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Another S2 Review... (9 posts)

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Posted 02/22/201207:26 PM

Here's a link to a review of the S2 by Dave Petzal of Field and Stream:
Joined: 08/17/08
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Posted 02/23/201205:07 AM

Good review!
Joined: 02/12/12
Posts: 24

Posted 02/23/201206:08 AM

Good review, I love my s2!Scott
Joined: 11/18/11
Posts: 390

Posted 02/23/201207:41 AM

Yes... another good review, cant wait to get one.Troy
Joined: 01/23/10
Posts: 1676

Posted 02/23/201207:48 AM

I've convinced my brother to trade his 700 SPS in and get an S2. I'm saving my pennies as well.Isaac
Joined: 08/17/08
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Posted 02/23/201209:42 AM

In the video review of the S2 (taken at the SHOT Show), Petzal said about the 2-stage trigger  "you could screw with this trigger for hours and not make it any better", but I also know there are lots of shooters who prefer something like a Timney trigger. I have two of them as replacements for overly long and hard pulling triggers.

I think Weatherby is going to sell a lot of S2s.Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

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Posted 02/23/201205:30 PM

I just got my new 240 S2. I have to agree with Petzal. We'll see how it shoots.
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Posted 02/23/201205:53 PM

they need to offer that S2 Stainless in 240wby, and WSM's!

Joined: 06/22/10
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Posted 02/23/201207:53 PM

100 % agreement with Husky, .240 in stainless, also the sporter.Troy
Joined: 01/23/10
Posts: 1676

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