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Weatherby PA-08 barrels (19 posts)

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Posted 01/11/201208:22 PM

I looked online on Weatherby's site and couldn't find the barrels for sale separately anywhere.  I have a PA-08 Upland that I'd like to buy a short 18"(or 18.5", whatever it is) barrel for and use it as both my hunting gun and my HD gun.  Weatherby makes the PA-08 receiver with a short barrel option so they have to be compatible in my gun.  I can't find anywhere to order the barrels separately.  I'd love to buy just the barrel and be set for being in the field as well as at home without having to buy two separate shotguns.

If anyone can link me to the page where I can buy a barrel or maybe Weatherby support will chime in and make it an option on their site to buy just shotgun barrels.  If this is something that would interest other PA-08 owners chime in on this thread by replying and maybe we can get Weatherby to help us out by adding a shotgun barrels section to buy parts.
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Posted 01/13/201201:08 PM

There is also a 22" barrel with removable choke tube on the PA-08 Turkey. I'd like that one to complement my 26" and the slug barrel too!
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Posted 01/26/201204:06 AM

I agree with both of ya. Looking for a shorter barrel for my PA-08 synthetic, would like the option for 1 gun for field and home defense. there has to be an option somewhere, if not lets make it happen.

I've looked all over the web and can't find any options anywhere
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Posted 02/01/201209:26 PM

As I understand it, the PA08 TR is the one with the short barrel.

I've tried to find info on whether the barrels are interchangeable and have the same finish. I know with 870's, the Express barrels have a different finish than the Police or Wingmaster models. I'm hoping that's not the case with the PA08.

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Posted 02/09/201204:10 PM

To be honest, I wouldn't even care if the finishes were different.  My HD guns are all about function and not aesthetics.  If the finish was a little different it wouldn't bother me.
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Posted 02/16/201202:13 AM

1st off hi to everyone, this is my first time posting here. A few weeks ago I contacted customer service to ask them about buying a short barrel. The response I got was that I could order it for about $90 but would have to send in my gun to check the headspacing? Didn't make sense to me but that's what I was told.
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Posted 02/25/201209:28 AM

They told me the same thing, but my understanding was that they would do it for free. I spoke to my gunsmith (who wouldn't be getting the job anyway because it would be done by Weatherby...) and he told me it was advisable to check the headspace of any firearm when you replace a barrel because it might need fitting. He did say you'd only have to do it once, to get it right then you can swap barrels freely.

Personally, I wish they would advertise the interchangeability of barrels. Other guns, like the Ithaca 37, have fixed barrels.

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Posted 03/27/201212:32 PM

I would like to buy a short barrel as well...why doesn't Weatherby advertise these things on the website...instead of having to call and ask.  I bought a synth stock set for my PA-08 but had to call to ask if it was available. 

Actually, a short ribbed barrel would be of more use so you could add sights...if all PA-08s sre the same, there is no provision for mounting a scope....but I could be wrong.
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Posted 04/14/201209:51 PM

I keep hearing that "maybe" the barrels are interchangeable for $100.  I would just go buy a cheap Mossberg for home defense for $200 and be safe.  Save the nice Weatherby for the field and stick the Mossberg in the corner of your bedroom and forget about it.
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Posted 04/15/201201:15 PM

I picked up a Mossberg 500  a couple years ago almost new with 3 barrels,  1-18 1/2"   cyl bore , and 2-28" barrels modified  non choke tube types.   I paid 230 bucks out the door with tax.  I then ordered a 20 " vent  ribbed multi choke tube barrel  if I can remember 140 bucks.   Pulled the plug, and installed a sig 081 mini red dot sight on a weaver one piece mount I had laying around in the drilled and tapped receiver,  put on a sling and butt stock shell holder.   It's my keep in the bedroom as a home defense and loaner turkey gun.   

I'm not a huge mossberg fan but they are a good basic shotgun that won't break the bank.  I don't see any weaherby shotguns that are mill-spec and sold to the military as are some mossberg models.   About the only wby shotgun I would be vaguely interested in  at the present time is an SA-08 upland  26 " bbl in 20 ga.   Not a reflection on wby, but rather my tastes.   

I do agree you shouldn't have to send a gun back to be headspaced and fitted for a barrel replacemnt.   Their lower end models should also be drilled and tapped for sights. 
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Posted 06/11/201203:26 PM

  Add me to the list wanting a slug barrel for the PA-08. I'm ordering a PA-08 from Dicks tomorrow with a 26 in barrel w/ wood stock.. There's no way I want to send it back as soon it I get it for head spacing. As far as regular sights go, can't something be affixed to the vent rib ?  Not talking scopes here but hey if that's an option I like it.
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Posted 07/08/201210:13 PM

You can buy the slug/field barrel combo or buy the barrel separately, direct from Weatherby. I have the 26" barrel version upland and I've just gotten the 18.5" cylinder bore barrel. The 18.5" barrel is actually from the PA08 TR. The finish is slightly different (matte vs glossy) but close enough that the mismatch isn't obvious. It points fantastically.

I didn't like sending my shotgun in. If you can trust 3rd party gunsmiths to repair extremely high powered rifles and install proprietary muzzle breaks, why can't they be trusted to use Go/No-Go/Field headspace gauges? Thankfully, the 4 week lead time (plus shipping both ways) for getting it done was an overestimate. It took 3 weeks including 10 days of total travel time.

Personally, I think the biggest design flaw to PA08 Upland model is that they don't include sling swivel studs. The synthetic version has sling swivel studs. The Upland combo has sling swivel studs. Why in God's name do they make/warehouse/install two different types of mag tube caps - one with the front sling swivel stud and one without?

The deer barrels have cantilevered scope mounts, so if you're shooting slugs for precision, you'll be fine. The 26" barrel has a brass bead and channel in the receiver. The 870 isn't drilled or tapped either.

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Posted 11/24/201207:26 AM

Why do you need to send it in? It seems the barrels are easily interchangeable. Anyone?
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Posted 01/21/201309:18 PM

I just got a pa-08 field. I'd like to get a 18.5" barrel for mine as well for HD purposes.  Any headway made on this or has anyone gotten a price for the 18.5 barrel?
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Posted 05/21/201302:48 PM

Unable to obtain a shorter barrel in Scandinavia for the PA, I had it shortened to just above the legal limit (in Norway) to 42 cm, 16,5 inches. My plan is to use it in dense bush/forest, deer hunting. I fitted Williams rail sights on it. Using rifled slugs it remains accurate up to 50 meters so its more than up to the job. It,s a no nonsense inexpensive pump and the mod turned out well. For upland bird hunting get an O/U.
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