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How accurate is YOUR Weatherby? (67 posts)

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Posted 01/04/200807:09 AM

I shoot a Mark V .340 mag, and enjoy shooting long range with it. On a good day a 1000 yard group will be in the 12" or so size. That is not bragging size for those with heavy and expensive target rifles, but it is VERY GOOD for an off the shelf rifle.

Accuracy goes to pot quickly with a dirty barrel, so I recommend frequent cleaning. Also, Weatherby rifle barrels seem (to me) to be rather sensitive to heat. I am no expert, but I believe the barrels are simply not stiff enough to retain their accuracy when they get hot. On the other hand, I have never seen a Weatherby rifle that would not shoot as well as advertised with a clean cool barrel.We cannot improve our government by electing people that hate our government...
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Oregon Jim

Posted 01/04/200808:49 AM


My .257mag exhibits the same characteristics with an overly fouled barrel. I've written it off as the bore being slightly on the rough side but mostly due to the pressures and velocity of this particular round.  Time will's still new.

I can only get a 3rd group before cooling off.  I guess that's known as a "weatherby group" Grin
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Posted 01/04/200812:12 PM

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Posted 01/05/200806:42 AM

I've always been a fan of the bigger guns and have Weatherby's in .300, .340, and .460 with a .338 Win. Mag. and a .375 H&H thrown in for good measure.  My friends "suggested" that I try a .257.  I recently bought one in the Deluxe model and put a Zeiss 4.5-14x44 on it with Warne Magnum mounts.  Well I took it to the range and made sure i was close at 100 yards.  I then moved to 200 yards and was amazed at what the little girl had done!  I adjusted the scope after each of the first 3 shots and then after I saw where shots 4 and 5 landed, I left it alone!
By the way, I was shooting Weatherby factory ammo loaded with 110 grain Accubonds.

Is it accurate!  You bet it is!  In fact I've never owned a Weatherby that wasn't a real shooter.Jerry

All Weatherby, All the Time
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Posted 01/05/200802:34 PM

I will have to agree with JB.  I believe that Weatherby Mark V's are the most accurate production rifle made bar none and better than some customs I have seen.   From my 257Wby Synthetic, my 300Wby Custom Mark V with shilen barrel to a 416Wby deluxe they are all shooters. 

257Wby Synthetic  100yds

300Wby Mark V Custom at100yds and 200yds

416Wby Deluxe 100yds

Accuracy + Velocity x Mass = DRT
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Posted 01/05/200803:58 PM

pretty good shootin' you guys Cool
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Posted 01/05/200811:16 PM

I big part of any rilfe's accuracy is how you break it in and maintain the former boss and I bought matching 300 WBY ultralights and Leupold scopes a few years back during the $200 rebates (and we got them at cost from the dealer which helped tremendously)...we are both avid shooters and took great pains during the break ins..his wouldn't group for squat, and mine shot consistent 3/4" groups with the factory ammo....he took it to a friend (David Van Horn...for those who know him) and he found a bit of pitting in the last 2-3"s of the barrel....he cut and re-crowned it and it now shoots as well as accurate are these rifles?  They are consistently more accurate than the shooters!"A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."   An exerpt from the Declaration of Independence.
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Posted 01/06/200811:24 PM

 I have a weatherby vanguard in .300 wby mag, and as many other people have said it has loads that it likes better than others. It loves the wby factory nosler partitions in 180 gr, but I shoot the barnes-x they are not quite as accurate as the noslers but  I swear by the bullets. I have seen partitions come apart (at least the front half), but the barnes take anything I throw at them and still have 90+% weight retention. 100 yard 5 shot grps average 1.25" to 1.5" which is fine by me as I rarely shoot over 200 yards at game. When shooting the noslers I could regularly get sub moa groups.

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Posted 01/06/200811:34 PM

I hear ya Natureboy300...on the funny side, I've never recovered a single bullet from an animal!!!!  And that is the nature and what I love about the Weatherby....big bullets ultra fast and leave them bleeding out of both sides of the heart/lungs area.  So I have no idea what the weight retention is for the 180 nosler partitions are. Grin ; Cheesy Grin Cheesy  Wink"A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."   An exerpt from the Declaration of Independence.
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Posted 01/07/200810:07 AM

On the topic of accuracy, what is the factory spec for the torque on the action screws for a 2006 Vanguard Synthetic in 300wby?

I have a target showing a three shot group at 100yds with all three holes touching that I haven't been able to repeat. I've had the action out of the stock to adjust the trigger, but I wonder if I didn't get the screws torqued correctly when I put it back together.

