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sa-08 barrels (18 posts)

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Posted 12/12/201005:29 PM

been looking for a rifled slug barrel for my new sa-08 so i can hunt hog at the local military base, im assuming weatherby doesnt make one is there a after market barrel i can use
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Posted 12/12/201006:14 PM

hey Snowsurfer,

I believe ATA arms in turkey is the company that Weatherby gets to build their SA-08's. Weather or not we can order from them or if they are even compatible with the SA-08 is another question.

It would certainly be nice if Weatherby offered barrel options and other goodies.

here is the link to ATA:

Newfie  in Nova Scotia
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Posted 01/03/201112:51 PM

Hello Mark, I emailed the factory in Turkey and they said that any parts would have to go through Weatherby.
They made mention of import and customs, IMO we are going to be dependant on Weatherby and if that goes anything like the early Stoegers, we are in for a long wait.
I hope Weatherby doesn't wait to see if the new shotguns are popular enough to see if importing parts etc. are worth the trouble.
I love my SA-08 but will sell or trade it if parts and accs. don't start showing up in the near future.
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Posted 01/03/201105:25 PM

Hey Jisco,

I hear ya, however I won't be selling my Weatherby, if I want to get something that takes deer barrels and the like i might just have to spend some money elsewhere and add another gun to my collection. It's just unfortunate that Weatherby wont be getting that sale from me.

Newfie in Nova Scotia
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Posted 01/03/201108:32 PM

Mark, So far I don't regret buying my SA-08, It is light, and dependable so far, 25 rounds.
I just don't want to regret my hasty purchase because Weatherby isn't going to support what they sell.
I'm afraid Weatherby just wanted an offering into this type of shotgun for sales with no support.
I'd love to be wrong.
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Posted 01/06/201111:04 AM

Turkish firearms manufacturers can't make rifled barrels, which is the case with ATA. I'm sure that there are exceptions to the rule, or that there are companies that have the ability to make such weapons with certain licensing, but ATA does not fall into this field. You'll notice that none of the slug guns on ATA's website mention anything about the barrels being rifled. As a result of these regulations, smooth bore firearms are popular in Turkey (hence all of the Turkish shotguns we see today). For us, this means that we have to look to another source for rifled slug barrels, but this may take some time. I suppose the point of this post is to let you guys know that the situation is not as simple as it may seem, but also to let you know that we are working on getting rifled barrels for the future. I hope this sheds some more light on the issue. 
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Tim Frampton

Posted 01/06/201102:08 PM

Custom Shop,
I am one who doesn't care about rifled barrels!!!
I am a believer in smoothbores with IC choke tubes.
All I am talking about is a scope base with the right or close enough contour for me to attach it to my 20 ga.
These smoothbores with the right choke definately WILL shoot slugs
I would like to see a selection in smoothbore barrel length, maybe a 24 inch barrel and maybe a bigger charging handle for gloved hands and just maybe a place where we can find some of the small parts that if they were to fail, could ruin an expensive hunt. Pistons etc.
So far I am very happy with my SA-08 but gun people like us are always looking for ways to improve and/or just install add ons to suit their needs.
Most of us know what we want in the end product
The bottom line is, if Weatherby wants this model to be a success you need to give us sparts, to repair our purchases and barrel length selections.
I for one couldn't care less about rifled barrels, please just give some parts and accs. to work with.
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Posted 01/06/201102:28 PM

I posted a kind of detailed message but the bottom line is, if the main field replacement parts were available it would be a huge help and confidence builder.
So far IMO the SA-08 is a sweet little, entry level shotgun.
All that is needed in my case is a place to purchase maybe a different length barrel and routine maintenance/replacement parts.
FWIW I hit a ski can at 40 yds. with the IC choke using front bead.
This gun will fly if it can be kept from having to be sent back for some of the small things that gan crop up.
Thanks for your time
Joined: 12/15/10
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Posted 01/06/201107:24 PM

Sweet, it's good to hear you're workin on things Weatherby! I look forward to the future!

Newfie in Nova Scotia
Joined: 11/07/10
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Posted 01/10/201111:28 AM

jisco38, I don't know that we'll be putting out a smooth bore slug barrel, because we just don't get enough demand for them. Almost every slug barrel request is for a rifled model. As far as the spare parts go, you can always call our parts department at 1-800-227-2023 to get extra parts for your Weatherby firearms.
Joined: 11/02/10
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Tim Frampton

Posted 01/10/201103:19 PM

Hello again, maybe my posts were misleading or misunderstood.
In a nutshell,SA-08 barrels are fine. I'm trying to inform some of the readers of this board that no matter what barrel your SA-0 8 has it can be made into a fine deer barrel just by finding which choke tube works best in your gun with standard old 2 3/4 slugs.
Start with the IC tube and about 3 or so different brands of slug.
On the other end, do you have standard for SA-08 parts in the that if need be we can replace broken parts or in my own case spare parts that I can stock up on for my own personal inventory?
May sound silly to some but this is how I operate for the guns that I shoot most.
Be it, shotguns, rifles and pistols. Gives me peace of mind. In the past this has kept me from sending guns back for whatever reason. I repair my own guns!
I just want to have a place to buy some parts that I hope I don't need.
Again, thanks much for your time.
J. Coyan
Jackson, OH.
Joined: 12/15/10
Posts: 16

Posted 01/10/201110:58 PM

J:I think Weatherby was telling you that you could order any spare parts you might want from their parts department that they listed the number for.
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Posted 01/11/201112:00 AM

It also sounds like they are working on getting a rifled Slug Barrel! I'm very happy with that news... now if I could order that pistol grip stock from the SA-459 I would be laughing. Grin

Newfie in Nova Scotia
Joined: 11/07/10
Posts: 72

Posted 01/12/201111:04 AM

Thanks Roger. Yes, that is what I was trying to say. Most parts can be ordered from our parts department, with some exceptions. We're more than likely your only source for these parts, as most retailers and gunsmiths don't carry spare SA08 parts on a regular basis.
Joined: 11/02/10
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Tim Frampton

Posted 01/12/201111:21 AM

I now understand how to order my spare parts.
No excuse other than me being too hard headed to understand your answers.
Thanks for being here and especially thanks for your patience.

Joined: 12/15/10
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