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SA 08 not cycling anyone with this problem? (5 posts)

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Posted 09/25/201106:22 PM

ive posted on a couple of other pages just trying to get a quick reponse... went to local gun store in socal an wanted to guy the weatherby sa08 well after my 10 day wait picking up the gun the guy told me that the gun isnt cycling without firing the gun.. the gun will chamber and pulling back on chamber spoon the load falls out an does not cycle to round in camber.. is the gun broke like they said or does the sa 08 need to be fired to cycle right i dont know much with semi-autos
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Posted 09/26/201111:14 AM

That is normal.  Follow the steps in the manual to cycle shells without firing (you probably are missing the step of pushing the carrier lock button).

Keep the muzzle of the shotgun pointed in a safe direction, and keep your fingers out of the trigger guard
and away from the trigger at all times.
1. Move the manual safety button to the "SAFE" position (refer to Manual Safety Operation, page 6).
2. To unload a shell from the chamber, pull the operating handle rearward to extract the shell.
3. To unload the magazine, lock the carrier by pressing the carrier lock button (located on the left side
next to the trigger guard).
4. Cycle the bolt to feed the next shell into the chamber.
5. Press the carrier lock button again. Cycle the bolt to extract the shell from the chamber and feed
the next shell into the chamber.
6. Repeat step 5 until the magazine is empty and the bolt locks open.
7. Visually confirm that there are no shot shells remaining in the magazine or chamber
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Posted 09/26/201103:25 PM

So there is nothing wrong with he Shotgun?Huh  I was considering buying an SA-08 Waterfowl gun for goose hunting.  But if there is something "funky' about them,..... I will look for something else.  There are as many answers to that one as there are reasons men hunt, fight, skydive, gamble or take up with redheaded ladies.

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Posted 09/26/201105:49 PM

I didn't say that there was nothing wrong with the shotgun only that the condition he described was normal.  If pressin the carrier lock button is considered funky, I suggest that you check the user manuals of any firearms that you consider as there may be more funky shotguns out there.
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Posted 10/24/201110:52 AM

came with two gas rings. try the other one. instructions say use the heavy one first. mine wouldnt cycle until I changed to the light one. no problems tince...
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