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is the sub moa vangard worth the money (11 posts)

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Posted 09/03/201008:56 AM

I am thinking of buying a Vangard sub MOA, but am wondering if it's worth the extra $.  What do you get that's extra over the normal Vangard. Thanks
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Posted 09/03/201010:04 AM

The sub moa has a pillar bedded fiberguard composite stock and is guaranteed to shoot sub moa.The other has a plain black composite stock and is guaranteed to shoot at least 1.5 moa, and in many cases shoots sub moa out of the box also.If you reload should have no problems getting sub moa anyway.Good luck I am sure you will like either.Roger
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Posted 09/03/201012:49 PM

I have a Vanguard SubMOA in 270 WSM.  It's my go-to-rifle for everything.  The accuracy is unbelieveable.  What caliber were you thinking about?There are as many answers to that one as there are reasons men hunt, fight, skydive, gamble or take up with redheaded ladies.

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Posted 09/03/201012:59 PM

My Vanguard Sporter in 257wby shoots dime size groups @ 100yds when I do my part. No after market up grades, I adjusted the stock trigger and put a good scope on it.
For me it usually comes down to looks, because I know all Wby's will shoot good.exhale and squeeze
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Posted 09/03/201001:26 PM

imho it is not worth the extra cash. I have never herd of a vanguard that dosent shoot great. Good Hunting And Shooting To all
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Posted 09/03/201010:14 PM

It was worth it to me.  I wanted a turnkey rifle that would shoot submoa without having to be accurized.  Both my SUBMOAs (338 WM/30-06) performed as expected.  I didn't need to glass bed them or adjust their triggers or get the actions blueprinted.  I'm happy about that...       
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Posted 09/05/201012:58 PM

Bill:I don't think you will be disappointed in the Vanguard in any configuration.Accuracy will be great with all.I think it is a matter of looks preference among the different models of them.Good luck and let us know what you get and  how it shoots.Roger
Faster horses,younger women,older whiskey,and more money.
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Posted 09/07/201006:49 AM

I think I can best answer this by an example.

I bought a .204 Sub MOA Varmint. I put a scope on on it, took a box of shells and zeroed it and was firing 100m with great accuracy and grouping. Liking that so much I decided to try and get my Mark V 7mm Wby Mag to be my long range go to Sub MOA and started zeroing it for that (it had been zeroed for 100m). Couple of boxes later I am still working on it. The Mark V accuracy is fine but I can't get the same grouping. I think I'll have to have it rebedded.

Another thing about the Sub MOA Varmint is it has a vented stock. The heat build up from repeated firings does not transfer fron the barrel to the stock. No big deal if you only fire a few rounds at a time. However, I find that I have so much fun with the the .204 that I go to the range more often just to shoot it! One caution witht the Varmint though - it's heavy! With the scope and loaded it feels heavier the my Mark V's.

Prior to buying my Sub MOA I was skeptical about these type rifles. However, this .204 made me a believer.
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Posted 09/16/201003:40 PM

I kind of went about it differently. First thing is I like the Sporter style rifles so I took a .270Win sporter that came with a test target that was typical of MOA + a little and had it cut down from 24" to 22" with a target crown, free floated the barrel, had the trigger improved and made sure there were no bedding issues. Worked on load development and now have a half MOA rifle that likes 140 grain pills. It's a great rifle, handles exceptionally well, a real deer slayer. Grin
The thing to keep in mind when customizing is that you've effectively voided any expressed accuracy guarantee. If they sold a sub-MOA Sporter I would have bought it.
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Posted 09/24/201007:12 PM

I'm glad I didn't spend the money. My 270 WIN sporter shoots sub MOA with no alterations. The target supplied showed a 3/4 inch group. I tried several brands of ammo and when I got to the 130 grain Hornady spire points I put all three shots into one ragged hole. Outside to outside was about a half inch. I just went out with handloads today and shot a 3/4 inch group with the same bullets and RL22.
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Posted 10/03/201003:55 PM

Absolutely worth 499.00 + tax at Sportsman's Warehouse, i saw 4 or 5 Vanguard Synthetic SMOA's all no magnums, 223,243,300 and all were stainless. they even had 2 Vanguard Sporters in 223 and 270WSM for same price 499.00 which if ya ask me is great price! Looking at ordering a 300 Weatherby SMOA and putting a accubrake on it since it will take the recoil down to a 30-06 and that would be really sweet! Found the rifle for 750.00 no tax no shipping! Only charge would be for accubrake and shipping. Anyone know what Weatherby charges for factory blued accubrake install?
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