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This is my first post.  Hopefully the first of many.

I would like to know if Weatherby would be interested in re-introducing a version of the Kane Gun Chap which has not been produced for some time now.

I know many Weatherby owners who pull the old Model 70's or 700's out of their safes before their Weatherby's only because they would not want to risk a gouge or dent in the stock of their Weatherby.

My family and I all choose Weatherby rifles as our first choice both in California and out of state/country.  Between personal friends & family I know of over 80 rifles used annually.  We love Weatherbys for their accuracy, reliability, balistics, and beauty.  My rifle of choice in the field is a 300 wby. Mark V in stainless synthetic.  Though I have others, this rifle alows me to hunt without the worry of damaging a beautiful rifle.

I first learned of Kane Gun Chaps from a cousin who has used one on a 7mm Wby. Lazermark for over 20 years.  The rifle is still in "like new" condition.  I have since scoured the internet in search of more Kane chaps and was luckily able to find two more.  My search since then has come up empty.

I do not think there would be a better accessory to offer with these fine rifles.  Furthermore, I would be willing to bring 1 or 2 chaps to Weatherby to look at as I live only 1.5 hours from Paso Robles.

Any opinions?

I would love a set of gun chaps. I haven't been able to find any anywhere around TN.

I have gun chaps for my Browning BAR. I looked for a manufacture name and did not find any. I have had them for 10 years or so.They fit pretty well on my MarkV sporter. Since the stock on that is already bruised&dented,no real need to "protect"it. The browning has been on many hunting trips,and shows no damage to the stocks(2 piece).


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