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     I replied to a post about the custom maker who is building a 6.5Wby.  The question was about the origin of the 6.5 Wby.  It deserved a better reply than I gave it and now I can't find the string.  Indeed I wrote a more complete answer, but my unspeakable computer ate it or something.  Here goes:  The 6.5mm wildcat based on Weatherby's 2.549 inch case (.257, .270, and 7mmWby are all in that family) was being used in 1000 yard benchrest at least as early as 1971.  Some people called it a 6.5-257Wby, and some the 6.5-270Wby, but as they all are based on the same length and shoulder diameter brass, they are congruent. 
     Tom Drummond and his son Tom Jr. built and sold rifles in his version of the 6.5-270Wby which had his characteristic 60 degree shoulder instead of the usual Weatherby double-radius look.  They were mostly heavy bench rifles, but some were built for hunting.  There were other Weatherby wildcats built on the 300Wby case and the 378Wby case, but that's another story. 
     I wrote a post to the Rifle category of WeatherbyNation a while back entitled something like "Herb Klein's Weatherby redux".  I'm sure you can find it.  It has more info on Weatherby wildcats, like the Weatherby-Wright-Hoyer series. 
     Although Drummond built a 6.5-270Wby, I'm certain he didn't build the first.  Actually the shop in your post probably is building a wildcat with their own shoulder-angle, length, etc., so technically they could be called a different cartridge.  Just not VERY different.  I can't prove it, but I'm sure that the first wildcatter who saw the .270Wby case had visions of a 6.5mm wildcat in his dreams.  For that matter the 270Wby was originally a wildcat based on a shortened and modified 300H&H case.  In 1943 or before.  So maybe the original 6.5 Wby was dreamed up by that old wildcatter Roy Weatherby himself and left in the dream stage?

mike cardinal:
 Thanks to imr4198. I wrote the first post n this subject and was suprised to find this update. My experience with wildcats is limited so I was confused on how they could call it a wby when infact it is not but I now understand to a point. There are fords out there that dont resemble anything ford ever built. It sure sounds like an interesting round though. I jugled .257 and .270 around for a while before I finally ordered my gun. An available 6.5 would have settled the question right quick. I am an avid hunter but I have shot far more balloons, hockeypucks, tin can, milk jugs etc.. than I ever have live game. I also abslutly love testing my skill at long range. 1000 yrds is above my ablity to shoot with ANY kind of consistancy but 400 - 600 is a very tempting challenge that I drool over. Point to reader, I don't target live game at that range exept maybe a yodle dog and even then only rarely.
   Anyway I wandered from the topic. Imr4198 Tnx 4 da info. Very Interesting.

Hello fellow Weathbyterian Mike,
        I think you got it right with the analogy about the Ford cars and wildcats.  Take NASCAR where every part of the chassis is fabricated from scratch in Mooresville, NC, then they check it with a template, put on stickers that look like headlights and call it a Ford or Chevy or whatever.  Not one part from OEM.  That is what is happening with the so-called Weatherby wildcats.  You start with a Weatherby case and neck it up and down or shorten it, or whatever you feel like.  It still gets called a Weatherby something or other (usually).  Thanks for your original post.  It was very interesting. 

imr4198: let me ask what you think about my new project of a 270-300Wby.

I have recently become interested in the .264 caliber.  A friend and I both had heavy rifles built in 6.5-284 and both rifles shoot VERY well.  We' ve been talking about how we would like that 140 Berger to be faster and in a lighter rifle, so our smith is going to build us each a 6.5-257 WBY or 6.5-270 WBY, wichever you prefer.  I may have my barrel engraved .264 WBY Mag.  We are keeping the double radius shoulder.  I think I'm going to neck down 270 brass so it won't get confused with my 257 brass.  I will post the rifle and results when I get it finished and a load developed.  It may be next fall.


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