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Pa-08 Jamming- Fails to eject shells (17 posts)

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Posted 10/21/201110:57 AM

Hey I am new to this site and just posted this issue to an old thread wanted to reopen the discussion- Is anyone else having problems with their PA 08 jamming. I bought mine this spring took it clay shooting and it jammed right away. The first shot fires but will not eject the spent shell causing the gun to jam. It looks like the 2nd shell is pinching the spent shell before it can eject. I sent it to weatherbys service center sportsmans haven in ohio they said they didnt see anything wrong sent it back, I took it back to the range and right away jammed again. I then sent it directly to weatherby who reviewed the gun and said nothing is wrong with it. I recieved the gun took it to the range and again jammed after 5 rounds. I clean the gun religiously, have shot and had jams with every type / brand of ammo i could buy including top of hte line Nitros. The Gun is now at weatherby for the 3rd time waiting to see if  they will back up their reputation so far I am dissapointed with their shotguns. Anyone else having similiar issues Please let me know- Thanks
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Posted 10/21/201111:11 AM

When you "pump" the action, are you doing it quickly?
When you disassemble and reassemble the gun, are you putting it back together correctly. I.e. is the barrel completely flush with the receiver?
If both weatherby and their service centers say the gun is fine, I would take a hard look at what you are doing when you shoot. Grab a friend who is familiar with pump shotguns and have him shoot it with you at the range. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.Isaac
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Posted 10/21/201112:57 PM

I agree with Isaac have a non bias third party shoot it and see what they think.  Someone at a clays or trap range maybe a place to look for someone pretty  familiar with a bunch of different shotguns.  Years ago when young and using my mom's 870  (mine now),  and  not being familiar with that particular gun,  no one told me about the nortorious 870 jam when loading a shell into the tube and not pushing the shell in far enough for positive tube catch and releasing,  the shell would end up sliding under the ramp and totally jamming the gun.  Remington 1100's,  Mossberg 500's,  and Winchester model 12's , all have a little quirk or screw that can loosen you have to be aware of.    In my case  back when we were in our teens,  I didn't have any manuals and most likely wouldn't have read them anyway, and had to learn the hard way. 
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Posted 10/22/201110:08 PM

Thank you both for your quick replies it is very much appreciated. Yes my first thought was maybe im not racking the pump all the way back when I go to load the 2nd round. I make sure that I bring the pump all the way back and make a habit of checking where the forearm is when the gun jams. everytime it Jams the pump is all the way to the rear locked against the back with no room to pull any further back. But to be sure I had several other friends that were shooting with me and who also had different model pumps to try. The gun jammed for the other three guys shooting with all types of ammo. so far the gun has jammed just the same for 3 other people besides myself. I have a video my friend took that shows the gun jamming and the pump locked to the rear I just dont know how to upload that to this site. I have a mark V i know what weatherby can produce and I would be the first to hype their name/ reputation, I am really hoping they can just find a small issue with this pa 08 and get the gun running smoothly. Im not familiar with the 870 problem but do you think a similiar problem is occuring with the weatherby? if so what was the solution just to push the shells further into the magazine past the gate? Thanks again for your help any suggestions ideas would be great.  ive only shot 2 3/4" have not even tried 3" yet.
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Posted 10/23/201102:37 AM

The 870  jam was an issue onto itself as far as I know.  It was a failure to load the rounds  in the tube correctly.    Mossberg 500's  has a little screw on the inside of the receiver that if not tight or loc-tited can become loose and jam up the action.   The old Winchester model 12's   while designed extremely well and imo one of the best  pumps ever built has one quirk  you can't limp hold the forend,  the forend slide disconnect  won't release unless you a grasp the forend and slide just a little forward  releasing the slide (which normally happens under recoil if you hold it right) ,   It's not something you would normally notice and I don't know a lot of guy's out there firing a model 12  one handed ,  of course you can manually hit the slide release on the action and over ride I'm speaking strictly during firing.   It's  one of a few  pumps you can hold the trigger down without releasing and cycle and fire.  Older Ithaca 37's could  cycle and fire the same way.  The 1100's don't try and load the tube with the hammer dropped a little part inside catches and drags the shells,  it has to be cocked to load the tube.  These were not design flaws it's how they were built and most of the time people with problems were operator error  induced,  and not understanding how they worked with the exception of the Mossberg screw coming loose at a bad time.  It's one large screw right when you look inside the  open action plainly visable that should be checked every now and then.    I'm glad you are speaking directly with Weatherby no doubt they will get the problem solved. 
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Posted 10/23/201107:01 AM

