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.257 Wby Mag Sight-in (19 posts)

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Posted 08/13/201207:51 PM

I'd like to request a little advice, if you please:  I'm headed for Wyoming the last of September, along with my .257 Wby Mag, in search of Pronghorn.  I don't plan on taking any shots over 200 yards, but we all know what happens to the 'best laid plans of mice & men'.
I'm headed for the range in about a week, using factory ammo, 100 grain bullets, and plan on sighting in about 1 1/2" high at 100 yards.  What's your opinion of my plan?
Thanks-  SmileyGentleman Hunter
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Bill L. Nicholson

Posted 08/13/201208:01 PM

I sight my .257 in 3.5" high at 100yds. and can flat shoot out to just over 450yds. Good luck with your goat hunt, they are a ball to hunt.
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Posted 08/13/201208:02 PM

Sounds good to me!  Leave a few for us next year and share anything you learn please.   At your range are you limited to 100 yards? would be nice to open her up and let her run so you have actual measurement not side of box data, if that big boy is 350_400 away would help confidence to know you can do it cause that gun can! Good luck and shot'em straight
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Posted 08/13/201208:17 PM

Bill: If I remember correctly you have a 24 in barrel .I would suggest about 2.5 in high at 100 depending on how fast your barrel is and you should be close to dead on at 300 yds.400 yds you should be between 7-8 in low.What unit are you hunting this year?Is Jason hunting also?Roger
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Posted 08/13/201208:31 PM

1) Can you get a true 200yd zero? That will eliminate some guess work and with a 200yd zero you would be about 1" high at 100yds.
2) If no to the true 200yd zero, I would get a group that is either 2 or 2.5" high at 100 ala Roger's idea, and that way you could reach out to 300yds without drop below 3" from your point of aim. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

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Posted 08/13/201209:17 PM

 I like 2 inch high sight in at 100 yards for the 257. Believe it or not but most misses on antelope are over their back than shooting under them. 2 reasons for this are thinking they are farther than they are and to high of a rifles zero. 3 inches high at 100 puts the highest point of the rifles arch at close to 5 inches at 225-250, where a ton of shots are taken. In the heat of the moment most guys guess at the yardage, resort to the old top of the back hold and buzz one right over their back. 2 inches and a good rangefinder are a slick way to go. " If your going to put a hole in something, make it a hole to be proud of "
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Posted 08/13/201209:51 PM

It sounds like a very good plan to me. That should put your zero somewhere close to 250 yards, and you should be only about four to five inches low way out at 400 yards. To me, that sounds just about perfect. Good hunting to you!We cannot improve our government by electing people that hate our government...
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Oregon Jim

Posted 08/14/201201:28 AM

I suggest that you sight it in at 200 rather than 100.  You can set it a little high or at zero at 200, but nothing will replace shooting at 100, 200, 300, and 400 to know the bullet path.  I have just found that sighting in at 100 and having an idea of the bullet path at 200 and beyond based on ballistics info leaves too much margin for error.    Mark V DGR 416 wby
Mark V Ultramark 300 wby
Mark V Deluxe 340, 378, and 460 wby
Mark V Accumark 257, 270, 7mm, 300, 340, 30-378, 338-378
Mark V Lightweight 270 win and 270 wby
Vanguard SUB MOA SS 22-250, 257 wby, 270 WSM, 300 wby and 300 wby
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Posted 08/14/201208:09 AM

...I'll assume you'll be using some type of rangefinder, since range estimation w/o the usual references is pretty tuff. Take the time to learn what your scope reticle subtends @ different powers & distances. Back in "the Old Days/ BFR's (Before Rangefinders), I used MPBR (Maximum Point Blank Range) w/ a 6" dia., never was really that comfortable shooting that "high" when most of the game I shot was @ 150-200yds instead of 250-300yds. Now I "Zero" @ 200yds & adjust my elevation for range. Since I know my reticle subtends 1 MOA @ 6X, I have no problem adjusting my POA 5-6" @ 300-400yds, if I need 3" of windage, it's easy to "hold off" one post width....

