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Weatherby Supreme scopes (9 posts)

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Posted 01/07/200810:16 PM

Hello, i have a weatherby supreme 3-9x44 scope on my weathery 7mm. What i was wondering about these scopes is if anyone knows if weatherby made them or if another company made them and weatherby put their name on the scope? They look a lot like a Zeiss scope to me, but i was just wondering. Thanks for looking.
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Posted 08/11/200807:50 AM

 Hey, i can't answer your question but I would like to know where I can pick up a scope like yours?? Message back if you can thanks. "POSTED" No Hunting Without The Guaranteed Accuracy Of A Vanguard
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Posted 08/15/200806:22 PM

I'm certainly no expert, but did remember reading something about the scopes in Gresham's book on Weatherby.  According to him (pp. 212-214), they started off with the "imperial" made in Germany until 1972 when the "Premier" was introduced.  The "Supreme" replaced the Premier in 1984.  Both the Premier and the Supreme were made in Japan by the Asia Optical Company.  I hope this is of some help.  AlanAlan in Maryland
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Posted 08/20/200808:40 PM

I don't have an answer to your question either but I do have a question about it.  I was wondering where you can pick one up and what the prices might be on them.  If anyone can provide any information as to where to find information on these scopes I would appreciate if they would get back to me.  Thanks.9ptbigbuck
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Posted 11/27/200903:49 PM

Weatherby's FAQ page has some info on the scopes

Hunter3705's info is pretty accurate, it appears.

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Posted 11/30/200907:18 PM

I've got a lot to learn!  I didn't know Weatherby made scopes and would love to see one!  I grew up in a Winchester/Remington family -- I've been deprived all my life.Glorify God...all  else is secondary.
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Posted 11/14/201412:54 AM

Seeking information.

I got a Weatherby MK V in .30-06 back around 1974 and have somehow managed to lose all the documentation that came with it.  It came with the Weatherby Supreme 3-9 scope and I'd like to find a download of the original information that came with the scope.  I found the manual for the rifle but nothing on the scope.

I've passed the rifle on to my son as I am no longer able to shoot, I'd like him to have all the information I had if possible.

Can anyone help?  TIA!
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Posted 11/14/201408:49 AM

Weatherby did not make scopes they where made for Weatherby, Back in the day some of them were nice optics as todays standards they are lackluster at best. I had a couple an Imperial and a Supreme but other than hey look what I have and the cool factor they found new homes.
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Posted 11/14/201410:37 AM

Thanks for the reply, the scope was made by Asia Optical but there's no information on their website that I can find.

Still looking for the original booklet that came with the scope.....
Joined: 11/14/14
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