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Discuss the Weatherby Mark XXII® (52 posts)

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Posted 07/27/200701:26 PM

Our Mark XXII was developed with the discriminating shooter in mind, combining celebrated design, superior performance and unmatched fit and finish. Akin to our legendary Mark V® Deluxe, the Mark XXII is as much fun to shoot as it is to look at-offering guaranteed accuracy with a factory-shot target in every box.
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Posted 09/07/200708:11 AM

All I can say is wow!!!!  Picked one up in Late Jan after searching long and hard.  This is one very accurate shooter, clasic American stock design.  Teaming up with Annie was a great move as the 64 action is superb.  Outshoot the factory target using Green Tag.  Have three of the older auto's and luv them.  If Weatherby is serious about entiering back in to the higher end 22 market - they made the right move.  Luv to see the old auto brought back .
Finest 22lr i own.  What a head turner on the range.
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Posted 09/07/200710:30 AM

All I can say about this one is that the pictures on the internet of it look great. I was in the market for one in the March/April time frame and simply could not get one. None of the local shops could even order one. I ended up buying a new Browning T-Bolt instead.
Now, I regret not waiting.  Cry  (Although, as far as I know, the local shops STILL can't get it!)

People like to see it at the range, but I hesitate to show them the groupings on the target!

The High Tech Redneck
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Posted 09/23/200702:39 AM

Almost 30 years ago I owned the original Weather Mark XXII Deluxe Semi-automatic Rifle. I considered it the best rimfire rifle I had owned. I was forced sell the rifle about 10 years ago. I have been waiting almost 2 year since Weatherby started advertising this New Model Weatherby. I had become frustrated waiting for this gun to show up and started researching the target rimfire rifles that are now available.
I beleive I have found the perfect rifle. It is called the CZ Model 452 LUX Ultra Exclusive bolt action rifle. It has a tangent rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation that is good up to 300 yards and is grooved for a Weaver type scope mount. It shoots all ultra high velocity .22LR ammo such as Aguila Hyper Velosity or CCI Mini-Mag with no recoil or noise because of its 28.6" barrel. The only way you can be sure you fired the gun is by the sound of the click the bolt makes and the hole made in the middle of the bullseye at the 300 yard range.
The MSRP is $373.00 as compared to the New Model Weatherby Mark XXII Rifle's MSRP of $899.00
Check it out for yourself.
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Posted 09/25/200707:09 PM

I've really been wanting to pick up an Anschutz .22 Magnum, so the Mark XXII is a beautiful little choice--now I just need to wait for them to offer a .22 Magnum chambering.
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Posted 09/25/200708:20 PM

I really wanted the MK XXII in the semi auto. Great little squirrel rifle and tincan killer. Put my name on the list when it comes out.  I have the same problem finding it closeby. SadALMOST DANGEROUS
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Posted 11/13/200710:20 PM

Yeah .. don't know why they don't offer it in WMR .... since they offer it in HMR ... funny stuff!George

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Posted 11/24/200708:53 PM

my mark XXII is the older semi auto has a 3x9 scope , performs awsomelysafari george
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Posted 11/25/200702:18 PM

I was unaware, until today, that the MK XXII had been reintroduced in a bolt action. I have two of the older semi autos, one Italian and one Japanese. Both are great shooters and form the basis of my plinking and small game battery. Unfortunately with three house apes, each with their eyes on these rifles, I need two more of them. Perhaps I will get two of the Bolt actions and call it even. Looking forward to seeing and shooting this new little gem.
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Desert Rat

Posted 12/03/200705:42 PM

I also have three of the older XXII autos and two Mark XXII scopes.  One of the old autos is a NIB dark that is fabuluous and won't be shot.
The new bolt is getting rave reviews on Rimfire and those how have them are showing incredible accuracy,  Always wanted an Annie and when Weatherby came out with that gem i was hooked.  Just fortunate to find one in January.  The shooting results are .133 at 50 yds and outshoots the factory target. 
I also have a CZ FS 452 American and is fine shooter, but this rifle is in a whole different class.  This rifle is a classic in the making.
Sure turns alot of heads on the range with looks and performance.
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Posted 01/04/200808:53 PM

Does anyone have one in .17 HMR and if you do what's the scoop?Wes
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Posted 02/04/200809:08 AM

Wes, I have the XXII in .17.  A Leupold 6-18 40mm Vari X II is mounted on it.  I am very pleased with the rifle and scope. I've only fired about 150 rounds through it from the bench, typical Anschutz/Weatherby accuracy.  I only wish someone would make a synthetic stock for it.  I'd like to take the Weatherby stock off the rifle and store it (for preservation purposes) and use the synthetic stock for shooting.
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Posted 02/04/200807:38 PM

I have a question on the new Mk XXII.  I'm wondering why WBY didn't go with the 1700 action, instead.  From a sales standpoint, I'm wondering since the 1500 action-based model is retailing for $900+, would the additional $300~$500 really deter anyone wanting the "best"?

For example, go head to head with Cooper....

I'm not criticizing, as the Mk XXII is a beautiful rifle, but just wondering.
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Posted 02/05/200811:19 PM

I'm telling everyone....I just won the Mark XXII for taking Third Place in the DREAM HUNT Story Contest. I think I'm going with the 300 or the 348...any opinion would be appreciated. I also won the book, "The man, The Gun, The Legend" and it included a note from Ed Weatherby. Both will be handed down to my son and then his son. Ed...God Bless you and your family. I enjoy reading about your Dad very much....what a man. You seem to also be the class act your father was. Matthew D'ERcoleGood Hunting, Matt
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Posted 02/26/200808:27 PM

Hate to be the wet blanket but I'm not so happy with Weatherby and the Mark XXII availability.  See my post under LeftHand Mark XXII.  Weatherby's lack of response to that thread and the letter I mailed to them 5 weeks ago has urged me to shop for a Cooper, which I am doing.
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