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Discuss the Weatherby Mark V® Accumark® -Left Hand (31 posts)

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Posted 04/09/201003:41 PM

I just got my weatherby accumark in 30.378..I really like this gun cant wait to take it hunting ,going to try it on bear here in colorado in sept ,also elk.mabey even on a wild boar hunt in TX, who knows Its the first weatherby that ive had ,and it wont be the last ,till now my elk gun was my ruger m77 mk2 in .338 win mag also a sweet gun ,But its no weatherby,Shot placement,Is everything.!!!
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Posted 06/22/201006:16 PM

  I'm finally dialing my .300 Weatherby Magnum in! I guess I bought the only bad Leupold scope on the planet. I had a 4.5-14 LRT Leupold mounted on it and started noticing the reticle was becoming very blurry (especially at longer ranges) past 400 yards. I switched to the Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20 and now I'm holding sub 1" groups at 200 yds again. I took this rifle on a Mule deer hunt last year and took a nice 5x5 @ just under 600 yards with 165 grain Accubonds, but upon returning home I noticed the Leupold was losing clarity and hence affecting my accuracy (can't hit what you can't see).
  The Zeiss is so clear I can actually see the 30 cal holes @ 400 yds with the scope on 12x on a clear day. I have the same scope mounted on my .223 WSSM Cooper Custom and my buddies were amazed that I could pick out .22 cal holes @ 400 yds with the Zeiss on 18x. Excellent scope and rifle package if your considering a new scope.
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Wildcat country

Posted 07/27/201003:59 PM

 Just recived my 30-378 from Gunwerks, My first Weatherby. Sent it to Gunwerks to have the scope mounted and aligned. I have never fired it. I am sure some of you know how excited I am to get to the range. What else can I say!!!
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Posted 07/27/201006:16 PM

Congratulations Bluemoon1.I am sure you will enjoy it and it will be a great shooter.What scope did you have mounted on it?Roger
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Posted 08/25/201008:42 PM

which crown does the accumark come with? is there any option?
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Posted 08/26/201009:51 AM

You can read the specs here:

Just for reference, when Weatherby says "target crown" in this case, they mean an 11deg crown.I believe this is a practical world, and in it I can count only on what I can earn.  Therefore I believe in work, hard work. - The Auburn Creed
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Posted 11/18/201011:59 AM

Well i guess i just need to post in the correct forum since i now can and i need some help guys with installing a Bipod on the front end of my Brand spanking new Accumark 338-378 that took me so long to close the deal on! I have been looking at a bench/prone bipod from GG&G but it will have to have a second swivel stud to adapt to and was wondering if anyone had added a second swivel stud to the forearm? I talked to Weatherby Service and they said that if done properly that it would not be an accuracy issue but that it would need to be glass bedded and threaded thru the metal in that area of the forearm. GG&G and Weatherby Service told me that this was a simple job for a qualified Gun Smith and that it would not cost an arm and a leg like their Bipods? I want something substantial to support the front end and i do not want something that will be breaking anything in the future and have no issue with spending the cash for a quality bipod set up but was wondering if any of you guys were using another type or have run into my same citation needing that second stud on the forearm!  GG&G sell 2 pods and the smaller one is rated for 308 and below and the heavy duty one was rated for 308 and above! Later Terry
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Posted 11/18/201001:07 PM

Terry :  I'm not quite sure how the GG & G attaches  if they have a specific adapter for your type rifle.?  I think I would do a little more checking before making a decision with the gun in front of you so you can take measurements etc.   I have used the Harris HB2R adapter on a M1a that had a clearance issue on the gas tube.  A little dremil tool grinding in the forend and works slick as a whistle. Basicially it replaces the original stud if you want  with a little modification, or could reposition it farther forward if you have enough room and have double studs. Worst case scenerio if you didn't have enough room and wanted to use a double stud you could replace the original stud with a HB2R and put another stud a little farther back for the sling.  Either way it's not hard to do.  It would work on most rifles not just the M14's,  but I would have the bipod and adapter in front of you first before you see where you need to go with it.   The GG & G looks really cool, but I'm not sure it's the best way to go.   I have had very good luck with Harris and might be an option for quite a lot less money.    Ron
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Posted 11/18/201002:07 PM

