.300 Wby Vs. 30-.378 Wby ???

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Hello Everyone, I am torn between a .300 wby Vangaurd (or Mark V Accumark), or save my money and get a TRR 30-.378, both would be for the purpose of Extreme long range target shooting.  Ballistics are very simular, (with some minor fluxuations here and there, especially in energy) in and around the 150gr and 180gr and 200gr mark, I'm just not sure if the extra $2000.00, give or take, for the TRR will be worth its wait in gold.  Anybody have any suggestions? 

(P.S. - if the TRR 30-.378 will out perform the .300 wby Vanguard or Mark V Accumark by a rather significant amount then money is no object, and I'll just wait till I can Afford a TRR)


I have personally owned several .30 caliber magnums, including .300 WBY Mags, .300 Win Mags., and a .300 WSM. I have shot these rifles regularly at long range, at both targets, and a variety of game from coyotes to large deer. My current favorite is my Mark V Accumark in .30-378. Hands down, the .30-378 is the absolute king when it comes to long range .30 performance.

I know nothing about the TTR rifle, I can only attest to the caliber. I've got a Remington 700PSS in .300 Win Mag. that will shoot .75 moa; and my Accumark will better that, consistenly turning out sub .75 moa groups with factory 165 gr. ballistic tips. No B.S.

I'm confident you will find much material on various sites about the real king of .30-378 peformance. Check out Thompson Long Range, they use the .30-378 exclusively  for 1000yds+ game kills.

Sweet, Thankyou.  I guess I've always kinda figured the 30-.378 performs at the top of its class, but I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else.  I really like the stock from the TRR Custom, appears to be very versatile; the butt plate is adjustable up and down and side to side as is also the butt bad that the plate is mounted on, plus the whole butt pad and plate is adjustable foward and back as to adjust for custom length of pull. The stock also has an adjustable comb that can be moved up and down and side to side.  Heres a link of the TRR, I aslo added a link of a pimped out stock that probably costs too much, but it sure does look pretty.  Thanks again.




Side note ? for you Krafty, what kind of optics are you using on your accumark 30-.378, objective, max zoom/power, brand, etc.  I considering a Nightforce or maybe an ATN with lots of power and in and around a 56mm objective.


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