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Accumark Accuracy (30 posts)

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Posted 12/13/201011:26 PM

After much research on the web I am a little concerned if the Weatherby Accumark is really a good choice.  Many forums bash the Accumark as overrated and not very accurate from previous and present Accumark owners??.  Would like to hear from you guys and your views of this rifle..  I am looking to buy a rifle capable of long range ( 1in or less at 100 yds) in  a 7Mag, 300Win or maybe 270WBY.  Friends shoot the Sendero and claim 1in or less out of their 300win rifles.  I had a chance to look at both the Sendero and Accumark this past weekend and really like the look, balance and feel of the Accumark  over the Sendero.  Anyone have personal experience with this rifle?  Would like to hear from those that actually own the Accumark. 
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Posted 12/14/201009:48 AM

I have an Accumark on order so I'm interested in bdog0000's question.
I hadn't heard any negatives about this rifle.

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Posted 12/14/201009:57 AM

I have one in 7MM Rem Mag. I have had a Rem 700 and a Win Model 70 in  7mag also. The Weatherby is by far my favorite of the three. Mine will shoot three different bullets into under an inch if I do my job.  I really have not found anything about it that I don't like. It is a little heavy but that just makes it easier to shoot.  All of the 7 Mags I have had shot prettyu good. The Weatherby seems to be a little more consistant with different bullet weights than the other two were.  Best part about it was that I had to do no work on it to get it to shoot. Right out of the box it was good to go.

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Posted 12/14/201010:15 AM

Thanks Chip for your input.  What ammo are you shooting and how long have you had the Accumark 7Mag?
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Posted 12/14/201011:11 AM

Strictly handloads here. If I were buying ammo I'd probably opt for Hornady or Federal.  Federal loads up Nosler, Sierra and Barnes. I'm sure there are some folks in here who can point you to a factory load.  154 gr SST are pretty lively on the expansion front as are150 gr Ballistic tips.  They do put a whoopin on deer at long range.


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Posted 12/14/201011:12 AM

My 300Wby. Accumark shoots factory Weatherby 180 gr. spire points consistant
1/2 inch moa. It is the best rifle I have ever shot or owned. To me with the Accumark it is not just about the accuracy because it has that shooting 1/2 moa at 100 yards it is the way the rifle feels shooting from any position and the Mark V action. In my opinion it is as close as you can get to custom from a out of box factory rifle. I personally would not get any other caliber but a  Weatherby caliber to shoot out of the Accumark. It is hard to beat Weatherby Magnum Ballistics especially at longer ranges.
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Posted 12/14/201001:05 PM

Dido with what Chip said, same with my 7mm rem. Ive owned heavy barrel rifles from other manufacter's, I would much rather carry around an accumark, and it has a way better feel to it.Troy
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Posted 12/14/201005:16 PM

I have two accumarks one in 340 wby and one in 30-378 wby. I can't say enough about the way they feel and shoot. I get 1 inch at 100 yards with 200 grain bst out of my 340 and I get .25 to just under .75 at 100 yards with 180 grain accubonds with the 30-378. I actually like shooting the 30-378 more.
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Posted 12/14/201005:16 PM

I have a Accumark it shoots MOA  It really shines off hand, like you say it is the balance fit and feel,

PS.. I have my eye on another one for X- mas in 7mm mag. Grin

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Posted 12/14/201008:51 PM

i actually own three accumarks, 30-378 wby mag, 300 wby mag, 257 wby mag... i also own a 7mm wby mag in the mark V eurosporter... i dont think you can go wrong with "ANY" weatherby... They all seem to shot well... before i got into weatherby's i was into brownings. because of this i used to own a 300 win mag but i gave it to my nephew... my nephew also has a 7 mm rem mag and so does my father. All Browings! My best friend (outside of my nephew and father and wife and children, oh yea, and my dog!)  has all remington model 700 mil specs..  (they come from the custom shop!) he has a 300 win mag and a 308!    we have a home made shooting range that allows one to shoot as far as they can see. form 0 yards out to infinity! what i have found is that the weatherby's do well at 100 yards sure enough... but if you really wanna see what weatherby's are made of??  start shooting them at 200, 300, 400, 500 yrds, etc... thats where i tend to see the big difference. i have a NEF handi rifle that does very well at 100 yards, as most rifles will. but streatch out the ranges! thats what weatherby's are made for...  my friends will argue with me all day about how their rifles are just as well built, and i will say, their rifles are great, well built, very accurate! But when we start moving our targets out to the ranges i mentioned, they start putting their rifles back in the cases and start making excuses! i only said all of that to say this, any weatherby will shot well within your expectations, most gun manufactures are doing a fine job these days of making great rifles, so i dare not try to say that remingtons and brownings and rugers, etc are not great rifles, they are great also. But when you talk about a weatherby.... just read the slogan because its true... nothing shoots flatter or hits harder, or is more accurate! There's an old gentalmen in our deer camp that gets in arguments with our other members almost every weekend, he has been shooting a weatherby vanguard chambered in 270 win now for over 30 years i would guess,, and every time someone starts an argument with him it usually last for about 45 minutes, before he finishes he always has the final say.. guess what his last words are at all times? "Speed Kills"!

