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Deep cleaning a Mark XXII semi-auto (4 posts)

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Posted 12/07/201003:33 PM

Hi everyone,

I just received a new-to-me early-Italian made Weatherby Mark XXII semi-auto, box magazine fed with serial 48xx.  I was tickled pink to find this rifle because, as a teenager in the 80's, I recall admiring the fine looks of a used Mark XXII at my local gunstore.  I didn't imagine I would own one until last month when I found one in VG condition for the exceptional price of $295.

When the rifle arrived, it was pretty dirty with grey soot and grit -- I can't imagine the previous owner ever cleaned it.  Cycling the bolt was very rough, so I decided a good cleaning was in order to prevent any further wear.

I've dismantled the rifle down to the bare bolt and trigger group, but I have a couple of questions before I go further:

1) What is the proper procedure for removing the extractor from the bolt?  I can't see any pins that are holding it in place.

2) Can the trigger assembly be disassembled?  It looks like the pins are staked on both sides, so my guess is "no".  If this is the case, I plan to spray the trigger group down with gun scrubber, dry it out, and then relube sparingly.  Are there any plastic pieces in the trigger group that might be damaged by the cleaner?

I've found the manual on Steves Pages, but it doesn't describe how to break down the rifle past the takedown pin, so any advice is much appreciated!  I can't wait to get the rifle back together and try it out at the range!

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Posted 12/07/201006:43 PM

Have no idea on cleaning but i have not been charged a whole lotto money by a gunsmith for a simple cleaning of a used firearm. They just can't  charge that much and i would find one that was familiar with this rifle and ask a few questions? I think you are headed inn the rite direction with gun scrubber but you would need to make sure you got grease and oil in the proper areas once it was scrubbed! Here is a link below to the Factory manual which is probably as much help as the one you found but as mentioned most smith's do not charge much for cleaning a rifle!
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Posted 12/07/201008:17 PM

Stirling:Conratulations on your find.I do not have a XXII, but use the method you are talking about with the gun scrubber on my 10-22 and bolt Savage.Several good sprayings gets a lot of stuff out.I will also blow all out with some compressed air.Just my way of doing it.Not sure if it is correct or not, but it has always worked for me.Good luck.Roger
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Posted 12/07/201009:25 PM

if it's really a gritty mess some really hot water and dawn dish soap with a tooth brush will gert it clean. The action blaster stuff will probabbly work ok too. 
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