Barnes 130 grain TTSX for .300 WBY

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Just read an article in the latest issue of "Rifle" magazine concerning some new offerings from Federal for 2008. Apparently they will be loading the new Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X-bullet in .270 winchester and .300 winchester. The .270 will be a 110 grain bullet at 3400 FPS, and the .300 will be a 130 grainer at 3500 FPS. Federal is calling it "Hyper Velocity" ammunition. Make no mistake, it is intended to be used on big game, at close and long range. The author of the article shot a mule deer at about 100 yards with the 130 grain .300 load. He advised that it penetrated completely leaving a massive exit hole on the off side, and totally destroyed the heart and lungs. The impact velocity was close to 3500 FPS. I say all of that, to say this, wouldnt that 130 grainer be awesome in the .300 Weatherby? You would probably see muzzle velocity approaching 3700 FPS! I hate to mention the name Lazzeroni around here, but he has been offering a 130 grain X-bullet in his 7.82 Warbird for years, and apparently the bullet holds together very well, even at speeds approaching 4000FPS. Hey, eweatherby, how about looking into that new Barnes TTSX as a factory offering for next year. I'm not saying that the .300 Weatherby is dead by any means, but a 130 grainer at 3700 or so FPS sure would create alot of excitement in the marketplace. Anyways, you can go to the Barnes website and see the specs for the TTSX under 2008 offerings.

It could definitely be something!  Barnes shows two loads on the website for the 130 TSX at about 3650 fps so a Norma loading at 3700 doesn't sound like it's out of the question imo.  I'm really interested in all of these Barnes offerings as I live in the "Condor Zone" of California and am pretty much limited to these bullets exclusively for all my hunting.

here's a link to a good article on the evoulution of the Barnes x- bullet.

 I love muzzle velocity as much as the next guy dont get me wrong. A 130 gr. bullet out of a .300 weatherby would be a smoker for sure, but usually velocity is used to keep a nice flat trajectory out to a long distance. A 130 gr. 30 ca. bullet would lose so much ballistic coefficientcy  (because of the short length a bullet that caliber at that weight would be) that long range shooting would be offset by the BC. IMPO a 180gr. bullet is optimal in a .30 cal bullet.


Ballistic Coefficient plays a part but it is not everything.

The first link is to your 180gr. TSX load which you label "ideal" and the second is to the 130 TSX.  If you take a close look you will see that with both zeroed at 300 yds.  the inferior 130 gr. drops 5" less at 500yds.  Imo the 130gr. would make an excellent long range deer round that is considerably easier on the shoulder than a 180gr. pill.


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