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New Vanguard S2 Review (32 posts)

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Posted 08/03/201112:56 PM

Hello,  I am new to Weatherby Nation.  I have been lurking for a while trying to see what kind of reviews the Vanguards were getting.  After diliberating over the new S2 and the TC Venture, I went with the S2 in a .300 win mag. and boy am I glad I did.  I received my rifle yesterday, after having to special order it because no one has seen or heard of the S2 anywhere.  This rifle, for the price, is outstanding.  The bolt is nice and tight even with only two lugs, the two stage trigger is a dream, and the three position safety is a great design and very useful.  All this and it shoots sub moa!  So, now I am a die hard Weatherby fan but still will end up getting a TC Venture for my Son.  Not sure what caliber yet.  Anyway, thanks for the wealth of information on this forum.

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Posted 08/03/201101:19 PM

Congrats on your purchase and thanks for the review.Hopefully you will be posting some picts of it and some kills later this year.Roger
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Posted 08/03/201109:23 PM

Thanks Roger.
Here are a few photos.

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Posted 08/03/201109:27 PM

Looks great Frog.Thanks for the pictures.Roger
Faster horses,younger women,older whiskey,and more money.
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Posted 08/04/201106:25 AM

I havent had a chance to see a S2 in person yet, the stock looks more gray in your pics than on the website. Looks pretty good, let us know how it shoots. Have you decided on your scope yet ?Troy
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Posted 08/04/201106:59 AM

The stock is really gray.  It is lighter than on the website.  When I picked it up I wasn't sure it was a Series 2 since it doesn't say it anywhere on the box or the gun.  The only way to tell, other than the stock, was by the serial number and the owners manual. As far as scopes go, I'm leaning toward a Nikon Prostaff 4-12 x 40 BDC but haven't made up my mind yet.  Any suggestions?
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Posted 08/04/201109:57 AM

My first choice of scope would be the Vortex Viper. You have the capacity to go long distance with a 300 Win, take advantage of a 30mm tube. Vortex has a no hassel lifetime warranty unsurpassed by anybody in the industry. If you are trying to save pennies get the 44 mm objective, which will give you a little less light than the 50mm objective.

Order from Weatherby the rings and base combination, one piece unit in medium height, 30mm.I BET On Berger Busters
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Posted 08/04/201102:36 PM

Vortex Diamond back or better,  I have the  Vortex Viper and  Nikon Prostaff.  I think  the Vortex diamond back  is a nicer scope.  .    the Viper is a lot beter  II money is an issue go with the Diamond back series in 1 "  .    Redfield Revolution is also a nice scope that won't break the bank.   You are looking at around 200 bucks except for the Viper
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Posted 08/04/201103:52 PM

Frogtheman, thanks for the pics of your new S2, I am looking for a new WBY the S2 has me very interested , I will take a better look at them now.. O C hunter
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O C hunter

Posted 08/04/201105:24 PM

Thanks for the info.  I will definately check out the Vortex scopes.  I'm hope the pics help.  If you need any more let me know.  I couldn't wait to shoot it so I took it out today without a scope to see how much recoil there was.  I gotta say it is not bad at all.  I was expecting a major kick, like my buddy's Remington 700 but the recoil pad is exceptional.  I already had plans to look into an aftermarket but thankfully there is no need now.  I love how flat shooting the rifle is.  I was able to hit everything out to 50 yrds just by sighting down the barrel.  Now I'm really wanting a scope and to hit some long distance targets.
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Posted 08/04/201107:12 PM

Oh cool, I like the pistol grip on it, didn't notice it before.Troy
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Posted 08/05/201105:21 PM

I really like the grip.  They have raised the grip on the right hand side in the middle to fit your palm perfectly.  It lets me put my hand in the exact position every time.
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Posted 08/05/201106:38 PM

Glad everyone likes the Series2. I can't wait to hunt with it.

E.w.Nothing Shoots flatter, hits harder, or is more accurate!
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Posted 08/06/201111:23 PM

Not knowing your price range, if you have a chance I would suggest you look at a Cabelas Alaskan Guide 30mm model in 4-16X52 EXT reticle, at $319.00.  I have scopes from most of the manufacturers form Simmons Aetecs and Nikon Buckmasters to Leupolds and Nightforce, but I ran across these when I needed a good scope without breaking the bank, I now own 3 of them.  I will not say the glass is in the same category as the Leupolds, but for the price the optics are exceptional and with the EXT reticle it is just like the BDC.  I also have the inch drop for each mark in the scope and you can build your own drop data.Chris -

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Posted 08/07/201107:17 AM

Check out the line of Redfield scopes. They are now made by Leupold. You can get a darn good 3-9x40mm for $200 made by Leupold with a Redfield badge on it. I've looked through three of them at the local shop and they are nice.

As far as glass goes, I'll say this. Buy the best glass you can afford. Your $$ rifle is only as good as your eyes/scope can see- assuming you can hit what you see  Grin Look through it first. If you have not looked through it, don't buy it. Reticles make a huge difference in scopes. I've looked through a few scopes where the reticle covers nearly an entire MOA. What good is that reticle?? 

Personally I have two Leupolds (Mark 4 LRT, and a VX-3) and one Nikon Buckmaster. I like them all, but the Leupolds are much better quality than the Nikon. For the extra $100 I should have bought another Leupold.

Your scope is the connection between you and your rifle. Buy right, or buy twice.

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