Hope this helps    Wink

John Ch 3-VS 16, 17 and 18... God Bless.
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Posted 12/14/201009:56 PM

I appreciate your replies.  Had almost ditched the idea of a Weatherby as my next rifle after hearing so many negative comments on line as well as friends and local gun shops.  When you pick up a rifle that feels really good it is hard to ignore even if everyone is telling you to buy something else but is also very difficult to spend a large amount of money on a rifle that may not shot well.  From your comments that is not the case with the Accumark.  I have not owned a Mark V but did have a really nice 270 Vanguard Deluxe 23 years ago and still regreat selling it.  If there are others that own  an Accumark  in 7mm Rem Mag would like to hear your comments on shooting factory ammo and also your views on the Mark V trigger.  Also have heard complaints regarding the stock trigger. 
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Posted 12/14/201010:18 PM

Bdogg:I did not reply as I did not have an Accumark.There are a lot of Weatherby bashers out there,that do not have one.I really like my trigger on the Vanguard as well as a Mark V.I do not think you will be disappointed.What forums are you visiting?Roger
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Posted 12/14/201010:54 PM

Terminator:  I have read just about everything I could find including comparisons between the Sendero and the Accumark.  You really get a mixed bag depending which forum you are reading.  That is the big reason I posted on Weatherby Nation.  Felt I would at least hear from those that actually owned a Weatherby even if  I only may hear from those that like them.  Got the feeling from other forums that some did not like them even though they did not own one. I own and have owned alot of rifles over the years and not really loyal to any particular manufacturer.  I like well made and preferrably accurate rifles.  I have several remington rifles that shot good out of the box with little to no mods (trigger work) and for that reason was leaning heavy towards the Sendero. Also have friends that own the Sendero that love them.   With that said, the Accumark's looks, feel when shouldered, smoothness of bolt, stock and overall balance are hard to dismiss.  If it will shoot as good as the Sendero it would be hard to beat even though at a cost of an additional $500.   
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Posted 12/15/201012:14 AM

Recently bought vanguard in 270win. This rifle was some walmart old left-over and I paid clearance price $ 300.00. Picked box of cheapo federal 130 grain ammo, cost $ 14.00 per box. Following weekend I went to range. Took 5 rounds to make groups tight, let it cool off, few more clicks  , fired next 3 shots and gues what. 1/4'' group. One more sub-moa slipped thru !!! My buddies were PISSED !!!! All of their remingtons were customized and they were 1000 miles away from weatherby in accuracy department.  Weatherby is way to go my friend and with accumark you will be one happy hunter .
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Posted 12/15/201001:13 AM

Well to start I have always loved the thought of owning a weatherby, so i bought one 300 accumark, took my time cleaned very well one shot, cleaned very well another shot did this for ten shots, then three and cleaned again and again until 20 rounds were done. This gun shot not to bad but then started getting worse and worse. Thought about copper fouling did all the steps to correct, no better. Brought the gun in to have it glass bedded, new Talley scope mounts lapped, trigger lightened and shortened etc, no better. Finally changed barrel to new Kreiger 5 shots and often three touch with my hand loads believe me i tried every possible thing i could think of. The gun shoots amazing next i bought another accumark in 257 and this baby shoots clover leafs with both my hand loads and factory. I just bought another accumark for my brother  also in 300 and it shoots nearly as good as my custom barreled one. All i can say if the ones that i own and a few that good friends have and only one shoots so so (and I'm saying 2" at 100) yes OK for hunting but not for me . I love the accumark and will buy another with out any hesitation just the way they look, feel, feed etc etc.
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