...know your ballistics, know your scope, no problem making "chip shots" out to 400yds...Gene- 37
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Posted 08/14/201211:20 AM

Bill, if you don't plan on shooting past 200 yards, your 1.5" sight in should work fine. If you can, shoot it at 200 yards and see where you are at. I imagine at 100 yards that bullet will still be rising some, but without knowing the zero you can't say for sure what it's going to do.
My best guess with it 1.5" high at 100 would put you 2" high at 150, and still about 1.5" high at 200 and 3" low at 300.
If you changed to 1" high at 100 you would be just about zeroed at 200 and 2" low at 250.
This is all hypothetical and can vary depending on actual muzzle velocity, B.C., etc etc. If at all possible, practice at the ranges you plan to shoot at in the field. Good luck, let us know how the hunt goes.Isaac
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Posted 08/15/201211:16 AM

Bill,  what were you sighted in before and what factory  ammo ?  100's spitzer or sp ?  On a regular ol day how accurate is the rifle 1 "  ?    That 257 is so fast with a 100 grainer I really don't think it makes a whole lot of difference if you sigh in between 2 to  2 1/2 " high @ 100 yds,  always better off to shoot and verify and  zero @ 200 , 250, 300 yds anyway just to make sure and have a little more confidence in your set up.   I do agree if you sight too high @ 100 and you mis judge  ranges it's way possible to over shoot at the lesser range yardage something around 150 to 175 yds  mid arch bullet path depending on rifle.   I really think it's how much a person shoots the rifle and how comfortable they are at longer ranges.  My problem is I shoot a bunch of different rifles and hard for me to remember each one,  so on non tactical scopes  that I don't click up.   I usually set the scope @  2 " high and leave them,  and make a little cheat sheet taped on the rifles butt stock or slipped under the butt stock shell holder  to remind me of the drops.
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Posted 08/15/201204:15 PM

Is it true that sighting in at 25 yards is the same as 200 yards?
The indoor range where I purchased my 257 is only 25 yards and the dude at the gun shop said 25 is the same as 200 so mine is 1" high at 25 with 120 partitions
I shot a few 100 yard rounds at deer camp and they landed a few inches high so that sounds about right...........I guess?
Shoot sorry Bill didn't mean to cut in on your post.............good luck dirty knapping some speed goats

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Posted 08/15/201208:05 PM

I had made a mental mistake and sighted in one of my rifles at 1.5" high at 25 yrds and on opening day missed a buck.  Went back to camp and set a 100 yrd target and found to be 8" high at 100.  Depending on the velocities dead on at 25 will put you dead on at about 250+ yrds, 1" high will put you dead on at almost 400 yrds.  Depends on what you are going forChris -

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Posted 08/16/201202:13 AM

It's a bad idea to try and sight in at 25 yds for a flat shooting caliber.  Any off the cuff  rules of thumb  are speculation,  all rifles and calibers are different.    The bullet isn't  asleep yet for one.   If you get on jbm and set your zero range at 25 yds and range increments at 25 yds,  plug in you bullet & bc,   fps,  scope heigth and altitude you will see how far you are.     An example  my 257 using a swift scirocco 100 gr 3550 fps, 6500 ft elevation and scope heigth of 2.250 "  high.  It  figures out if you shoot dead center at 25 yds,   @ 100 yds  you are 5.7 " high,  and 300 yds you would be 11.8 " high,   and zeroed @ approx 525 yds.   Jbm can be corrected  with your input for zero ranges that you are looking for,  but again  the bullet isn't asleep yet and  the bullet may be pulling in one direction or another until you get to approx 100 to 200 yds.  If you had this knowledge and specs ran prior and decided to try and sight in @ 25 yds it would get you ball park and that's about it.   If I were to take that same scenero and plug in jbm with a zero of 200 yds my sight in @ 25 yds would be  minus 1.3 " .    That's probably about right.    I actually do this at times when I put a new scope on a rifle and go out and sight in to get me on paper and save ammo.   I will shoot a couple rounds @ 25 yds then back it out to 100 then farther.   When you measure scope heigth go from bore centerline to scope center.  I use a snap on  6"  steel ruler and make an educated guess for scope heigth.   The higher the scope the flatter it will shoot,  some people think the lower the scope the flatter it shoots and this is incorrect,  it's not a whole lot of difference , but some non the less.
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Posted 08/16/201206:27 AM

I have a 257 Wby Mark V Lasermark and will be hunting antelope with it for the first time this October.  Have been shooting the gun quite often this year with both reloads and factory loads.  My gun shoots the 100 Gr bullets the most acccurately.  My first piece of advice would be to chronograph the factory load that you plan on shooting (assuming you are shooting factory loads).  I have found the chrony values can differ quite significantly from what the published velocity is.  If you only plan on shooting 200 Yds, the differences would be somewhat insignificant.  Sight in 1-2 Inches high at 100 Yds.
I respect your decision to shoot within a range that you are comfortable with.  However, you are nowhere near utilizing the performance capabilities of a 257 Bee.  I know it can be quite difficult to find a range that allows targets beyond 200 Yds (depending on where you live of course).  But if you can, shoot out to 300 or even 400 Yds with the ammunition that you decide to hunt with.  You might suprize yourself.  Shooting the long distances is half the fun of having such a great long distance caliber.  Good luck! Frank K.
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Frank the Tank

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