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Weatherby OU Shotguns (18 posts)

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Posted 09/10/200701:56 PM

Hi All -
Fairly new to the site and did some searches but didn't get any hits, I was wondering if anyone owns a Weatherby over/under shotgun.  I'm looking to add an O/U to my gun case and for field use, but I haven't had much exposure to Weatherby from a shotgun perspective.  I do own a Vanguard .30-06 and love it, so I figured the shotguns must be made with the same quality as the rifles.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!
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Posted 09/10/200702:10 PM

I have a 12 gauge and it is a joy to shoot. Recoil isn't bad and it looks good.dickt
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Posted 09/14/200703:51 PM

I have a weatherby orion 12 guage and it fits like a glove couldnt ask for a better shotgunHead in the stock, eye on the rock
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Posted 09/18/200710:05 PM

nothing shoots as good nor turns the heads like my athena... specially on quail.
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starter duck

Posted 09/19/200705:14 PM

I bought a new Orion III Field in '98. I've used it for grouse, rabbits, ducks, & Snow/speckled/Canada geese, as well as trap and clays. I've fired a couple thousand rounds through it, and it feels like it's just breaking in beautifully. As from the factory, it fit me perfectly. Balance and swing is awesome. The safety isn't automatic, which I truly appreciate. This is my favorite double. (I have 5) Fit and finish are second to none, wood is beautiful. I'd highly recommend an Orion, or Athena if you want the same basic gun upgraded.
"Go Big or Go Home"
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Posted 09/24/200703:22 AM

I had a an old regency O/U it was a looker but unfortinantly it quit firing off the top barrel.  But weatherby replaced it with an Athena. (they stand behind their products) Smiley The athena has a strong lock up and unlike my red label it handles 3" mags w/o kicking the safety on. Anyhow to answer your question they are first rate and worth every penny.
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Posted 09/26/200711:50 AM

I had a Regency a number of years ago. It was a great shotgun and I wish I hadn't sold it.

Maybe one of these days I will get another Wby. O/U.The gene pool could use a little chlorine!
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Posted 09/27/200702:13 PM

I have an Athena Grand IV that is an absolutely beautiful O/U.  At my shoot club, nothing fancy, but the shotguns, it matches up easily to the Berretas and Browning (in my opinion the fit and finish is better as well as how the gun handles for me.  However, there are so many models of the former you could get lost in their catalogs.)  The gun compares easily to the Merkel and Kreighoff, which I know alot of people will say is a stretch.  But, the truth is, that alot of the money that goes into those guns, is the engraving and carvings.  I will take my Wby. anyday, just like all my rifles.Weatherby guns and Bertram boats.
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Posted 09/29/200702:06 PM

I have a athena grade 3 20ga and it shoots as good as it looks.
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Posted 10/08/200710:19 AM

I have an Orion Grade III with the pistol grip. I really like the shotgun...but if I could have a do-over I would get a longer barrel. I believe I have a 26" barrel and would prefer a 28". It's easy to carry in the field, but I'd shoot better with a 28."Ka-Pow! That's a ripper!
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Posted 10/08/200711:56 AM

 8 Hello, I have the Athena III 26" 12ga. It performs great at the skeet range, and its a great partridge ( grouse) gun, a pleasure to carry. Plus bragging rights at hunt camp......
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Posted 12/14/200710:23 PM

looking for a shotgun OU or side by side.Any input and pros and cons joe
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Posted 01/04/200808:37 AM

I currently have an Athena grade IV 12 guage 26 inch barrels and an Athena grade V 12 guage 28 inch barrels.  I love both bought the grade V first and picked up the grade from a friend.  The Grade V had a problem when first purchased but Weatherby repair at their facility in California was absolutely great, quick communication and repair.

The action on the Orion (my son bought an Orion and recommended I look at Weatherby) and the Athena is exactly what I wanted.  I only wish they still made the Athena in a trap grade.  They made a trap version in 1987 I think and I look for one in GunsAmerica.  I currently have a Browning XT trap gun and had a Diamond grade Sabatti, but would really like the Athena trap.

I use the Athena for skeet, sporting clays and hunting.  I did have a mid bead installed.

Highly recommend... I think they are the best OUs on the market!
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Posted 01/04/200811:53 PM

I too am looking for a good O/U shotgun. I think after reading all of the posts I'm going to opt for an Orion. Thanks for the info.
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Posted 01/05/200811:25 PM

I picked up an Orion in 1993 and finally saved enough money to buy one in 2001...that should tell you that over 8 years I never found another shotgun that could feel as comfortable or had enough in the looks department to change my mind....I have no regrets, its a grade II 12 ga with 30 inch barrels and it has been devistating to the dove population near Mesa AZ.

FYI....the grade II was going for $1500 and up in the stores, I bought mine brand new off delivered for $ around and then go to the dealers and see if they'll match the price.

You won't regret a Weatherby, just taking too long to get one!"A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."   An exerpt from the Declaration of Independence.
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