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Posted 02/19/201203:02 PM

After many trips to my local gun store and handling many rifles, the Vaguard  DBM in walnut/blued won me over. I got the 270 WIN since I mostly hunt whitetail deer in the Manitoba Interlake region. Looking forward to punching paper with it this summer but first things first, this classy rig needs a nice scope.

Based on groupings using factory ammo, I may do a pillar bedding job on it this summer.
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Posted 02/19/201205:13 PM

Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the nation. A good scope is a must, any ideas what you'll put on it ? Let us know how it shoots.Troy
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Posted 02/19/201209:08 PM

Great choice on the rifle and the caliber. You'll be able to get 270 ammo just about everywhere, except maybe at Burger King or Wendy's. The Vanguards are very accurate, so don't be surprised when you see your Vanguard outshoots those costing a lot more. And welcome to the Nation.

Keep us posted.Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

Every man needs to know his limits.

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Posted 02/20/201207:54 AM

Thanks guys. I might look at the Elite series from Bushnell.  Great scope for the money.
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Posted 02/20/201211:16 AM

Welcome aboard, Jon.  Since you're in Canada, I'm not sure what the regs are for shipping (importing/exporting) from the US, but there are great deals to be had on several scopes right now.  First, check and see if you can legally buy from  Doug has some great deals on Minox and Viper scopes right now.  the ZA3 Minox in 3-9x40 would be just about perfect on that 270Win.  I'm also a great fan of the Elites from Bushnell, owning several of the former 3200 series.  They are great scopes, and the new ones are even better than the ones I have.  I don't think you can go wrong with either those, or the Minox, or a Viper.  I don't own a Vortex Viper, but I know some folks I trust who are very pleased with theirs, and I can wholeheartedly pass along the recommendation.

Once you get the scope piece figured out, and get it all set up, post some pics!  Nothing beats a good looking 'bee ready for action!I believe this is a practical world, and in it I can count only on what I can earn.  Therefore I believe in work, hard work. - The Auburn Creed
The older I get, the less stock I place in what men say, and the more I place in what men do.
Andrew Carnegie
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Posted 02/25/201203:18 PM

Thanks for the info on scopes but it seems as of late that US pricing is generally close enough to my local stores. The seller needs an export lisence which isn't supposed to be big deal (opticsplanet states on their site they will follow the rules etc).  I hadn't considered the Minox ZA3 until now. Retail is $399 locally and I can only hope for a Spring sale. 

Any feedback on Wby scope mounts?
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Posted 02/25/201204:45 PM

Your Vanguard can use any mounts made for a Rem 700 LA. As far as rings, I use Burris Signature Zee-rings and really like them. The DNZ one piece is another excellent mount and ring setup. Congrats on a great rifle in an even better chambering. I'm not biased, honest. PG
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