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SA-08 Review (31 posts)

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Posted 09/13/201205:13 AM

Well my shotgun done better than i did,no problems what so ever.i found i had to use a tighter choke than i do with my 12g for the same distances.I would buy another in 12g if i decide to step back up in calibur but feel good about my choice.
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Posted 09/13/201206:50 AM

Mike, I hear ya on that. My shotgun always goes bang when I want it to, but those doves don't seem to fall out of the sky. I'm going to shoot sporting clays on Sunday to work on my scatter-gun skills, I guess I should practice before hitting the dove field next summer. Hopefully I can sharpen up my skills and figure out some of my issues before the season is over this month.Isaac
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Posted 09/14/201204:40 AM

I shot the 7.5 low brass for the most part but did change the piston to the heavy to shoot a few highbrass #6.It worked great..I would suspect not getting lazy or forgetting to change it will help the gun last a lifetime.Shooting the heavier loads with the lite piston in would probaly beat the gun up on the inside,hope to never see that lol.I live on the wrong end of Tn to take up duck hunting but knowing how much I love to wing shoot id be in more trouble with the wife  again Smiley
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Posted 09/15/201202:46 AM

Good news, I now have over 1500 rounds fired on the skeet range with my SA-08 Deluxe with no failures !  I never write reviews on anything, but this gun is such a great product I felt I needed to let others know. I always look at message boards before I buy so I thought I'd return the favor.
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Posted 10/17/201204:08 PM

mike243 and boiler47, and / or anyone else with experience on this ...

I am thinking of buying the SA-459 TR, which shares the owners' manual with the SA-08 gun, and I have a load / piston / cycling question for ya ... if I use blank ammo in a 20-ga. 08 or 459, with the light-load piston, do you think there will be enuf gas back-pressure to cycle it, or will I have to manually cycle it, in which case I might have to get the PA model?  I want to hunt deer with slugs, turkey with an after-market choke the TRs don't come with (but I have found online), and use the blanks to simulate the 3 rounds fired at military funerals at memorial services and such ... plus, as a home defense gun, the semiauto is faster than me pumping, and can be shot 1-handed if the intruder wings me, whereas how would you pump with 1 hand ...

Also, low brass vs high brass, why is one better than the other, or preferable for different situations ?  As a newbie to the shotgunning world I'm trying to learn as much as possible b4 buying the wrong stuff.

Thanks for reading !Freedom is NOT FREE !
For yours, THANK A VETERAN !
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Posted 10/18/201208:00 PM

Im not sure on the blanks,all of the ones i have shot were in a M16 with a blank adapter on the end so it would cycle.I use lite field loads for dove hunting but prefer high brass for squirrels & rabbits.I plan on shooting some slugs thru mine before i go on a drawn deer hunt in dec,shotguns & muzzleloaders only.It has been a bummer trying to get used to the saftey after a lot of years shooting a mossburg pump  Tongue  I cost my self several shots due to fumbling,lots of pratice is still needed but still loven the 20g.Good luck on your purchase
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Posted 10/18/201209:38 PM

yeah, those M-16 blanks were a dirty bleepity-bleep to clean when back from the field trip after laser-tag ... but maybe funeral firing squads got blanks with more powder, or hotter powder formula, cuz I was casualty assistance NCO for an active duty deceased soldier's family, and saw numerous funerals at the post cemetary across the street from my classroom bldg while assigned to instructor duty, and never did the firing squads use blank adapters ... so tell me more about this "hi-brass" vs "lo brass" stuff ... how are they different inside, and why do you prefer the hi for squirrels and rabbits, but, if I read your note correctly, lo-brass for doves?  Do the hi-brass shells have more powder behind the wad than the lo ?Freedom is NOT FREE !
For yours, THANK A VETERAN !
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Posted 10/19/201203:12 AM

In regard to light load vs. heavy load... in a 12 gauge, light loads would be 1 oz. or lighter @ less than 1300 fps. A 1 1/8 oz load @ around 1100 fps. could also be considered a "light load". 1 1/4 oz. and heavier @ velocities in excess of 1100 fps., would most likely be thought of as "heavy load". Granted, these are just rough guidelines.
Don't concern yourself with high brass or low brass, what matters is the shot weight and velocity. Thankfully, most all ammo makers now print velocities on the box. In regard to blanks, I don't think they would cycle. 
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Posted 10/19/201203:34 AM

keep in mind, my previous post was regarding a 12 gauge, not a 20.
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Posted 03/15/201302:59 AM

i'd like to hear other shooters experience with the sa-08.
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Posted 05/19/201309:28 AM

