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My weatherby v2 is having problems with rustting. (12 posts)

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Posted 11/13/201212:07 PM

My weatherby v2 is having problems with rusting with proper storage. I do not know what to do PLEASE HELP. Cody Carlson
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Posted 11/13/201212:13 PM

Location, Location, Location, Where do you live and what do you call proper storage?
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Posted 11/13/201201:28 PM

Don't store the rifle inside a case or a sock. Either will trap moisture and keep it close to the metal.
Remove the stock and inspect the metal covered by the stock. You could have something there needing attention.
If you can, put a very light coat of oil on the metal. Also, try to keep the rifle in a place where the air is moving aroud it so any moisture evaporates or can't gather.
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Posted 11/13/201203:38 PM

What kinda lubricant do you use on the exterior rifle parts?
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Posted 11/13/201206:00 PM

I live in Minnesota. i keep it in gun safe in my basement. I use wd-40 to get all the rust offCody Carlson
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Posted 11/13/201206:34 PM

You need to get some legitimate gun oil and quit using the WD as a protectant, as it does not have much in the way of protective properties.  I'll suggest the oil I settled on - Birchwood Casey Barricade.  Get a soft cotton cloth and oil it up well, and then wipe down your clean rifle.  You should have fewer issues with rust.  The other issue you need to think about is the moisture in your basement, depending on how damp your area can be.  Be sure you're using dessicant in the safe and if possible, get a dehumidifier rod and put it in there, too.I believe this is a practical world, and in it I can count only on what I can earn.  Therefore I believe in work, hard work. - The Auburn Creed
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Posted 11/13/201206:51 PM

Once you discover Corrosion-X, rust will never be a concern again. PG
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Posted 11/13/201207:10 PM

one last question. do you know any good shooting table and rests. thanks for all your help guys.Cody Carlson
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Posted 11/13/201207:24 PM

 cman, dubyam is right don't use WD, use gun oil only. if you have a better spot for your safe i would move it out of the basement. Some of us have made our own tables, it came from a u- tube site can't be sure of the name now but it is under how to build your own shooting bench, it is the one with the buddy legs, the bench works nice...O C hunter
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Posted 11/13/201208:19 PM

WD40 is no more than spray gasoline and as mentioned has poor at best lubrication properties, Just my 2 cents leave the remoil at walmart also! I am an old time duck hunter and would wipe vaseline on my exposed metal prior to hunts and just wipe the majority of it off before standing it in the gun safe= corner of the room! Grin Living in NM has it's advantages as we do not know what humidity is and have almost forgotten what rain and snow is but boy has it turned of cool! How bad is the rust? Has it started pitting or is just surface stuff?
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Posted 11/13/201208:49 PM

WD40 is Water displacement,formula 40,thus the name. It is not a lubricant.   Smiley
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Posted 11/13/201209:18 PM

its just surface stuff. Thank you everyone for your help. I have figured out everything i need for NOW. WinkCody Carlson
Joined: 11/12/12
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