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First Post05/25/20159:10pm

6.5 X 55 Swede

(2 posts)

On another forum someone mentioned that Weatherby was putting out the Swede in Europe. Is that true?
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Last Post05/25/201511:32pm

I don't know,  but I hope so.  I really don't want to buy a Creedmoor not that it's a bad cartridge.   I have a lot of brass and stuff for the 6.5x55 and don't see a need to change in mid stroke to another mid velocity 6.5.   
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First Post05/23/20159:54am

.300 Weatherby VERY accurate

(7 posts)

I started my first exploration of this website wondering if I was going to have side step a family legacy caliber, the .300 Weatherby Magnum, due to only being able to attain respectable "hunting accuracy". I have had 3 or 4 300 WBY's, the last time I sent one done on a rem 700 to get a shilen select match bull barrel, and it perform...
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Last Post05/25/201510:10pm

That is an exceptional rifle. Good job loading and shooting too.  I have found 7828 is my go to Weatherby powder.  I have also had good luck with Ramshot Magnum. 

Out of 5 Weatherby factory rifles I have yet to find one that won't shoot 1/2 MOA or better.  My Accumark  in 300 shoots .4 MOA with several bull...
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First Post05/24/201512:28pm

Memorial Day

(10 posts)

I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day with their loved ones. Take a moment to remember those have given so much for this country, and those who have given everything.
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Last Post05/25/20157:38pm

Anyone else see the cool tribute Weatherby posted on Facebook? I tried to lift it and place it here but my abilities are weak.
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First Post05/24/20158:44am

Scope Mounts and bases

(5 posts)

 Hi guys,I just bought my first Weatherby,a 257 Vanguard Lasermark.I want to mount a Redfield Revenge 6x18 44mm scope on it.When I went to Redfield's site,they say to go to Leupold's sight for mounts and bases.The Leupold site doesn't list Redfield scopes that I could find.Can anyone please tell me what scope mounts and bases wi...
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Last Post05/25/20156:59pm

The mounts on the synthetic stock are from the "Talley" package.

The ones on the sporter came from the Weatherby package.

Both are low mounts, both appear "exactly" the same save one tiny difference.

Both have "Talley" stamped in one side of the base. The ones from Wby have "Vangua...
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First Post05/20/20154:33am

rc rifles

(17 posts)

Has anybody  ever had trouble duplicating your facrory target  from weatherby with your rc rifles?
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Last Post05/25/20151:59pm

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Accumark vs Vangaurd 2

(15 posts)

Is it worth paying the extra cost for a Accumark compared to a Vanguard 2?
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Last Post05/25/20153:46am

If you don't mind the added weight, the accumark is a much better rifle... I own several accumarks including a 270 wby which is my favorite - and I have total confidence in it as long as I do my part. It is comfortable to shoot.  The 257 may be even more comfortable, but I still prefer the 270.
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First Post05/22/201510:17pm

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Last Post05/24/20155:04am

Very nice!
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First Post05/23/20157:26pm

WTB Vanguard S2 LA factory synthetic stock

(3 posts)

Setting up a barreled action. Looking to save a few bucks versus buying new from the mothership, since I'm not 100% sure how much I'll like the stock, and won't know until I've used it for awhile, so returning it won't really be an option.

I'm in the NW Houston area and will be taking a trip to Austin soon....
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Last Post05/23/20158:59pm

If I had one I'd give it to you but I tossed all of mine, I see them regularly on different gun forums and fleabay you're in Texas check out the Texas version Craigs list.
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First Post05/22/20159:51pm

1,000 yard steel target question

(3 posts)

I've been shooting a 12 inch plate at 500 yards enough to get comfortable so I'm planning on going further out. Steel is not cheap so I'm just curious to know the average size of your target at 1,000 yards. I know there will be some that shoot bottle caps at a mile, but for us Earthlings who are to old to walk 2,000 yards round trip ...
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Last Post05/23/201512:39pm

i usually don't shot 1000, mostly 600-800 max but even at that range the problem is not the target its the surrounding, if you cant see your miss you don't have much chance adjusting. targets we use 12" sq steel, clays, balloons and gallon jugs but we try to make sure we have a good dusty dirt backstop 
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First Post05/21/20155:24pm

Detachable magazine conversion kit

(2 posts)

Hi all. Jason here all the way from Tasmania. (Little island

I have a .270 weatherby magnum mark v. I'm thinking about getting a detachable magazine conversion kit for it. What are people's thought on them and where would I get one from
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Last Post05/22/20156:59am

Weatherby has them, but only for non magnum calibers and for the Vanguard not the Mark V.  I'm sure there's got to be an aftermarket supplier, but unfortunately I do not know of any.  Maybe someone else can.

Welcome to the Nation.
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