Bought a SA 08 about a month ago now. I work at a shooting range and so I get a lot of shooting in on the trap and skket range. Myself and several of my collegues, some of which shoot trap and skeet competitively and have 2-$3000 guns, all agree that the SA 08 is one heck of a shotgun. I have got probably 750 rounds through it thus far and the only problem I've had is that I can't afford or can't find enough rounds to shoot it as much as I want here in Missouri. The gun functions well, handles great, and points/swings awesome. You couple that with the low recoil, light weight, and cost of the gun and you can't go wrong. I recently bought a Carlson chocke tube and I think it made the gun even a little bit better. I'm consistently hitting 20-22 on the skeet range. Not bad for a guy that had never shot skeet up until about a month and a half ago. I suggest that anybody looking to get into wing or trap and skeet shooting at least give the SA 08 a try before you go spend twice the money on a different shotgun. I have shot several shotguns in my life and this is my favorite for sure. The dual valve system is a breeze to use and don't let anybody else tell you different it literally takes 30 seconds if that. The gun is a breeze to take apart and clean and with a name Like weatherby stamped on it you know the customer service will be exceptional.

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Posted 10/12/201303:50 PM

Brand new SA-08 Deluxe owner here, my first Weatherby in fact, although I will soon have a medium bore Weatherby rifle once I make my mind up which one I want first!

I bought mine specifically for skeet, with the potential for bird hunting later.  I was won over by the reputation, clever features and beauty for this price point, and I've already gotten multiple compliments on the beauty of the wood!

I'm interested in hearing from others' experiences with skeet shooting and specifically the ammo and chokes that have worked best. I'm a life long squirrel and rabbit shotgunner, but haven't done much skeet/birds, so I'm on a steep learning curve. I used a variety of Federal, Remington, and Winchester 7 1/2 and #8 loads with 1 1/8 oz of shot and velocities from 1200 fps to 1350 fps with no problems using the light load piston, although I'm trying to stay between 1250 - 1300 fps.  I recently went to a rather advanced multi-location skeet/trap course and got to eat some humble pie among a few ringers who apparently live on the range, although the Weatherby itself performed flawlessly! Two of the others my team had terrible jamming problems with their semi-autos. 

Anyone find the "magic shell" for clays using this gun?  I noticed little difference in the 3 notch (modified) and 4 notch (improved cyl) chokes honestly, although I've got a long way to go before being a good judge of such things.  I had an amazing skeet experience with a Benelli semi-auto (can't remember the name, syn stock and cost a bit over $1000) earlier this year where I was shooting well above my level (as in 23 of 25 in skeet), so I will have to ask him his setup as well.  Perhaps I had some beginner's luck with the Benelli, because I haven't been as consistent with any other gun yet. 

But I know I can't blame the gun.  I'm very impressed with the SA-08 and looking forward to mastering the skeet range.  I consider it a bit too easy really to hunt squirrel or rabbits with a semi-auto 12 GA, preferring the challenge of either .22 LR or a pump shotgun, but for skeet and birds, it's perfect!!

I'm surprised that Weatherby doesn't currently offer much of a selection of carrying cases for their firearms, however, considering how well they market in other areas.  Hopefully they'll have a nice flight-worthy hard rifle case by the time I pick out my rifle!!  I picked up a nice tan Boyt canvas case for the SA-08. 
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Cabin Fever

Posted 05/07/201411:22 AM

I realize this posting is old but I thought I would throw my two cents in here. I received the 12 gauge SA-08 Synthetic for Christmas 2013. I shot a few rounds through it and it was SMOOTH for sure! I mainly go sporting clays with my father in law which is why I asked for the gun. A few months later I went Sporting Clays with him and about mid way through our round of 100 the gun wouldn't cycle. I had the light load piston in shooting 1200 FPS shot. When I contacted Weatherby about this they informed me I need at least 1290 fps to have the gun cycle correctly. I am pretty disappointed in the functionality by that stand point. However I did take it pheasant hunting and RAN the table with it! Of course those were heavier loads so the gun had no problem cycling those out. All in all I think it is probably a decent gun but I am probably going to trade it off for something I can use and rely on when I go to the sporting clays courses.
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Posted 09/06/201406:57 AM

I don't generally post my opinions and can be critical of products.Purchased a synthetic stock 12ga from a super store 3 yrs ago. Primarily use it for dove hunting. Duck hunt occasionally. Light loads, heavy loads, steel shot, buck shot. No malfunctions. Cold days, hot days, rain or shine. The large gas ports are great. Keeps on keeping on. Low recoil for such a light gun. Love it.
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Posted 09/11/201409:01 AM

What a great gun!
1st time out, I fired a light shell (12 ga ⅞ oz - 7 ½  shot @ 1200 FPS) with the Heavy valve in place & the gun jammed - on the 1st shot!
Took to this forum & found out the value of firing a box of heavier loads through the gun 1st.
Switched to the Light valve & since then (& after a thorough cleaning) the gun has performed faultlessly (200+ rounds).
Cannot believe such a light gun has so little recoil  Grin
Now, if only my shooting would match the quality of this gun Roll Eyes
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