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Discuss the Weatherby Vanguard® SUB-MOA Varmint (21 posts)

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Posted 07/27/200701:31 PM

Long shots at small targets are just what the SUB-MOA Varmint was built for.
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Posted 12/13/200707:23 PM

I finally got my SUB-MOA Varmint in this week and got to take it to the range.  I decided since I wanted a nice rifle I had better put a nice scope on top.  I went with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x 50mm (mil dot).  First impression... the setup looks awesome.  I couldn't be happier with the way it looks, but of coarse how does it shoot?  I put twenty rounds down range over a couple of hours, taking time to clean between shots.  I wish I could say I was shooting as well as the 3 shot guarantee that was sent with the gun, but I was a little shaky.  I was shooting Remington SPS 55 gr.  My only complaint so far is the trigger.  I noticed a little creep.  I know the trigger is adjustable so I'm defiantly going to take it in to be looked at.  I starting looking for replacement triggers, but decided to not give up on the factory one just yet.  I'll have to post back after I get the trigger worked out.  May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.
- Gen George S. Patton Jr.
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Posted 01/13/200810:53 AM

I am ordering one of these rifles this week.  Is it true that a stainless version is offered? I don't see it on the Weatherby website?
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Posted 01/13/200811:13 AM

I think you will be very happy with the SUB-MOA Varmint.  I've put a couple hundred rounds through mine so far and am still searching for the best factory ammunition.  Winchester 45 gr. JHP seems to shoot the best.  I've posted a few pictures in my trophy room.  I did replace the trigger with a Timney and couldn't be happier with it.  I have never seen one in stainless though.  Hope you enjoy your new rifle.

DanMay God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.
- Gen George S. Patton Jr.
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Posted 02/27/200801:18 AM

I am from Australia, and I love my weatherby sub varmint. I have found the best ammo to be federal v-shock, with the nosler 55 gr balistic tip. I do not know if this is available over there, but I asume it would be. Anyway I love the rifle and I am sure that you all will love it too! I have put over 400 rounds through mine in about 4 months and it is still going strong!!!

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Posted 04/17/200808:35 PM

i have a SUB MOA in .204. go the 32gn balistic tips! this calliber is insane and the rifle just speaks for itself. i have enjoyed many days sniping foxes in valleys and rabbits on hills out to unreal distances.
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jacob taylor

Posted 05/05/200806:21 AM

I have been looking at guns for a few months now, trying to find the perfect varmint gun.  I have finally decided on the sub moa varmint in .22-250.  I would like to have the custom shop install a muzzle brake, mostly for looks, but also to reduce recoil.  I am wondering about another option, the mercury recoil reducer that goes in the stock.  What is it and how does it work.  I am fully aware of recoil being almost non-existent with the .22-250, but I want 0 recoil for absolute accuracy.  Also, which scope rings would be the best choice.  I plan on using a 50mm scope. 
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Posted 05/05/200806:52 AM

In answer to a couple questions I saw:
-The Vanguard Sub-MOA Varmint is not available in stainless.
-Weatherby told me they could not put an accubrake on the Varmint rifle because the #3 barrel contour is not the same #3 barrel on the Mark V (which is what they make the brake for). So, basically, it would have a funky looking step and Jared, in the custom shop, strongly advised me against the brake.
-The Mercury recoil reducer is literally a glass tube filled with mercury that is permanently inserted into the stock - IMHO, not worth it. It's lots of money and really doesn't do much from what I have heard. The idea is that mercury, being heavy, will add inertia to the rifle and therefore, absorb some of the recoil. Trust me, the Vanguard Varmint has enough inertia without the mercury recoil reducer.
-My Vanguard Sub-MOA Varmint is in 22-250 and I love it! I have mine zeroed at 200 yards with a Leupold VXL 6.5-20x56 and I am hitting right about an inch groups from a bench at 200 yards. I used the Weatherby Talley Rings and Bases because of the 30mm tube. If the scope has a 1" tube,  I would use the "Vanguard Talley Mounts" that Weatherby sells (best deal out there - I have those on my 257 Vanguard).
-I've found that mine actually shoots very well with the cheap Remington stuff - 45JHP, comes in a box of 40 for about $18. nice on the pocket book too.I use a .460WBY on Squirrels...
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Posted 05/14/200811:16 PM

I picked out a Sub-MOA Varmint Vanguard last spring.
The trigger left alot to be desired.
But with careful diligence, I was able to make the trigger work for me.
I had to ride the fence while working it.
I ended up w/about 2.5 lb of pull.
.004" creep and around .006" overtravel.
I couldn't and wouldn't go any further.
I needed a slide rule, a sci-fi calculator, a refresher course in Trigonomety and a microscope to get it any better.  IMHO....
And she's on it.  I have never sweated so much over a simple trigger design before.
It's a very good simple design, but to make it a serious trigger, one needs to sweat about a pint of blood.  And throw in some tongue-chewing just for spit & giggles.

Feral Bull Hunting will keep the juices flowing.
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Posted 06/13/200805:49 AM

hey i'm looking at buying a sub moa varmit in .223. does anyone own one in 223? how hav u found it?
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Posted 08/26/200808:52 AM

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Posted 08/26/200806:55 PM

Or, just call Weatherby and ask them to fix it. They fixed mine for free. Apparently all the complaints on this site about bad triggers finally got through to someone and, word on the street is, all the Vanguards are now getting factory adjusted triggers. And for those of us that bought Vanguards before they started factory tuning the triggers can have them adjusted for free - you just pay shipping to send it to Weatherby.I use a .460WBY on Squirrels...
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Posted 04/22/200907:46 AM

i own the sub moa in 22-250 and am sorry to say that my remington 700 in the same 22-250 puts it to shame on the range
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Posted 04/22/200911:09 AM

Rigby416 tell me more about your 700.  My latest project is a heavy barrel 700 in .243  I shoot a heavy barrel AR in .223 and I wanted a little hotter round in a bolt action to take as a backup on coyote hunts.  I am starting with a 700 sps varmint but trashing the stock directly and saving up for a Bell & Carlson Medalist.  a little trigger work and a good 6.5-20 or so scope and I hope it will send some 6mm bullets waay down range in a nice group.
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Posted 09/25/200906:52 PM

Does any one know if there are specific torque settings when re-assembling the action of a Vanguard Sub-Moa Varmint to the Bell&Carlson varmint stock, with the aluminium bedding block? Also, are there specific steps involved in which screws are torqued down first? I ask this since I read that the Weatherby Ultra Light manual for the Bell&Carlson stock is between 50 - 55 inch pounds.
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