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Does anyone know if they make or where I can find a magazine extension for my SA-08? I'm considering using mine for 3 Gun Competitions.

I would also like to know about this. Are there any accesories available?

Customer Service Question, just call 1-805-227- 2600 short answer is no but they might give you some insight if they or ATA in Turkey will ever import anything anytime soon?

What capacity are you looking for ?  Choate extensions may be able to be refitted to the SA-08 by a good gunsmith.  It's an option you might look into.  I'm a littlle weird on the SA-08 for plate type competition for a couple reasons it hasn't been around long enough and  gucci enhanced parts aren't available.  If you want to compete find out what the top guy's are using and go from there.  Rem 1100/11-87's, Benelli's are all good platforms. My 1100 is set up as an 11 shooter and can be made into a 14 shot if I were to shorten the shells. The Rem is easier on the shoulder than most Benelli's but they seem to cycle faster. Both are absolutely reliable.  It's really not that expensive to set-up a nice Rem if you find a good used one and go from there on the build even if you go into extended charging handle, speed chutes, sights, compensators,  etc.    Forget the pumps on pure speed shoots not at the top levels.  Rem 1100 TAC 4 might not be a bad way to go depending on how many engaged targets. and how the course is set up.      Ron

That is interesting...

I hope it's a joke like it looks.


Anyhow, If you look at the end of the Magazine tube on your SA-08 you will notice that the end of the tube is crimped inward, I believe this will make it difficult to add a functional magazine extension. I've seen other companies that sell shotguns built on a similar platform to the Weatherby's and their tactical models come with extensions BUT, they are described as a "Faux extension" with no change in capacity. I guess they think some people want to "Look" like they have a magazine extension, maybe magazine extensions scare the bad guys??? It's a stupid idea to me, if I'm gonna have something on my gun it had better work or it's coming off. I don't even put a sling on my firearms, don't want it there cause I might use it and it gets in the way if I'm not using it.

Cheers and from what I can tell so far on this Forum; Ron does not suck.

Newfie in Nova Scotia


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