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What R spitzer bullets (28 posts)

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Posted 12/13/200910:52 PM

Hi all,
I have noticed that weatherby is now offering spitzer bullets in their ammo line. i think they offer them n the .257 and the .300 weatherby mag. they appeal to me because they only cost 39.00 per box but i dont know anything about spitzer bullets. can someone tell me what spitzer bullets are? what are these types of bullets used for? How do they perform on deer? How do they compare to spire points? who R they made by Nosler??, barns???

Thanks in advance,

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Posted 12/13/200911:08 PM

Spitzer or spire points as some call them are simply pointed soft nose bullets. The copper jacket is recessed slightly at the tip to expose the soft lead tip. I called Wby about this ammo to inquire how they cut the cost. They told me that all components are premium by Norma. Norma bullets, primers, brass and powders. This means all the ingredients are local from Sweden instead of shipping them Federal primers and US made bullets. This keeps the cost down, I was also told they have dedicated assembly lines for these offerings to help with the lower cost as well. I have used spire points for almost all my hunting over the years and they work just fine if you pick the right weight and make good shot placement for most North American game.

James.exhale and squeeze
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Posted 12/13/200911:11 PM

I think spitzer is just a generic term for tapperd bullet in sted of the round balls they shot back in the day.

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Posted 12/17/200907:46 PM

Thanks Guys,

Makes sense! im glad to read that you called them James because that was going to be my next step... so r the other bullets made with federal primers? and if so, r the norma primers as good as the federal primers? would a 100 grain spitzer in a 257 weatherby mag be a good hunting bullet for whitetailed deer average size range being around 150 pds?God Bless.
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Posted 12/17/200909:50 PM

The regular Wby ammo as I understand it is made with Fed. 215 primers. They told the new lower cost ammo is up to Wby standards. 257 with a 100gr. bullet will do just fine on any whitetail so long as you do your part.exhale and squeeze
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Posted 12/17/200910:34 PM

good question but i think i will stick with my noslar partition i get great groups  Grinweatherby the oringinal bone collector
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hunter dude

Posted 12/15/201001:06 AM

I shoot the new Wby .257 budget ammo and it does really well.  The point isn't as pointed as a true spire point and the drop is a little more when you reach way out there (400-500 yds.).  I chronographed my first box and it came in at 3542 FPS.

If you will use the Weatherby Ballistics site you will see what I every day like you were dying
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Posted 12/15/201009:23 AM

If you check the AMMO section on this site you'll find that 3 calibers have $40.00 cartridges: .257, .270, and .300.  These are the spitzers.  Maybe more to come in the future?

Also note that the sptizers are slower, have less energy and drop appreciably more than any other cartridge listed for these 3 calibers. 

Still, I'm glad that the .270 has been included, even if they just seem to be worthwhile as a round to use during break-in....  Wink

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Posted 12/15/201007:21 PM

With the price of brass these days, you get to shoot the factory ammo for free if you every day like you were dying
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Posted 12/16/201011:04 AM

  The "generic Weatherby", $32-39 spitzer bullets for the 300 Wby are fine for deer, and likely any smaller game on the hoof. My buddy used them and dropped a buck with one shot. I got a box of 20, pulled a bullet, and it is shaped very much like the Hornady 180gn spitzer, with slightly less taper at the nose than the Hornady.
  Simple math: box of 20 Norma-made Wby 300 brass is $35, and a box of Weatherby loaded ammo made by Norma is about $34. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

Every man needs to know his limits.

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Posted 12/16/201012:01 PM

Spire and Spitzer are not the same. The Spire bullet is made by Hornady and is there version of the Nosler Accubond. I used the Spitzers to break-in my barrell because they where less expensive. My Accumark did not shoot them well about 1.5 moa. I tried 180 Accubond and got about 1 inch moa. I now shoot the Wby. Spire 180 @ consistant .5 inch moa. I don't know who makes the Spitzer bullet but I don't think they are bonded like the Spire and Accubonds are.
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Posted 12/16/201002:55 PM

Spitzer (spitzgeschoss)  by defination means pointed.   One could argue spire and spitzers are both spitzers and that would be true.  I'm going to use generalizations here because there are all sorts of bullet designs out there and combinations in different forms.  Some makers just call them pointed soft points without any distinction.

I don't know who coined the term spire point, but it's most associated with Hornady.  If you look at most Hornady spire point  bullets there is a abrupt change from full diameter to point.   Like a pencil being sharpened (an exaggeration of cource)  I really don't know how to describe it  Tangent or Secant  it's kind of it's own thing.   Hornady does make  30 cal match bullets where you don't see the abrupt change more of a Secant ogive over there BTSP which is a spire point BT.  Now Sierra bullets you will see  distinctive differences between the Match 30 cal 165 HP over the gamekings 165 HPBT and SBT with different BC's.  They do this for a reason depending on what you are trying to do.  Normally Tangent ogives are easier to make accurate, they can be flat base or boatails, and have more bearing surface.  Secants ogive's less bearing surface higher BC's, and are normally associated with long range match boatails or VLD's although there are some flat base for specific applications. 

Normally and these are still generalizations Tangent ogive's are easier to make accurate over a broader rifle spectrum.  Secants are more twist specific for long range shooting.  This is one of the reasons Berger VLD types, and some other Secant match bullets don't always fly as good as you would expect.   Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't,  it's whether your rifle will shoot them or not.  Same thing goes for the Tangent ogives or Spire points boatail or flatbase I seem to get them to shoot a little better with less load testing. 

I guess Berger has came out with or is coming out with a  Hybred dual ogive both Tangent and Secant in 338 in 300 gr for 1000 yd and longer shooting. It has a .891   G1 BC.  Something to keep an eye on for guy's shooting these ranges.   

For anyone wanting to see the difference between Tangent and Secant go to       Ron

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Posted 12/16/201006:06 PM

Hdy spire are the interlocks, the core and jacket are joined mechanically by the crimping ring and another ring lower in the bullet. The Hdy Interbond is their welded core bullet like the Noslers Acubond. If you cut a cross section of an interlock and an Interbond and compare you will see no copper crimp rings joining the core to jacket in the interbond where the two materials meet is smooth and seamless.

Jamesexhale and squeeze
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Posted 12/16/201006:48 PM

I have reloaded and hunted with my .300WM for about 12 years now. I have been reloading for the past 17 years and with all that i have loaded, my 300 WM shoots best with
fed. 215 primer can't give the exact powder grs. and loading the 180gr. Remington  core-lock bullet. I have tried just about every type out there and i have had no luck with any bullets staying in any animal that i have shot not even the Remington core-lock. They just gave me the best overall shot grouping of all the other brands.The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.
George S. Patton
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Posted 12/16/201007:08 PM

James:   You are right the inner locks use a litttle ring to help retard jacket core separation then cold swaged.  Speer hot core are just that hot cored no oxidation for the core to slip from the jacket.   Most of the bonded bullets use a chemical, glued, or soldered core to jacket.  Bonding of some type  is enhanced when the forming dies are compressing  the lead  core.  Actually everything is under so much pressure it heats/melts and bonds the chemical,  lead,  and jacket internally creating a tough bullet.  Of course different makers use tapered  jackets in their hunting bullet, they are all a little different.   Match and cold swaged bullets normally use a straight thickness jacket and the same principle without the bonding.  Plating is just done in reverse.    Ron
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