24 inch barrel on a 300 wby

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As some of you know I have a s2 vanguard deluxe on the way and was doing some research and read people saying the powderes aren't completely burning in a 24 inch barrel. I figured I would ask the Nation because you guys know wby's better than anyone. I plan on starting out shooting the wby 180 grain spitzers but plan on eventually handloading. I'm expecting on losing 100 fps or so.

Scott:You are correct with the 24 in barrel vs the 26.I have both in the 257 and 300 Wbys.100 fps is about right from my experiences with both.Of course every gun is different.I wouldnt sweat it as the 24 in shoots plenty fast,flat,and accurate.You should get into reloading for sure if you shoot Wby mags.Lets you shoot a lot more for the price and more accurate at higher velocities.

Truck Driver:
I have a 300 Wby S1 with the 24" barrel and don't have a problem with unburnt powder except  heavy charges of IMR 4831 and light bullets ( 110gr-125gr) . My friends tell me there is a ball of fire at the muzzle when I fire one of these loads which was listed in the reloading manuals. I haven't seen this with heavier bullets with the same powders.

Unless you're using a powder of which I'm unaware, the burn generally occurs in the first 4-6" of barrel.  After that, it's just expanding gases and heat, both of which can cause muzzle flash.  At least, that's my mildly educated understanding of it.

You won't be underserved by the 300 in a 24" barrel.  You can still get close to, or exceed 3100fps with a 180gr bullet, which is all you need for anything but the great bears and four of the big five in Africa.  For those, the extra 2" of barrel isn't going to make you any better prepared.  What you need then is more bore diameter, not more bore length.

When you start handloading, consider H1000 as a prime choice for the 300Wby.  With multiple bullets, it's been the favorite of my rifle and a couple of others with which I've had the pleasure of doing load work.

I have 2 Mark V's in 300 Wby, one with a 24 inch barrel and one with a 26 inch barrel. I only find about 50-70 fps difference depending on which load, between them, and I never had any problems with powder residue with the 24 inch. I wouldn't worry about the 24 inch barrel.



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