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I am in the process of upgrading scopes on my 257, 300 Wby and Ruger 338 win mag. I am looking at either Zeiss conquest 3-9x40 or Leupold vx3 2.5-8x36. Seems like all the magazines you see rifles in always show Leupold. However, After going to the store and looking at both it looks like the Zeiss has better optics. What does everybody think about these two scopes. Do you think these are good choices for my above rifles. Thanks in advanve for your help.

go with the zeiss. leupold is nowhere near the quality of zeiss. it could make the difference between a full freezer or a empty one. this is just my oppinion. i own both now but as soon as i can i will replace the leupold with a zeiss

I have them both and while Leupolds are really good scopes and have more of them than any other. After buying a Zeiss Conquest I thought they were clearer. Other brands to look at are Meopta (30 mm) and Nikon.

When it comes to scopes the new versions that Leupold has have been greatly improved. Don't forget the Conquest is NOT the high end top quality Victory series of optics that made Zeiss what they are today. I just bought a new VX-3 in 4.5x14 40mm for my accumark it is truely better then my 2 year old VX-111 4.5x14 40mm.
But I wish I would have tried a Kahles, before I bought my Leupold, I tried one today at the range its on a good friends 257 a 3x12 56mm, his 300 ultra has the Conquest 4.5x14 50mm both are near new and all three of us agreed the Kahles is a better brighter scope then the Conquest and the dial for the power was silk smooth on the Kahles. Even my buddy likes his Kahles better. But then again its what you like. The only thing i didn't like about the Kahles is the larger magnification range is not as good as the Zeiss or Leupold.

I have found that one or the other brand will tend to match up better with a particular rifle. I was a dedicated Leupold guy until I bought my first Mark V. The sharply cut shape of the Conquest just plain looked better on the Weatherby. The adjustments seem a bit more positive on the Zeiss, & the clarity & brightness are first rate. But my favorite feature is constant eye relief through the entire power range. No more walking the stock to get that perfect sight picture.


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