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Vanguard VS Serial prefix (3 posts)

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Posted 12/28/201109:14 AM

Fellow Weathbyterians,
              A newer member asked the question of what model Vanguard he had and quoted a VS serial number.  Does the prefix always tell you what model you have?  Sometimes it does like with a Deluxe VX, etc.  How about VS?  Doesn VS just come after VR?  No.  I decided to do a little investigating and found the following actual rifles.  The table lists the serial, then the stock (either syn for the plastic injection molded stock or bc for a carbelite one; wal means walnut), then the caliber and metal finish.

VS273xxx  bc   270win stainless
VS166xxx  bc   270win blued
VS184xxx syn 270win blued
VS160xxx syn 270win blued
VS185xxx  wal 7mmRem blued
VS158xxx  bc  3006 stainless
VS153xxx syn 300WSM stainless
VS161xxx  bc 300WSM blued
VS165xxx wal 300WSM stainless
VS159xxx wal 300WinMag stainless
VS164xxx wal 243win blued
VS167xxx syn 257WBY blued

   None of the rifles were S2 models, or particularly old ones.  Some of the rifles could have had stocks changed at some point, who knows?  I threw out the obviously altered models like one with a SAKO stock.  It was nifty looking, by the way.  So, if your rifle has a VS prefix, it doesn't mean Vanguard Synthetic.  Indeed it doesn't tell you anything about the features of the rifle.  At least we now know what we don't know.
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Posted 12/28/201102:11 PM

Good info IMR.Thanks for going into your safe and looking at a few of your guns. WinkRoger
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Posted 12/28/201109:56 PM

thanks imr i did call weatherby and my gun was actually sold with that stock as a special for some place called jerrys  thanks for the help  i searched for hours and couldnt find nothing you did good     also mine was vs325  maybe cause it was a special?
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