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best ammo for Big Horn Sheep (11 posts)

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Posted 06/19/200901:21 PM

I was lucky enough to draw a Nevada Desert Big Horn sheep tag this year and because it's my favorite rifle i plan to take my custom WTHBY .300 Mag along. out of all the ammunition i have shot through this rifle i have always seemed to have the best luck with 180 gr. bullets. it gives me the tightest groups and i have killed more game with that than any other. my question is that to me it seems a little bit overkill for a Big Horn, so i would like to know if anyone has personal experience with this particular caliber and what they used for Big Horns as far as ammo is concerned. i would also be interested if anyone has developed a custom load for this and what kind of results they got.
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Posted 06/19/200901:38 PM

Jeff, I would not hesitate to use 180gn bullet's on A Bighorn, I use them all the time on Antelope in Montana. The BC is better for the long shot's you may encounter. Shot placement is the key here, A 165 or 150 would work, but won't have the knock down I would want for the shot of A lifetime. I've have not ever killed A big horn but my dad did and he was using A 300 Win mag, 180 Speer BTSP bullet's. The shot was almost 450 yard's, dropped him on the spot. Congrat's on your draw and the very best to you on your hunt!! Good luck,  Jerry WBY MAG MAN
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Posted 06/19/200902:48 PM

Jeff congrats on your draw. Thee 180gr bullet is probly the best choice especially if you are getting good results and are comfortable with it. Jerry is right the 180 is just about best choice. As for the 300 being to big i would say no. One of my all time favorite loads for the 180 gr Hornady sp is 79 gr of imr 4350. This is a max load so work up to it. Most loading manuals only go to 76grs but this is in all the Weatherby guides. Also this is what Roy was loading in factory ammo years ago. Hope this helps. Good luck on your hunt.Good Hunting And Shooting To all
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Posted 06/19/200909:35 PM

jeff good luck on your hunt I use 180 gr noslar partitions and never had a problem go with what you know and please post some pictures i've always wanted to hunt big horns again good luck. Grin  weatherby the oringinal bone collector
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Posted 06/19/200909:42 PM

Congratulations on drawing the tag.  That's better than winning the lottery!  As far as the 300 on game, don't worry about overkill as long as you shoot the rifle well and you have confidence in it.  You might have to shoot across a canyon, and that 180 grain 30 caliber bullet will get the job done, even if it's 400 yards across the canyon.  Be sure and let everyone know how you do on the hunt.  Best of luck to you.
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Posted 06/19/200910:15 PM

Jeff : I would not hesitate using the 300 and agree the 180 gr is the way to go. As you know they live in some very rocky areas and  I have watchest them in the Canyons above and below the Dam around Lake Mead where the fall can be several hundred ft, and seen them just walking down the washes.  Make sure to Anchor them on the spot, you don't want them dropping any distance and damaging your trophy.  What area did you get drawn in ?
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Posted 06/20/200910:17 AM

thanks for all the response and best wishes on my upcoming hunt.
i am hunting 161E on Mt Jefferson with Mustang Outfitters (Jim Stahl). base camp is at 10k feet and i have ten days to git er done. my assumptions were correct in the 180 choice, but you never know, sometimes someone will come up with a better combo.
i also have drawn an archery only any elk tag in unit 17 in New Mexico and the results for a couple of other apps has not been posted yet. hopefully these two will be it, as i am going to be stretced pretty thin for this much time off.
my thoughts were that if i ever drew a sheep tag that i would use that as an excuse to acquire a new ultralite custom rifle in a WSSM caliber to take up the mountain, but with the added expense of another hunt that's out the window.
   of course if Weatherby were to offer me the use of a  Mark V Ultra Lightweight and film the hunt i would not be opposed!
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Posted 06/20/200908:28 PM

Jeff :  Have you ever hunted unit 17 ? Are you using an outfitter ? Do you have a unit wide hunt or Ranch Tags ?  A very good friend of mine bought another ranch about 20 miles south of Magdalena.   
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Posted 07/27/200904:02 PM

I have killed 7 bighorns here in Alberta.  I have shot them with a 270 130gr ballistic tip, 2 of them with 150 gr Hornady sp  out of my 300 win mag and the rest of them with 140gr tsx out of my 7mmstw.  Hope that helps.  I will say that all but 1 ram went down easy and I don't consider them hard to kill if hit right.  A 180 gr bullet will not kill then any quicker I do not think and one thing I find handy is that I have shot some of my rams at a long range and like the smaller flatter shooting bullets.  My 2 cents
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Posted 08/28/200910:18 PM

i had two desert sheep and one stone sheep, all of them has been shot using nosler balllistic tip in a 300 wby 165grs and 180grs, just one shot.

the best bullets, for mountanin game.

By mexicanhunter, shot with HP ScanJet 4600 at 2008-06-21

best regards
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Posted 08/29/200908:21 PM

great pic i would love to go on a hunt like that congrats on the trophy Winkweatherby the oringinal bone collector
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hunter dude

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