7MM wby. Mag vs. 7MM Rem Mag.

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Can someone please shed some light on just what the difference is between the two. If someone could please explain the specification difference I would be very thankfull!

Magnum 7mm:
As far as ballistics, the Weatherby has a slight edge.  I doubt any game animal you shoot will know the difference between the Rem. mag or the Weatherby mag. though.  The Weatherby has the double radius shoulder that creates a longer case neck.  I prefer the 7mm Weatherby, but I am a bit biased about Weatherby cartridges.

The real difference?

Approx. 150 fps depending upon loading data.


There can be huge differences between the two, when using factory ammo. Some of the 7mm Rem. offerings are downloaded quite a bit, & perform closer to a .270 or .280 than a magnum level cartridge. Handloading closes the gap, but the edge still goes to the 7mm Wby by 150 fps or so.  more importantly, I have never shot  a 7mm Wby that would not group. I've seen dozens of 7mm Rems. that won't put three rounds under 2 1/2 inches.

Actually IMO the 7mm weatherby has gotten a bad wrap because of the 300 weatherby in part. Nonetheless, the 7mm weatherby is a remarkable firearm and works quite well. I really do not appreciate the 7mm rem very much although it is decent. Maybe it is because I am a Mark V fan having 6 of them and fixing to get number 7. In my experience, the 7mm weatherby is accurate, does not kick very much and is easy to shoot.All you need is a reasonable scope and all else is in fact irrelevant.


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