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First Post02/26/201512:24am

Vanguard S2 30-06 is copper fouling BAD!

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It's probably my fault because I didn't really check it very well when I bought it used. It has a lot of copper in it. We have used Wipeout foam and have used it at least 5 times andet it sit overnight until the foam wasn't blue. But I'm not sure it's getting it all because I can still see it on the lands at the end of the ...
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Last Post03/01/20151:35am

I've tried a lot of different copper cleaners with the notable exception of BTE. I push two patches dipped in Patchout through the bore, then spray Wipeout and let it sit.

Like other posted have already said, once you put some rounds down range, the fouling should diminish. I also fire two foulers before verifying my zero or group ...
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First Post02/28/201511:24pm


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gday from aussie im all new to this gota s1 vanguard blued sporter barrel im using 35gn of 748 for siera 85gn bthp still shooting 2 inch groups at 100m got heeps of projetiles and federal cases  just wondering were to from here any ideas on powders would be greatly appreciated sorry its a 243
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Last Post02/28/201511:35pm

Check out the Hodgdon Reloading Site for some ideas.
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First Post02/26/20153:13pm

Imr 4831

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I bought a pound of it today. I almost bought some IMR 4350 but put it back. Maybe next time I will buy it. It will be for my .257. I seen they had 117 gr. spbt's but couldn't tell if it was a good deal or not. They were $26 per 100.
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Last Post02/28/201511:30pm

when i was runnng imr 4831 and getting 3650 with 100gr TTSX., never tryed anything heavier than that.
bought a four lb'er so i was using it until was gone. didnt do so great for my 257 but the wifes mark5 257 is stellar with the exact same load.

i think we are paying around $35 to $40 per pound with the exchange right now.
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First Post02/28/20157:52pm

First Day with the SA-08 12 Ga

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Today I went with my buddy for a little pheasant hunting after a 25 year break from shooting/hunting  Having never even fired the gun I brought down the first bird with one shot.  The next bird up, two shots and on the ground.  Third bird one shot and in the oven. 

In summary, 4 shots, 3 birds.  I did prep a lit...
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Last Post02/28/201510:10pm

Thanks guys,  think a little luck had something to do with bringing the birds down easily. I spent the time to fit the gun the best I could and having it shouldered properly probably really helped.
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First Post02/28/20156:46pm

New weatherby vanguard S2, engraving on bolt?

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Just got my first rifle.  Weatherby Vanguard S2  (0.223) in Kryptek Typhon.  It looks like someone hand-engrave/scratches on 222 on the bolt handle, is this normal?

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Last Post02/28/20159:54pm

Congrats on your new S2 223. Do you know if it's a 1 in 9 twist or a 1 in 12 twist barrel?
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First Post02/01/20153:58pm

Bedding Vanguard Rifles

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Are Vanguard Series 2 rifles bedded and free floated?
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Last Post02/28/20158:54pm

Really now? So I should put some pressure points in my Accumark stock then? Because I don't think so. As a matter of fact my little VGL shoots better free floated than it did with the barrel touching the stock.   I think I'll just keep setting my rifles up the way i have been for the last 30 years or so.  A properly bedded ...
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First Post02/28/20155:23pm

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Last Post02/28/20157:47pm

I have a couple and they work very well.But are kind of awkward to me when skinning the whole animal.
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First Post02/28/20152:15pm

2015 Elk Tag

(7 posts)

Just checked the draw results for Wyoming elk found out i drew a tag. Going Oct 12th. Very happy its a long time dream, this will be first Elk Hunt. The Weatherby 300 win mag is going on the trip.
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Last Post02/28/20157:45pm

Thanks Roger its a nice camp, they have got it together. A real nice place.
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First Post12/24/201410:19pm


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Could somebody please explain to me why Weatherby has not brought back a true all-weather stainless steel version of the Mark V Fibermark (or whatever name they want to call it)?

They seem to be really missing the boat on the stainless market with their Mark V models. Contrary to what some may think, the Accumark and Ultra Lightweight d...
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Last Post02/28/20153:33pm

I own two SS mark V's, both 6 lug actions.  They certainly were offered.  Try to find a used one.
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First Post02/26/201512:04pm

Chris Kyle

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Does anyone know who ended up with the weatherby rifle that was made for the Chris Kyle memorial auction?
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Last Post02/28/201512:22pm

I wanted to be a sniper lol go figure huh . that's one of the reasons I looked up to Chris and I wanted to meet him and hang out some but before I was able to get that set up that p.o.s killed him
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