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Mark XXII - Japanese vs. German (5 posts)

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Posted 12/23/201009:55 AM

I am looking to purchase a Mark XXII.  I have noticed that the Japanese tube rifles command a used price in excellent condition very close to a new German clip 22.  Any insights are appreciated.  Are the tube rifles that good?Mallard Man
Joined: 09/07/07
Posts: 5
Greg Schmalz

Posted 12/31/201010:05 AM

Your kind of comparing two different rifles.The German made Mark XXII's are bolt actions and the Japanese Mark XXII's are semi auto.Are these what you are asking about?
Joined: 11/17/07
Posts: 725

Posted 12/31/201010:43 AM

Yes I know the Japanese are semi-auto and the new Weatherby Mark XXII are bolts made by Anshulz in Germany.  My question relates to quality and/or rarity, not about semi-autovs bolt.  An excellent condition Japanese semi-auto tube rife is $700-$900 on GunsAmerica or Guns International which basically the same price as a new German Mark XXII.  Is the elevated price for the Japanese rifle due to rarity or quality or both?  This would help my decision on which to purchase. I have heard the Japanese tend to be tack drivers (same for Anshutz, don't know about the Anshutz Weatherby).Mallard Man
Joined: 09/07/07
Posts: 5
Greg Schmalz

Posted 01/02/201110:02 AM

Found a 98%+ Japanese tube rifle and bought.  Guess my decision has been made.Mallard Man
Joined: 09/07/07
Posts: 5
Greg Schmalz

Posted 01/02/201111:56 AM

It is my opinion that the quality didn't improve nor did it suffer from moving to Japan.  The German made guns are just more rare but are of no greater quality.
Joined: 09/05/10
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Captain Finlander

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