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Replacement Trigger for Vanguard (10 posts)

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Posted 04/08/200907:09 PM

I am wanting to get a new trigger for my new Weatherby Vanguard.  I was wanting to get a Timney but everybody is out of them, and not expected to become available for 3.5 weeks at the earliest.  Has anybody had any experience with the Rifle Basix triggers?  How are they to install?  Or would I be better to just suffer and wait for the Timney's to become available?  Thanks guys.
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Posted 04/08/200907:28 PM

Are you having a problem with your Vanguard trigger?  If so what is the problem that you are having?
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Posted 04/08/200909:30 PM

It had creep and had to much of a pull.  So I lightened it up and it has now an incredible amount of creep.  I adjusted the sear and got the creep out and got the trigger really good,  but then my safety wouldn't work so then I had to settle for a lot of creep.  I mean the creep is so bad that I have to take the slack out of the trigger before I can start to squeeze for the shot.  Doesn't make for too good of groups.  The real problem is that my other rifle is a 7 year old Remington 700 and that trigger is amazing no creep pulls 3 pounds flat with just the factory trigger.  So that Remington trigger has simply spoiled me. haha so I figure I will just have to break down and buy a replacement trigger.  Now I wish I would have waited a couple months to buy my rifle so I could have tried the new Vanguard trigger.  Any advice is welcome?
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Posted 04/09/200912:08 PM

The new Vanguards....all of mine are late 08's and this year....the truggers are just fine right out of the box.

PS ...only highly qualified personnel should attempt to modify any weapon....PERIOD...
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Posted 04/09/200907:07 PM

You should call Weatherby.  I know that they will be able to remove the excess creep and lower the trigger pull to 3lbs.  800-334-4423
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Posted 04/09/200909:22 PM

My trigger was alright out of the box, my Vanguard Sporter was bought in 08.....i had the gunsmith lighten it up to bout 3.5 lbs, possibly 2.....helps for more accurate shooting on the long range shooting i like to do. Anyway, I remember that when i got it back the bolt on it pulled up kind of hard, not sure if that was affected due to trigger being played with....? Safety works fine, but I have not fired the rifle yet, once i go set my new scope in soon ill be able to test it out. I know that on one of my older .270 Savage's, i got the trigger done at 3 lbs....worked great, yet sometimes when i would slam the bolt shut, the firing pin let off, and it was due to trigger spring being to lose.
    "POSTED" No Hunting Without The Guaranteed Accuracy Of A Vanguard
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Posted 04/12/200911:16 PM

Brownells had some last week i bought one,search Howa not Weatherby on there sight.You'll be really happy with the Timney.
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Posted 04/19/200909:58 PM

I bought a 257 Vangaurd sporter Last winter. The trigger WAS real bad, Like crushing rock salt, with a 6.5 lb pull, travel was about .375".

    Just finished doing a trigger job on it. There was a burr on the trigger half, and the adjustment screw had worked out. Now fine polish, very little travel, and 3 lbs on the nose!
  But I still can't make it like 100Gr. bullets?
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Posted 04/24/200903:40 AM

once you put a timmony trigger in a wetherby rifle you will be happy there triggers are shit good gun but
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Posted 04/25/200909:58 PM

Since I have this problem myself, I have been doing searches about it and it sure seems to be a common problem.  Now don't get me wrong....I am a complete Weatherby nut and would not trade them for any other rifle.  But the Vanguard triggers???  I would be very happy to pay more money for this very reasonably priced rifle to just insure I got a good trigger right out of the box. 
Joined: 04/18/09
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