Is this happening with one paticular brand of shells? Just a thought Smiley
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Posted 10/23/201108:48 PM

Thanks again for the quick responses

Zonie the 870 issue did it have to do with feeding the shells further into the magazine tube inorder for the gun to cycle properly- I always made sure to push each shell pretty far in past the little click and waited till i felt the spring push the shells back down to the end of the tube. any tricks with the pa-08 to make sure this wasnt the problem?

Badsection- thanks for the advice that was the first thing I blamed it on so i gave away the box of target gun club I was shooting- The store that I bought it from even gave me two free boxes of REmington Nitros and said it was the best ammo they sold if it jammed with that send it out. Needless to say it jammed with Nitros, Rem- STS, Federal, Gun club, game loads, targets loads every ammo I tried had the same results- Weatherby should be recieving the gun tomorrow hopefully 3rd times a charm
Again thanks alot for the quick responses
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Posted 10/23/201110:11 PM

The PA-08 I have no ideal why it's jamming.  The 870 jam is normally associated with not clicking the shell in the tube correctly.   I like the 870's great gun been around for a long time.
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Posted 11/07/201103:36 PM

I saw this thread and had to join to post my experience.

My PA-08 is doing the same thing, it only does this on the last shell.  It ejects the shells fine except the last shell to be fired.  It does a few goofy things.  It either turns 90 degrees and stovepipes in the ejection port, or spins 180 degrees and spins back into the chamber.  I find it odd that this only happens with the last empty hull and the others seem to operate fine.  I was thinking that maybe I'm lollygagging racking the slide but even when I consciously rip the forearm back it doesn't seem to make much difference.  I will say that it doesn't happen everytime however when the shell is ejected, it barely clears the ejection port.  It seems the last shell is ejected with much less force than those before it.

Has anyone else experienced difficulty ejecting that appears to be limited to the last shell only?
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Posted 11/16/201101:09 AM

To Ripnbst,

I recently bought a PA-08 and it is doing the same thing, but it does it when shooting single shells at my local trap range. I notice that the ejection port seems to be a few hundredths of an inch too narrow, so the lip at the base of the shells is catching just enough at the top and bottom of the port to make the shell stovepipe or spin at the points of contact and do a 180. Is this what you are seeing?
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Posted 11/16/201103:40 AM

I was shooting Federal shells but will try a box of Winchesters I have this weekend and see if it yields a different result.
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Posted 11/21/201112:02 AM

Jcontepa08- I recently bought this gun and took it out for the first time duck/quail hunting and my gun also has this problem. not only does mine have a problem feeding the shell, after i fire the slide locks and is quite difficult to pump and feed the next shell. i have used 3in 3 shot federal black cloud fs steel shot as well as 2 3/4in 7 1/2 shot lead winchester x loads. the 3in shells seem to be more trouble than the 2 3/4 yet its stamped on the gun that it chambers 3in and 2 3/4. when i first bought the gun i loved it because everything felt so tight and clean on it, but since i have been firing it the slide not has a bit of play in it and when it locks up it is STUCK. if anyone has any ideas please let me know i am open to all suggestions because quite honestly i am baffled especially after what great reviews i have heard about it. thanks
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Posted 09/02/201210:28 PM

Yeap i have the same problem jamming issues. I really hope they can come up with a solution
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Posted 09/09/201205:40 PM

Mine shoots fine. It has only had problems when I've short-armed it. My brother-in-law and I put 200 rounds through it at the clay range and it did fine.
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Posted 01/22/201308:03 AM

Mine did this out shooting skeet the other day First 25 flawless second round 24 th jammed had to take gun apart to get out 25 th jammed but let go after trying to pump a few time was federal range ammo 3 inch .Got home cleand cycled some 2 3/4 shells and could not get it to jam.But befor that was out with the 2 3/4 shells and would stove pipe ect
Joined: 01/22/13
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