.300 Wby Mag Whitetail Loads

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 Hey guys, id like to have some opinions made on what ammo i should use for hunting whietails out of a .300 Wby Mag.....id like some good range out to 300-400 yards, but be able to hit hard at close range too.....i need an all around bullet, what do you think???

Factory or Reload?

If factory I love 180 gr Hornady Spire Points but it really just depends on what your rifle like.

I reload and I am going to try either Hornady 165 gr SST's or Nosler 168 gr Balistic Tips.

Remember it doesn't take much to take a whitetail down hard and fast.

Use whatever bullet shoots accurately with your rifle. Every factory load out there for your rifle will do the job nicely at that range if you can do your part. If accurate in your rifle I would suggest the Weatherby 150 grain Nosler Partition ammunition. There is no real advantage to using a heavier bullet at that range on whitetail deer, and your recoil should be a little less too.

my question would be.... are whitey's the only thing you're going to be hunting with that rifle, or are you going to be hunting other animals as well???

hunting whitetails and that's all.......


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