Basically Ron they have an adapter that clamps onto the 2 factory studs and then it sets down into the Bipod and GG&G said it was no big issue and these guys have been around forever and have sold a group of these to the Military and they are battle proven bipods but my rifle is getting close to i would figure 13 Lbs and want something more stable and built with more rigged components to survive the recoil! I would use a Harris Bipod on my 257 or my 300 but for this rifle i am thinking something more would be best? i need to get a Harris for my other 2 rifles! My issue is just getting a gunsmith to install it and not mess it up and the only Weatherby Service Center is 7 hours away in Aurora Co. at Gander Mountain! I think any good smith can add this second stud without any issue but thought someone here would have a similar set up! i will check out your set up Appreciate the info later Terry
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Posted 11/19/201004:06 AM

Well, after much deliberation from Australia, I ordered a custom built Left Hand Mark V Accumark in .270 Weatherby Magnum from Weatherby knowing it would take 9-12 months to be built and then shipped. I can tell you I dreamt about it every night I went to sleep............ A friend I met through shooting has ordered a few Weatherby’s in the past from the factory so I wasn’t deterred by the process as he said I should call the office and talk to the International Customer Representative to see how the build is tracking and for updates on its progress. I must say, I found it easier dealing with Weatherby directly rather than having to deal with the importer or any incompetent gun shop. Not only did I get regular updates on the progress but the rifle was shipped 4 months early. I was extremely impressed. I was over the moon. Now I just need to mount the new Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 I have sitting on the shelf here and work up some loads for the upcoming deer season. With any luck I could have it ready for a hunt I am going on with a mate to North Queensland to hunt large boars and chital deer.

Feels great to have it in my hands and I look forward to dropping the first stag or pig at long range.

Now, just need to get a Left Hand 300 into my safe without the wifey knowing.......
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Posted 01/03/201104:28 PM

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Posted 01/03/201104:36 PM

Hey spilr1,
I see this is your first post. Welcome to Weatherby Nation!

Not a very good way to start off your experience with a Weatherby. Sorry to hear about your troubles. What have you tried so far. Inaccuracy could be caused by many things. Loose screws holding on the scope. Bad scope. Flinch. ETC... I am not saying you have all or any of these things going on, but you could have one or more of them at the same time. Have you had a buddy shoot it and see if it does the same thing? Have you checked the scope screws? What about the action screws? Are they set to spec?

In order to help you more we need more info, but I am sure if we can get the info and if your willing to try some things, maybe we can get to the bottom of it. The nice thing is, that if it is truly the rifle, you send it back to Weatherby and they will fix or replace it if there is something wrong at no cost to you.

Let us know, we will be glad to help!

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Posted 01/03/201107:28 PM

Hey Larry,

I was just looking at your Gun rack and with reguards to what Mike said about a flinch... You just happen to own the most powerful .338's and .30 cals you can get factory made... Do you have a metal shoulder??? Lol. Those must be some big Mule Deer there in Tx.

Anyway, Can you describe the Pattern or lack of a pattern you are getting? Is it possible that there is an issue with the barrel? Have you tried another load? Like Mike said about a bad Scope - that did happen to me about 20 yrs ago.

Hope your issue gets solved.

Newfie in Nova Scotia
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Posted 12/26/201210:16 AM

Used my Left-Hand 300 WBY Mag / Swarvoski Scope.  Returned from 2012 November Idaho Deer Hunt. Shot one nice Mule Deer Buck (4X4) at 250 yards (1-shot / clean-kill).  Rifle is amazing ...

Glad I own one. Michael Wasielewski
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Posted 06/11/201308:29 AM

 This Accumark is the second .300 Weatherby I have bought. The fist was the Mark V deluxe. The difference in the two is the Accumark has the Accubrake and what a recoil tamer that thing is. I love shooing this rifle.
 Best rifle I have ever owned hands down.
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