I still get within 1.5" groups, but I think that the gun can do better....The High Tech Redneck
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Posted 01/07/200806:26 PM

The screws more than likely are not the problem in repeating the very tight three shot group.  Sometimes if a person does not weigh his bullets and put them in groups according to the differences in weight, he gets lucky and three bullets that are loaded and fired together just happen to be the same weight.  It could be that the OAL is not the same, the case is not trimed the same, the charge is not quit the same, in other words it could be a lot of things.  Just because your rifle shoots a tight group because the temp, humidity, bullet weight, case preparation, powder charge, not to mention the exact position the shooter took that certain day with the rifle, his trigger squeeze, heart rate and lighting around the target and many other variables does not mean that all will be the same again.  Five shot groups and better yet, ten shot groups really tell how a rifle shoots and this gives you a better idea of what it will do.  Now can your Vanguard do that again?  YES?  but you might have to fire another 100 maybe 200 to get it but I bet in those 100 to 200 rounds you will see some more than exceptable groups for hunting.  Don't drive yourself crazy, just develope a load or use a factory load that consistently gives you pretty much the same accuracy.  Here are two groups in the targets below that I have not been able to duplicate.  One from a 7mmSTW was a .008" and the other was a 300Wby .0095" both hunting rifles.  But the largest either have given with the same loads used to get the real tight one hole group have never shot over .334" 

7mmSTW Savage 116FSS 26"  #2 contour

300Wby Custom German Mark V Shilen  26" #1 contour (stain on target from wet back board early in the morning)

Accuracy + Velocity x Mass = DRT
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Posted 01/08/200804:19 PM

As I have read several reviews most are typical of Weatherby, the ones I see that are not finding tight groups with their rifles is a rare event. Like others that have put in their ideas, I have some of the same:
Tighten all screws, scope mounts, action, etc.
Check to see the front sling screw isn't hit the barrel.
CLEAN the barrel, I do want to make a comment on bore cleaning that a proper bore cleaning will take 2 to 3 hours, scrub with brush use patch until clean, then scrub, let bore soak a few minutes then run more patchs patches until clean then repeat the procedure, until after scrubing the patch is just darken by the solvent not by dirt. Yes it is time consuming but hey if you are going to perform a task do it correctly the first time.
Have one or two other people that are good shooters shoot your rifle and see what they get. In 37 years of hunting I have had occasions of flitching I think at one time or another everyone has and it takes traing to get rid of the problem. So please don't take offense we all are human, it happens to the best of us.
It that doesn't work try another scope, if that doesn't help then I would say take it to a Weatherby dealer/gunsmith or send it back to the factory.

Just my two cents.


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Posted 01/10/200810:47 AM

There are newer, faster, and better ways to clean a barrel.  Take a nasty barrel like one I recently cleaned up on a stainless 300Mag a friend bought, which had green streaks of corroded copper for as far up and down the bore as I could see.  I ran a patch with Hoppe's #9 through, and then patched it out a few times (3-4 passes) just to get out the loose crud.  Then I filled the barrel with Break Free foaming bore cleaner (follow the instructions, and it helps if you put a ziplock sandwich bag over the bore end and spray from the chamber - keeps your bench a lot cleaner!) and let it sit for 15-20min.  I run a patch through to get out the excess foam, and then a nylon brush for 5-10 strokes.  Then patch it out until nothing comes out.  Once you do this, get a really thin oil (I like Birchwood-Casey Barricade) and lube the barrel thoroughly (like 5-10 passes, re-wetting the patch every pass), as the foam takes all the lubricants and protectants out of the pores of the steel, leaving it basically "in the white."  Once you lube it, let it sit for about 10-15min, and then I run a patch through to remove the excess lube.  Total time is under 1hr, start to finish, and there's plenty of time for a cup of coffee in there, while you wait.  If you're cleaning more than one rifle, stagger the times you foam them, and you'll lose your coffee break, but you can get three or four rifles cleaned in less than 1.5hrs.I believe this is a practical world, and in it I can count only on what I can earn.  Therefore I believe in work, hard work. - The Auburn Creed
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Andrew Carnegie
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Posted 01/11/200811:00 AM

During my stint in the Marines we used various solvents, oils, and greases to care for our M-14's, but we used one method of barrel cleaning that nobody ever mentions, good old soap and water. Yep, many a M-14 was cleaned and brushed out with a bronze brush and dish soap before being scrubbed with solvents and oils. There are many types of dirt, laquer, and impurities that are resistant to the gun cleaning chemicals we often use, so always remember that water is your friend. It is the "universal solvent".   We cannot improve our government by electing people that hate our government...
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Oregon Jim

Posted 01/11/200804:40 PM

best group i ever made was with a my supervarmintmaster 22-250, 1/4" 3 shot group with hornady 55 grain ammo.
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