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First Post12/20/201412:58pm

Weatherby 300 Mag, Scopes, and Rings

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I'm in the process of buying my first Weatherby - 300 mag in either the Eruomark or Sporter (like wood stocks).  This rifle will fill longer range shooting (400 - 600 yrds) and bullet energy gaps I have for elk/mule deer with my Remington 7mm mag and 30-06 Ruger - also have a Kimber 375 H&H primarily for moose/bear.  Although I&#...
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Last Post12/22/20147:07pm

also a talley lightweight fan: do it right first time!  scopes all I buy now is vortex.  the Viper HS 2.5-10 or 4-16 would be perfect depending on your typical hunt spots.  I have half a dozen of these scope and love everyone.  check out demo's, usually best deal to be found. as I get older seems I want bett...
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First Post12/21/20142:11pm

7mm range day

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Got out to the range yesterday to test some loads for my upcoming elk hunt next week.

Bullets tested where the 160gr PT and the 160gr AB.

Powder was RL25 and OAL was 3.260"

Started at 72grs and went up to 76grs....
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Last Post12/22/20145:09pm

Yes, 7mm Wby. I tried 3.360", but the bolt closed stiff and had a hard time opening it. The rifle is an older Euromark. I used Wby brass and #215 primers.
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First Post04/09/201310:03pm

30-378 loads

(18 posts)

Well, I've got my 30-378 built as such:

Accumark barreled action
Medalist tactical stock (as on the TRR, except green & black)
Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50
Going to outfit a biathlon sling to this beast as it is insanely heavy

Anyway, I've bought a bunch of new brass and I'm ready to start working...
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Last Post12/22/20143:32pm

Will do Bob. I'm getting them to settle down by adjusting the charges. Evidently you may be on to something.
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First Post12/21/201411:14am


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I am going to try reloading. NY law now requires ammo to be shipped to an FFL. What a headache? So, either I become an FFL or I start to reload.

If you don't mind I need to know what equipment I need to reload, where I can get it and where I can find the reloading data.

I am still rebuilding parts of my house after Sandy ...
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Last Post12/22/20141:48pm

Re-loading is not rocket science anyone with basic mechanical abilities and common sense should be capable of producing safe accurate ammo. 

One thing to keep in mind for best performance is to load specific for each gun.   
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First Post12/22/201412:22pm

7mm Weatherby Mag reload data

(4 posts)

I recently purchased a 7mm WBY Mag and wanting to shoot a 150 Barnes TSX.I reloaded a few rounds with IMR 4831 (70 grs and max being 71.5) and Reloader 22 (73 grs and max 74.5) going by the Barnes reloader book. After looking at Nosler and Sierra 150gr bullets. Their max grains are in the mid 60's with these same two powders. I'm pretty n...
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Last Post12/22/20141:14pm

I appreciate the information men! I just wanted to get some advise before I made a fatal mistake.

I found about the addiction 4 years ago when I purchased my first Weatherby!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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First Post12/21/20145:12pm


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Please pray for the fallen NYPD officers and for their families.
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Last Post12/22/20149:26am

Yea, it's pretty sad. I notice there is no mention of the gun laws violated by this murderer.
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First Post11/24/20145:14pm

This is killing me

(22 posts)

My 13 year old son is in his 2nd year of hunting. As I have mentioned before he is really concentrating on elk. We have hunted hard this season. He has been up early everyday we go and never complains. We hunt hard. He has put close to 100 miles on his boots over the past month hiking some pretty tough country. We only hunt public land so competiti...
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Last Post12/22/20148:50am

I'm betting he chooses the .270 haha. It's battle proven.
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First Post03/02/20148:52pm

Just got a pa-08...But seems not to cycle properly

(3 posts)

 hey everyone!

New here and i also have a brand new pa-08 love it! but seems to jam up quite a bit  ..Any ideas on how to fix it?...i am going to give it a good cleaning thinking it might be a bit stiff since its new ...but if you have any other suggestions ple...
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Last Post12/22/20147:55am

Fee Fi Fo Fum - do I smel the blood of weatherby basher bums.........

Its brand new - why not take it back to where you purchased it or maybe call weatherby - the customer service is first class!!

Oh and if I am wrong with my first thoughts, sorry and welcome to the ...
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First Post12/22/20146:55am

Greyhounds vs coyotes

(2 posts)

What I want to do on my next vacation.
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Last Post12/22/20147:27am

Pretty cool!   
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First Post12/21/20145:01pm

Need PA-08 Chokes

(4 posts)

Did a search but was surprised nothing came up on PA08 chokes. Just bought both a pre-owned 20 and 12 ga PA-08 upland.  Of course I only got the one choke that was in the barrel with each.  I went to my local Sportsman's Ware house and was perplexed to see none of the chokes they had fit the PA-08s.  Even the choke pictured on t...
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Last Post12/21/20146:41pm

If you are in the US you can buy them direct from Weatherby.

I don't have that luxury - choke tubes are on Homeland Security's list of "weapons of war" (or whatever) and can't be shipped out of the US without a couple phone books worth of documentation.

I did leave out of my earlier post that we source...
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