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nightforce scope for accumark (7 posts)

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Posted 03/30/201208:17 PM

looking at putting a nightforce 8-32 56 mm scope on my .338-.378 accumark. anyone know what rings and bases would work well? have had trouble getting the right stuff for the mark v actions in the past.
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Posted 03/30/201208:32 PM

I went with Warne Maxima Fixed steel 2 piece bases and Warne Tactical 30MM rings for my Mark 4 Leupold and have been happy with setup and it did not cost Night Force nor Leupold prices Grin
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Posted 03/31/201212:10 AM

Warne Maxima bases have never failed me..... except once I had one base screw that was about a thread too long as it locked up the bolt in the action. A quick zip on the bench grinder and it was fine. That would not stop me from buying another set.

I have a gloss set of bases for an Accumark and about every height of Warne Maxima matte rings you could need should you have a hard time finding any.
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Posted 03/31/201209:59 PM

Two ideas:
If I really want the best, I go with Near Manufacturing equipment out of Alberta, Canada. They have a one-piece alphamount that is unbelievable in terms of clean lines and being rock solid. Their website is at My second choice is Leupold in the dual dovetail mount that is not reversible. They have the 30mm rings and those have been very functional and rock solid for me as well. You will find the Near Mfg equipment is a little spendy, but you will never regret it as your rifle will instantly be a shooter right after installation. Loctite the bases and torque the bases and rings to specs and you will love the caliber. I really like the Near stuff for the heavy recoiling rifles like the 338-378 because you don't spend money on that pricey ammo with a base/ring combination that is not solid. Two boxes of ammo wasted for a nonhandloader and you waste the money you would have spent to have the best mounts available. Just last week I set up a 340 Weatherby with the Near alphamount and by the end of the first range session I had a 300yd group under 1". That is the magic of getting the best equipment first. "Buy once, cry once" is the motto of WNMs. I am sure other combos work fine, but you spent a lot of thought, effort and money to get a great rifle, finish it off with the best.  Sorry for the rambling; best of luck owning a rifle in the best chambering available.  Respectfully submitted.  Curt.
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Posted 04/01/201210:27 AM

Had that exact scope on a 30/378 Accumark.  Off the bench it was fine but in the field for hunting the Nighforce proved to be very top heavy.  At over 2+ pounds that is a lot of top end weight to be easily managed in hunting situations.  I opted for a 8.5x25 Leupold and have been very happy with it.Baby, get my rifle!!
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Posted 04/01/201209:07 PM

That is a nice looking rifle Terry. I agree with the last comment, that many rifles are set up with scopes that are so difficult to manage because they have huge objective lenses and large adjustable turrets poking out everywhere.  I spend 99.9% of my time with a rifle packing it around, and if it is cumbersome or unbalanced to carry it ends up staying in the safe, no matter what I can do with it at the bench. I have evolved to spending more money on my spotting scopes and binos and less on the scope(Vortex) and I never have felt like I needed more capability when it comes time to fill a tag. I sure like to handle those fancy-scoped rifles(Nightforce and SandB, etc.) but I just don't like to hunt with them much.  Curt
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Posted 04/02/201201:36 AM

thnx for all the info. this gun is going to be used strictly for bench and target shooting for distance so my choice of scope is spot on. for hunting in the lower 48 all i need is my .300wby with leupold vxl. its the ultra lightweight so it gives me plenty of power in a fairly light package. i want to fix up the .338 for long range and see if it compares to the lapua as the books all give the wby a little bit of a ballistic edge. the nightforce has the reputation and after looking through one i am sold. i just don't know what rings and bases to get as i have 3 mark v's and they all are different. have to have 30mm rings but don't know if i need med, high or as one advertises, extra high. i live so far out in the country that i pretty much have to order everything online and would like to get it right the first time.
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