338-378 Wby on Elk

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I would like as much input as I can get from anyone that has had experience using a 338-378 on Elk including any load information.

The 338/378 is the hammer of Thor on anything in North America, including the big Alaskan browns. This caliber  is capable of putting a 300 grain burger in a 10 inch pie plate at 1000 meters and beyond.  You shoot anything in North America in the right place with this rifle and it will be DIRT, Texas speak for, dead right there.  I shoot 225 grain Burger TTSX with 107gr of RE Loader 25 and am getting .435 inch groups at 100 measured meters on the bench using a Caldwell bipod. I have skim bedded the action and have added a timney trigger set to 2lb let off. I have a Leupold MK lV 6.5X20 - 50MM Tactical scope with TMR cross hairs and Near Pictanney rails and 3 ring Alpha scope mounts. This rifle is a keeper. The recoil is not bad but you do have to hang on to the weapon when you touch it off. I wear electronic ear muffs as the rifle is braked. She be a bit loud. Hope this helps. I have never killed anything with this rifle but there is no doubt in my military mind that it is lethal.

There isn't much left to say about this caliber, as the other guys have summed it up well. If you do your part, this caliber will put down any animal you can hunt other than the largest African game. I have witnessed shots at long range targets with a .338-378 Wby that simply defy belief. However, do not overlook its little brother, the .340 Wby, as it is so very close in every way.

And with practice, you can probably learn to handle the .340 without a brake. This gives you an easier package to handle under field conditions.

The Weatherby 340 does buck a bit but it is easy to master without the brake if you are not recoil shy. My hunting partner has one and I have shot it numerous times and it is accurate (sub moa).


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