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SA-08 bolt handle removal (4 posts)

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Posted 01/22/201310:35 AM

I have posted a few times over the last couple of months.  Yesterday I pulled the trigger (pun intended) on an Upland SA-08.  I am trying to remove the bolt handle and eventually the bolt to give it a good cleaning before shooting it.  I believe I am following the manual correctly by pushing the slide down 1" and pulling the handle out.  It won't budge and I have tried moving the slide and pulling at various points.  I called Weatherby CSR and he said I shouldn't even have to move the slide.

Anyone else have any tips on how to remove the bold handle?

Thanks in advance,
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Posted 01/23/201308:18 PM

Anyone...this bolt handle is starting to irritate me.  I am wrestling with this thing and I not a weakling by any means.  I starting to worry about bending the magazine tube or guide arm I'm pulling so hard.
Joined: 12/01/11
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Posted 01/24/201301:20 PM

Chris, Look in your manual on page 25. On this page you will see part #M03, which is the bolt handle. It's not a very clear drawing, however, there is a small dentant near the base of the bolt handle on the back side. The only thing holding the bolt handle in place is friction supplied by a spring loaded ballbearing inside of the bolt. I've found that if you grasps the handle and pull straight out, the bolt handle will come out. It really doesn't matter where the bolt is.
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Posted 01/24/201301:31 PM

Thanks BRS...I got it to work about 30 minutes ago.  I was on the line with a WB tech.  He told me to use pliers with no cloth to protect the handle.  If I scratched the handle he would send me another one.  Used the pliers and sitll with great effort it finally came out.

I've now been able to clean out the factory grease / oil from the bolt and receiver.

Thanks again,
Joined: 12/01/11
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