on the smoker, wife in the kitchen preparing all of the trimmings... good to go! Why waste 2 holiday/vacation days this week cooking when you can be duck hunting on the coast. Already planning Christmas too! Either Saturday Dec. 6th or 13th? With 3 days off and the weekend that is 4 duck hunting days (no hunting on Sunday in N...
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Last Post11/23/20147:41pm

It took years to train the family. My wife and I always had to travel and spend the holidays with the inlaws (and outlaws) in some urban hellhole. I hated it. So I made sure that everyone hated it too. The food was always lousy, I hated the ballgames on tv (always asked about which playe...
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First Post11/23/20143:50pm

Broke in my Vanguard II - 243 Win - sub-moa?

(5 posts)

The weather finally co-operated here in Eastern Ontario and I got out to the range with my NEW (two weeks old), unfired rifle - a Vanguard II, Synthetic, chambered for 243 Winchester.

I worked through the two boxes (40 rounds) according to Weatherby's suggested barrel break in and then sighted her in (shoot 1, clean x 10, shoot 3, c...
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Last Post11/23/20147:02pm

Yes, I am more than pleased with the performance of the rifle.

Since I do hunt "close" I will try a few more rounds and shoot some water bottles as well to see how the bullets hold up.

Ultimately I am looking for something that will stay together (not explode into a pile of shrapnel) when it impacts Bambi at super hi...
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First Post11/23/20144:58pm

Weatherby 375 H&H Ammo?

(1 posts)

Just seen this on Gunbroker, I'm sure if I dig out a bunch of older WBY catalogs I could figure it out, but when did they produce it? I remember WBY offering 338-06 and I think 30-06 for a while, don't rember the 375 H&H. No big deal just happen to see it....
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First Post11/16/20149:19pm

Deer hunt blog from Texas Panhandle

(35 posts)

Ruger and I left home about 5:30 this morning to hunt in Wellington,Tx with Rolla Outfitters.After driving 5 hours in a light mist and then 2 more hours in light snow we finally got here.We met Joe O'Rear our outfitter in town and followed him out to where we would be staying on the ranch.Some strong winds with the snow but the wind calmed abo...
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Last Post11/23/20144:06pm

Did the processing today.Back strap and tenderloins cut up in steaks.Hams both cut up for jerky and everything else has been ground.All in the freezer now.I shot the deer in the chest and found the bullet against the skin after it went thru the ham.250 grain CoreLoct weighed 173.8 grains.
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First Post11/20/20148:35pm

FOR SALE 250 Savage Ackley die set

(4 posts)

 I have a 2 die set of RCBS dies in caliber 250 Savage Ackley IMP 40*

Shipped to your door for $66.
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Last Post11/23/20142:03pm

I would shoot the 80gr.TTSX out of it.I think it would shine bright.
Joined: 11/16/07
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