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once fired 338/378weatherby brass, unable to chamber after full length resizing (7 posts)

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Posted 12/20/201008:54 AM

using once fired 338/378 Weatherby brass, I am unable to close bolt to battery on some pieces of brass after full length resizing using Redding full length resizing dies. my oal is within book specs. cant check shoulder length. What could be going on here?

Thanks: Eaglesnestereaglesnester
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Posted 12/20/201009:42 AM

This is handloading 101, so don't be insulted if you already know better.  Make sure you have a hard contact with the shell holder when you set up your sizer.  Sometimes you have to cam over the linkage and bully and bump the case down to size.  Might have to bump it a couple of times.  I assume you have a heavy duty press like a Rockchucker.  Don't try this with a pot-metal cheapie.  If it still doesn't chamber, then smoke a case in a candle and seat it by hand and try to close the bolt.  At least you can see where you are hitting.  Got to be delicate with this step.  You said once-fired brass, but didn't say if it was once-fired out of your rifle?
your pal,
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Posted 12/20/201010:16 AM

I am using a rockchucker press. You are correct, I needed to go back to reloading 101. The brass was fired in my weapon. When I first resized the brass I had set my rockchucker to cam over. The cam over was set a bit light.  I set the cam over a little tighter resized, checked the brass in the chamber for closing on battery and guess what? closed like a bank vault.  I must admit I was a bit confused as I have 10 other calibers that I load for and have never had this happen before.

Cheers & Tighter Groups: Eaglesnestereaglesnester
Joined: 06/22/08
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Posted 12/20/201001:01 PM

Is it safe to assume the brass was not once-fired in your rifle?

The reason I ask is that I have not full-length resized a piece of brass in ages. I neck-size only enough to hold my bullets firmly and keep the brass trimmed to length, and I have never had a problem chambering a round. We cannot improve our government by electing people that hate our government...
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Oregon Jim

Posted 12/20/201003:17 PM

The brass was as stated before brand new out of the box Weatherby brass by Norma of Sweeden. I loaded up fired the brass once. After neck sizing only I found the brass would not chamber. I then full length resized and the brass still would not chamber, I was carefull to set the Rockchucker press to slightly cam over.  I found that I had to set the Rockchucker press to cam over rather hard in oder to get this one piece of brass to chamber. The other 3 rounds I was able to neck size only.eaglesnester
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Posted 12/21/201007:39 PM

mr, eaglesnester...seen your doin the neck sizing only? its up to you but, i wish someone had warned me, so ill mention it to you,i could only neck size once with reliable extraction after that a lot of then i had to full length again. its the huge cases .Russ daniels
Joined: 08/17/08
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Posted 12/21/201009:45 PM

I had similiar problem with 30-378 and so did my brother.  What lube are you using?  I full resize everything.  The problem was the lube.  We were using thick rcbs lube and it was coating the inside of the die.  I wrecked several  pieces of once fired in my own gun.  Check to see if dimples in sides of cases near the bottle of the case.  We switched to hornady one-shot and have not used anything else since.  You must pull die apart and get all the lube out.  Honestly, I couldn't believe it was the lube, but I have not had a single problem since then.
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