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Will Remington 700 bases fit weatherby vangaurd? (23 posts)

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Posted 04/07/201110:02 AM

Will Remington 700 bases fit weatherby vangaurd? I want a picatinny/weaver rail, will it work, I read it will, I just wanted to ask the pros.
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Posted 04/07/201110:13 AM

I do believe that when I ordered bases for my SubMOA the number listed for the Vanguard was the same number that was listed for the 700.
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Posted 04/07/201110:29 AM

They should work.  But, there are some pretty wide tolerances in Remington receivers and the bases made for them, so it may be that you get a base/set of bases that don't work well with your particular receiver.  I think that's a slim chance, though.  It should work.I believe this is a practical world, and in it I can count only on what I can earn.  Therefore I believe in work, hard work. - The Auburn Creed
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Posted 04/07/201110:39 AM

Not a pro but i would call the manufacturer before i ordered a rail and tell them exactly which gun you have and what caliber and what action it has to verify because there are not too many rails that fit the Vanguard! Warne makes one for the Howa 1500 and 1700 that is the same part number as the Vanguard give them a call and see if it's a rail as i think it is! 1-800-683-5590
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Posted 04/07/201112:24 PM

I have used the two piece bases several times and no problems.  I was talking with Jerry @ Warne today and they are suppose to be the same, with that said there are always a certain amount of +/- in any system including the rifle.  If you are going to a  Picatinny ONE piece base it will not work because of different action lengths between  Howa/Wby, and Rem.  There is suppose to be a height difference on some  MKV's that I can't say.   The easiest way to tell  with any of them is put a straight edge on the mounted  two piece bases and see what if any difference in height.  One piece systems just lock down the front or rear and look for any gaps or binding on the other end.  There may be some just not really out of whack.

 There is a difference between a Weaver and Picatinny  rail.  I have found out the hard way.  Yes a Weaver ring will mount onto a 1913 Picatinny base, but they don't always sit flat or barely enough to grip onto (both are bad things),  It really depends on the rings.  My suggestion would be to stick to the same manufacturer for both rings and bases if going to the Picatinny system, but  so long as both rings or bases are of a 1913 cut you should be able to interchange without problems, and I have done this switching between makers.   Warne I have never had a problem with.  Personally I don't care too much for any Alum bases on hard recoiling rifles with really large high mounted heavy scopes.  Alum tactical rings  are pretty good.  I like the Burris tactical rings.  The down side with most tactical's are they are a little wider,  which nornally isn't too big of a problem  unless you go with a scope that is narrow on the bell to bell length, which cuts down on eye relief adjustment a little.   I would call Warne they are very easy to talk to and get you in the right direction.   Ron
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Posted 04/07/201103:31 PM

I tried by mistake using Vanguard 2 piece steel bases on my Accumark and believe me that does not work as the rear mount needs to be taller! Warne has a 1 pice steel 20 MOA rail coming out in a couple of weeks that will fit the Mark V's and the also have SA & LA rails for the Howa and vanguards but only in the tactical rail and they are the same number for SA and LA applications. If Jerry said the 700 bases would fit was he talking of the 2 piece bases or was he talking about the rails? It is my understanding that Warne weaver style rings fit 1913 spec rails but 1913 rings do not fit weaver rails? i never use anything alloy myself as in bases or rings unless it's on rimfires.
The last sentence in the article i linked to does mention it could or it could not work? then it says weaver rings works on 1913 rails but not the other way around? From looking at the Warne application chart the Remington 700 rail and the Vanguard/Howa rails are different part numbers in the steel rail application.
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Posted 04/07/201105:33 PM

Yes and no - Remington bases will fit a Vanguard but not the reverse. Sorry just kidding they are conpatible in the Talley/Weatherby line up. At least you have the better rifle in a Vanguard.I BET On Berger Busters
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Posted 04/07/201111:21 PM

Remington bases will work but are not correct,the Vanguard rear base needs to be taller.
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Posted 04/08/201111:06 AM

I got one we will see if it works.
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Posted 04/08/201111:21 PM

Are the DNZ bases that are silver made of stainless or some other material. They look kinds of nice but I want to make sure they are lightweight and sturdy too. THX!  Wink
The website does not speak much on material? But give them a call! A lot of people here use them and like them a lot Big Bore Dan has a set but not sure how they are working for him but i am sure he would mention if they were no good!
I also like the looks of them for that price but i am sure they are probably alloy!
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Posted 04/09/201112:04 AM

The DNZ bases are aluminum to my knowledge.I have not had my silver ones very long but I have been happy with them so far.They were very easy to mount and use.I believe you would be happy with themRoger
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Posted 04/09/201108:48 AM

The DNZ mounts are aluminum, both the silver and the matte.  And yes, the Remington 700 & the Vanguard are the same mount, one piece or two piece doesn't matter, they are the same.
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Posted 04/10/201102:01 PM

Hi everybody !!! Just my 2 cents about DNZ bases. They are very precisely machined, very sturdy with guarantee fit. My buddy dropped his rifle in high contry here in colorado at least 3 times during elk season and they held zero afterwards. when comes to question alloy or steel I keep on mind weather conditions (temp.-wise). Aluminum will expand more than twice comparing to steel under same temp. On other hand steel base will add more weight. So if you want accuracy (and we all do), go with steel. If you want less "hardware" to move around,  alloy certainly.

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Posted 04/10/201105:38 PM

I am not sure how anyone dropped their rifle 3 times, but if the scope stayed on then,that sure says a lot for the DNZ rings and the scope.Especially in Colorado temps.Roger
Faster horses,younger women,older whiskey,and more money.
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Posted 12/04/201109:09 PM

i have a few weatherby vangaurds and played with a lot of base the  700 la  on piece base will bolt onto vangaurd long action  but  700 la or 700 sa doesnt fit the vangaurd short action you will need to drill 2 new hole in base plate to fit short action or you can get a warne one piece tactical base made to fit the short action. i have one on my vangaurd thumb hole varmit in 223 the only down side of warne is the price
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