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First Post09/01/20145:38pm

257 Weatherby Magnum load

(8 posts)

I have recently bought a wonderful Weatherby Accumark 257 WM. I am taking this rifle with me on a Mule Deer hunt this Nov. to Montana. This hunt has been on my bucket list for a long time not to mention this is my first time out of state with a guide. Any advice on bullet type, size, and loads would be appreciated.  I can tell from reading the...
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Last Post09/02/20146:00am

I've had great success with 100 grain Noslers (both Ballistic Tips and Partitions) out to 400 yards on Whitetails. DRT.

I'm using the maximum load (Nosler Manual 7) of RL25.
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First Post08/24/20149:17am

Spider webbing a stock

(7 posts)

I have a trade in the works. If all goes well I will be needing to reprint the desert tan black web stock to something darker for the northeast deer hardwoods. Anyone ever repaint and spider web a stock?  What's involved if you know.
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Last Post09/02/20144:08am

Wasn't hard at all.  Sanded off the old stock with 150 grit. Washed it w/ alcohol twice and masked the pad and sling swivel studs with tape. Two  coat of Rustoleum Satin Expresso Brown paint & primer. After four hours I used the Krylon Web Effects black (just like silly string). Then the next morning two coats of Matte Clear Coat...
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First Post09/01/20149:07am

Pray for Hoosiers during 2015 season

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There are talks going on with our end to starting to allow us to use rifles that are .243 or larger. We have been allowed to use a variety of cartridges over the last 5 years or so but many that are legal are wild cat's that can be expensive.
I have thought that they were conditioning us into using rifles and pistol ammo. I hope they are...
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Last Post09/01/201410:51pm

My brother lived in Bloomington, IN in the early-mid-1990s.  Then, he moved to Virginia.  When visiting a gun shop in Charlottesville, he asked a number of questions to the friendly old-timer running the place.  As my brother was about to finish, he said "Oh, one last question, can you hunt deer with a rifle here?"  ...
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First Post09/01/20147:31pm

30-378 Accubond Long Range

(3 posts)

Is this a typo? Check out the velocity. It is mentioned twice in the advertisement. ...
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Last Post09/01/20148:27pm

What I thought. No wonder they are out-of-stock. I bet a lot of folks are telling their buddies that they are blazing away at 4,000 plus. 
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First Post08/30/20148:05am

Vanguard Back Country v. MArk V Fibermark

(18 posts)

I have almost finished saving my pennies and was looking for a new Wby.  I have a 240 Wby Vanguard.  It's the most accurate production rifle I've owned but fully outfitted it tips the scales at close to 11 lbs.  I was thinking about retiring it to coyote/hog duty and picking up something lighter.  It's bad form to...
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Last Post09/01/20147:46pm

The Ultralites with the six lug actions have number one barrels on them.The ones with the nine lug action are the ones they are talking about having modified # 2 barrels.It's because of the fluting that they are calling it a modified # 2.
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First Post09/01/20144:09pm

Weatherby Mk V Crown custom

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I am just wondering if we will ever see the Mk V Crown Custom again
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Last Post09/01/20147:39pm

There has been one at the used section in cabelas in edmonton alberta for $12000 canadian dollars. Thats a whole months wages for some 20 year old oilfeild worker.
Holy wow they are gorgeous peices of work.
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First Post09/01/20144:07pm

Reply to year old topic: good short range 300 wby bullet, and reload data questi

(2 posts)

Hello, I started a new topic, as the other one was over a year old. I have a .300 wby vanguard that I purchased a few years back to use for long range. I saw the ballistics for the Hornady 150gn sp, and thought they were ideal.  Zero at 300yds, +3.3 at 200yds, +2.6 at 100yds, and -8.2 at 400yds. The nosler partion is even better.
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Last Post09/01/20146:37pm

I have never loaded the 150's in 300 (only 180s and now only 200's for me)  so I can only suggest you get open the books and start working up loads with the powders recommended.   nosler:
I usually can du...
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First Post09/01/201410:08am

Elk Scouting Results

(3 posts)

We went out scouting our elk hunting spot yesterday in the Medicine Bow National Forest (Wyoming).  It has definitely been rainy around here lately...and yesterday was no exception.  The forest looked great with a ton of grass and the trees are in good shape. 

I saw one branch antlered bull just on the west side of the co...
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Last Post09/01/20143:37pm

I took  a number of "elk" on the eastern shore of Maryland south of Cambridge. They are called Sika deer there, but are really a tiny elk.  A "good" size one is about the size of a Collie dog, maybe 50lbs. live weight!  Sure did taste good!   
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First Post09/01/201411:36am


(2 posts)

Well I'm back in Texas again, all in all I'm just happy to be out of California for a spell.
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Last Post09/01/201412:50pm

Travel safe and have fun!   
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First Post08/25/20143:52pm

where you hunting this season

(30 posts)

as season inches closer, I think I may be over prepared if there is such a thing. I feel like I got a hundred things to do but my credit card statement says I am  I fell in love with Wyoming last year after a bull elk and muley tag got punched in the most beautiful backcountry I have ever been into.  I leave sept26 for Wyoming...
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Last Post09/01/20149:42am

Back to our usual elk hunt in Colorado unit 13 south of Craig after hunting another area unsuccessfully last year. Also drew a  mule deer tag for that unit 2nd rifle season. Then it's back to WA for 90 days of waterfowl hunting with the dawgs and a late buck hunt in E WA late November.
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