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Where to find replacement bolt for vanguard (6 posts)

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Posted 02/17/201105:47 PM

I am wondering if anyone has a replacement bolt for a 223 vanguard or knows where to find one
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Posted 02/17/201106:02 PM

Im sure Weatherby has one but why would you need a replacement bolt to start with?
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Posted 02/17/201108:53 PM

Folks, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I always thought that you can't just replace the bolt without having a gunsmith check/fix the head space. The High Tech Redneck
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Posted 02/17/201110:15 PM

Zerbe, you are correct. If you've oat the bolt for your rifle, or you're thinking you'll keep a spare bolt around, or use the bolt to make a 22-250 into a 223, don't. It won't work, and someone could get hurt. If you've lost the bolt, you need to send it to a Weatherby service center and have the headspace set with the new bolt. It won't be cheap. In fact, you could likely buy a new rifle just about.I believe this is a practical world, and in it I can count only on what I can earn.  Therefore I believe in work, hard work. - The Auburn Creed
The older I get, the less stock I place in what men say, and the more I place in what men do.
Andrew Carnegie
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Posted 02/18/201111:02 AM

Yea if your going to try a bolt that didn't come with the rifle better get some headspace guages involved for sure.  Man A 223 in a 22-250 chamber would make for a really bad day at the range huh.. I know a guy who managed to get a 270 win to go off in a 7 Rem mag once. Never have two different calibers on the bench at once.  Lucky it didn't do any damage to anything or anyone the brass was new so it had enough give to not come apart.  I don't think a 223 in a 22-250 chamber would be so lucky.  So why the new bolt anyway?
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Posted 02/18/201107:49 PM

I saw a guy at the range on two separte occasions, load and fire a .257WM round in a 7MM Rem Mag. All it did was make a strange sound when it went off but its nothing I would like to try. I agree 100% with Chip, only one caliber of ammo on the bench at a time. Frank W. Free
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