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Weatherby Vanguard Back Country Rifle (13 posts)

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Posted 12/11/200812:55 PM

I am considering purchasing a Vanguard Back Country rifle in 300 Wby caliber. Anyone out there have any experience or thoughts on this rifle. I am looking for something lighter than my Mark V 300 which I have had for 27 years. I am 62 years old, in above average condition but the terrain we hunt in is straight up and down, rugged and unforgiving. I also like the looks and the compact nature of the 24 inch barrell versus my 26-incher which is always getting hung up in the trees. I am also looking at the Wby Ultra-Lite Mark V.  Thanks... WapitiWapiti
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Gary Hertel

Posted 12/14/200808:18 AM

I recently purchased a Vanguard Backcountry in 257 Weatherby and it is quickly becoming my favorite rifle.  I also have a Mk. V Ultralight, but the backcountry is  much more comfortable to carry and is every bit as accurate as the Mk. V.  I have yet to chrono the velocity difference between the two, but I think Weatherby hit a home run with the Backcountry.....I really like it.
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Posted 12/14/200811:08 PM

Thanks drc for your comments. I am still not sure what I am going to do. My son has the Mark V Ultra-Lite 300 and I am torn between that rifle and the Back Country Rifle in the same caliber. What I like in the Back Country is the 24-inch barrell which is not available in the 300 Ultra Lite.... I will do some more research. Wapiti
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Gary Hertel

Posted 12/15/200807:57 PM

If money is not an issue I'd go with the Ultralight. There are just so many nice features on the Mark V. You can always have your dealer order an Ultralight Mark V from weatherby with a cut-down barrel. I'm sure the custom shop could do that for you if barrel length was really an issue.
If you'd like to save half the cash (maybe to buy ammo) I'd go for the Back-Country.I set my vanguard up to look like the back-country (even have the ultralight stock) but I didn't have them flute it. I'm sure it would have been fine, but my gun groups at 1/4" or better at 100yards already, so I don't want to do anything to screw that up - especially something that can't be undone like machining the barrel.
that's my 2-cents...I use a .460WBY on Squirrels...
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Posted 01/06/200911:25 AM

I am also considering the Backcountry or the Sub MOA Stainless in 300 Win.  I see the backcountry is lighter and am concerned about the recoil pad (listed as a low density) vs the sub moa's pachmyer decelerator.  Does anyone know what kind of pad the backcountry has or how it performs?  Any thoughts between the two rifles?  Thank you.
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Posted 05/22/201002:19 AM

I think this point has been alluded to before in this forum, but it is nice to see it coming directly from the folks at Vanguard.

I'm actually of the opinion that the tax efficiency of the Vanguard ETFs is as good if not better than that of other ETFs. My guess is that it all evens out in the end, and any difference is likely negligible.

Thus, as in most cases, expenses matter, and other things seeming relatively equal, I stick with Vanguard ETFs because their expense ratios are almost always the best in class.

Matt John
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Posted 05/22/201010:21 AM

I am inthe process of building my own Back country but it is in a short action something Weatherby should have done? ..... Roll Eyes
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Posted 10/31/201001:12 PM

When did they discontinue the Back Country?? I absolutely love mine and have a friend that wants one after carrying mine for awhile.
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Posted 10/31/201009:05 PM

I purchased a Vanguard Back Country in 300 Weatherby and am very happy with the rifle.  It shoots sub-MOA, is light to carry, fits nicely in the scabbard on my horse or in my pack and carries great knock-down power for any game in North America.  I like Mark-Vs, but this rifle is becoming harder to leave in the safe for many of the hunts I participate in.
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Posted 11/01/201003:14 AM

This is funny, a bunch of us had another post saying the same thing on Friday/Saturday.  I feel the same way, mine is also SubMOA, light and fast to come to the shoulder.  I have it in 270 but would almost consider selling an older Mk V (sacrilege, I know) for another one in 300 Wby.    The light weight and the accuracy of the fluted barrel are no joke.  Plus the Vanguard is such a work horse of a hunting rifle.  I use mine as a poor weather tree stand gun and don't care if its wet or snowy out.  I also went with glass that has a 50mm objective end so its good to the last possible second of light of the day.  There are as many answers to that one as there are reasons men hunt, fight, skydive, gamble or take up with redheaded ladies.

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Eagle Rider

Posted 11/02/201002:52 PM
Getting one in 300 Weatherby will be hard to do in a new gun!
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Posted 11/04/201007:18 AM

I'm not sure why this model was discountined but I agree with above poster, one in a VG short action 7mm-08 would be a nice addition to the VG lineup. As to the OP's question, I love the ULW's but if the VG Backcountry feels good in your hands, go for it, just don't wait to long as they are getting tough to come by.
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Posted 11/04/201007:23 PM

I also lament the discontinuation of the Back Country. The other stainless Vanguards too for that matter. Weatherby, how about at least a chrome moly version of the Back Country? We can call it "Hill Country" ,"Open County" or "High Country"
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257 Shooter

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