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Vanguard scope base problem (11 posts)

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Posted 11/10/200802:25 PM

New to forum, first post. Hi.

 I bought one of the $399 Vanguards (short action) in .243 Win. I was told it would use a Remington 700 scope base so I picked up a model 700 one piece Weaver base. When I tried to install the base the two front holes would line up fine but the two back holes were out of alignment. When I moved the base to the rear the two holes again line up with the front holes out of alignment.

 Looks like the distance between the front and back holes are incorrect. I fixed the problem by using the Weaver Remington 700 two piece base. Now for my question. Are the scope base holes on my gun misdrilled or is the info about using a Rem 700 base incorrect.

 This is my first Weatherby and so far i've found one handload (Nosler 95 gr BT over 42.7 gr of H4831sc) that shoots (.990) good.

Thanks in advance for any info.
Joined: 08/25/08
Posts: 11
Dallas Jack

Posted 11/10/200805:00 PM

My gunsmith told me that the Rem. 700 bases were the correct ones, also.  He put the 2-piece Leupold standard bases on my Vanguard.   Best wishes.
Joined: 09/20/08
Posts: 9

Posted 11/10/200806:17 PM

is it possible that you bought a Long action scope base?  I bought bases for Remington 700's for my Vaanguards and they work as promised. However I have never tried one piece safe sleep with a firefighter
Joined: 09/28/08
Posts: 15

Posted 11/10/200808:00 PM

Simple answer: you were given faulty information.
The Vanguard and the 700 do not have interchangeable bases - they are similar, but you will have to shim the Vanguard. You want bases for a MAGNUM Mark V (by Leupold) if you want them to fit the Vanguard. Or better yet, just get Talley's - they are made specifically for the Vanguard action.I use a .460WBY on Squirrels...
Joined: 09/06/07
Posts: 113

Posted 11/11/200801:18 AM

I guess it is possible that I had the base for a long action. When I took it back two people (the gunsmith and the fellow that mounts scopes) looked it up in their catalogs and looked over the base. They both agreed that it was the correct base. I ended up using 2 piece Weaver (Remington 700) bases and they fit.

phil, do I need to shim one of the bases and if so do you know where I can find out the thickness of the shim and if it is the front or rear.

BTW, the two piece bases work but I have no idea if I used up all my vertical scope adjustment or not.
Thanks for all the info.
Dallas Jack
Joined: 08/25/08
Posts: 11
Dallas Jack

Posted 11/11/200812:31 PM

Dallas, the Remington bases will work but they are not recommended. Rem bases do not address the difference in height accross the bridge front to back. I think it is 121 thousandths. Call Weatherby, they will tell you what to get. I encountered this same problem with Leupold Rem 700 bases. The Mark V bases are what you need. Center your scope and use the least amount of internal scope adjustment bore sighting and zeroing.
Joined: 11/15/07
Posts: 67

Posted 11/11/200807:22 PM

Thanks again for all the help. I think i've got it sortrf out now.
Dallas Jack
Joined: 08/25/08
Posts: 11
Dallas Jack

Posted 11/17/200810:36 PM

I have 3 Vanguards and have used the Weaver 700 bases on 2 of them and the Millet 700 bases without a single problem. All of my scopes zeroed without shimming. Dallas What did you go with?
Joined: 07/27/08
Posts: 99

Posted 11/18/200811:32 AM

I read somewere the the other day that the Rem. one piece bases are interchangable only on the long action vanguard, not the short action.
Joined: 08/06/08
Posts: 75

Posted 11/23/200810:36 AM

I would use the Vanguard/Talley one-piece scope mounts.  I installed them on my Vanguard Sporter in 30-06.  They we a very easy install and everything fit perfectly.  I mated them to a Bushnell Elite 3200 scope.  I carried the gun to Africa and everything was as set at home when I arrived.
Joined: 09/07/07
Posts: 2

Posted 11/27/200806:41 AM

Squatch, I used a Weaver 2 piece base while looking for a 1 piece that fit. I found a EGW 1 piece Picatinny rail (0 MOA, also available as 20 MOA) and ordered it. Although both work I was looking for a 1 piece base for Weaver type rings. After deer season I will change over to the EGW base.

Thanks for all the info.
Dallas Jack
Joined: 08/25/08
Posts: 11
Dallas Jack

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