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Whats the rarest most expensive gun ? (17 posts)

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Posted 12/05/201308:38 PM

This is a kind of a fascinating topic, I want to pick your brains and see what you guys come up with. Give as much information as you can. I don't know much about my question so I'm all ears. I heard Wild Bill Hickocks guns that haven't been found are close to #1. What do you guys know about the most expensive rarest guns ? I believe Wild Bills guns I'm talking about are a pair of engraved 1851 Navy colt revolvers.Troy
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Posted 12/05/201310:58 PM

The most expensive one I have held was a .500 nitro express double express rifle. really cool I should have shot it when I had the chance. Might ask my buddy if I can shoot it.  And yes it was used to take elephants.
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Posted 12/05/201311:19 PM

Lewis and Clark carried, on their transcontinental expedition, a .45 caliber air rifle that was charged with a bellows (I believe). They used it to take, among other animals, a pronghorn.
That's got to be a rare rifle.
Also, there was a steam powered machine gun at one time and prototype .45 acp German Nazi Luger.
"The way to hunt is for as long as you live against as long as their is such an animal"-Hemingway
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Posted 12/06/201302:19 AM

as  far as i know the most expensive  rifle came from austria, it was made in ferlach for some arab sheik for 1 000 000 EUROS about 1 350 000 USD.
current berretta shotguns with 82 000 EUROS  for their top shot gun line are not far behind
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Posted 12/06/201301:08 PM

Im sure this isn't one of them but did seem weird this was on facebook at the same time as this post.
now belonging to my friend Frank Metzner
 From 1860, in the caliber 10 bore.
 It was made by the famely Heym in Suhl (the big German gun city) and was used from 1865 - 1890 in Africa. The owner of that time shoot lions and plains game with it. In later years it was in several museums in East Germany (DDR), It is scheduled to go back to Africa in 2016 for a hunt !!!! truly a remarkable piece of HEYM historyMark
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Posted 12/06/201306:57 PM

Isn't  one of the first ten model 70s still missing?
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Posted 12/06/201308:08 PM

One of Hemingway's safari rifles, Joshua Chamberlain's sidearm from virtually part of the Civil War, and John Wayne's Mark V 300 Weatherby would be at the top of any longer list I could make.Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

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Posted 12/07/201304:21 AM

the rarest Grin: the first "handrohr" ( handheld firing tube, sort of....)
one in otebaeae, estonia from 1396 and the other in tannenberg germany from 1399.
i think you cannot name a price for those guns..
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Posted 12/07/201303:13 PM

I can identify neither. But, two years ago my wife's good friend took me to a gun shop in Odessa in he Ukraine. The owner wanted to brag and pulled out a custom made rifle in .416 Rigby. It was made in Austria and came with a $40,000.00 price tag. I was not impressed.

The action on that Austrian gun was stiff and jumpy which is far from the smoothness of a Mk V's action. And, the wood did not touch the wood on my .416 Mk V Deluxe.

The gun was just, down right, disappointing. At $40,000.00 I expected to see something a lot better. It should have, at minimum, had a Weatherby Mk V action.

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Posted 12/07/201303:31 PM

Rev, that is one old gun.

A couple of your comments make me curious about some of the rarest Weatherby rifles, I would think John Waynes maybe high on that list.

Some of the guns throughout history owned or used by historical figures throughout the world would be hard to sort out. The Derringer used to assassinate Lincoln would have a astronomical price tag.Troy
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Posted 12/07/201308:27 PM

I would think Chuck Conners Rifle from the Rifleman would be worth A pretty penny.
I am A fan of old lever action Winchesters. Plus that one never missed even shooting from the hip. And you only need to load 1 bullet and shoot for hrs.Mark
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Posted 12/08/201306:48 AM

marishka, that is what austrian hunters or marksman divides.
there is no doubt that the level of craftsmanship taught in ferlachs gunmakers school is high,
but most of the mauser system they use for their customs are not blueprinted to a standard that a good marksman expects for such a high priced gun.
it is mostly about exterior finish, engravings, fanciness and woodwork.
the combination guns, over under, side by side, rifle/rifle, rifle/shotgun with their brazed barrels are for those who want to stick with the tradition but not for my technical understanding.

still  repeating systems show up where one  or the other austrian gunmaker mills a dovetail slot for a scope base or a sight base into the front part of the system.
these systems are simply dangerous but it seems it is still  done.

years ago a german  gun magazine asked a question that caused an uproar across germans smaller gunmakers.
after testing different custom rifles they asked:

is the toolmaker the better gunmaker?

i think you have both, good toolmakers that produce technically perfect guns and "old world gumakers" that are able to combine both worlds but only few.
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Posted 12/08/201311:38 AM

Back in the days between WWI and WWII, British companies such as Purdey, Boss, Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, and so on, used to make extraordiarily ornate rifles and shotguns for Indian and Middle-eastern rajahs and sheiks. I would imagine some of those come very near the top of the list as the "most expensive ever."
Closer to home, and on an historical note, on November 18th, the San Francisco branch of Bonham's auction company offered for sale a Smith & Wesson No. 2 revolver in .32 rimfire, serial number 29963. It was supposed to be the revolver Wild Bill Hickok was carrying when he was shot in the back of the head by Crooked Nose Jack McCall In Nutter & Mann's Saloon in Deadwood. It came with all kinds of provenances and documents and paperwork testifying to its authenticity. The estimated sale price was supposed to be between $300,000 and $500,000.
Since that is just a teensy bit out of my range ("Hmmm. Make my truck payments or buy the revolver? I just can't make up my mind."), I normally wouldn't have paid the slightest attention, but something about the lengthy description of all the paperwork they were offering to prove its authenticity made me... Well, I don't know. Curious? Suspicious? I decided to do some research.
Curiously enough, an Englishman with an Italian name, Joseph G. Rosa, happens to be the world's foremost authority on Wild Bill Hickok, and has written stacks of books on him and on the guns of the Wild West generally. I happen to have one where he states, very clearly, that the serial number of the revolver Wild Bill was carrying that night was 30619.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
In any event, the gun failed to make its reserve price and didn't sell.
JamesonModerator Jameson Parker
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Posted 12/08/201303:26 PM

I believe the provenance on the gun was why it didn't sell, didn't meet the reserve. I thought I heard or read that his pair of 1851 navy engraved colts were supposedly in the black hills somewhere and never been found. They were given to him by a senator, I would think they would be the holygrail, worth double or triple his S&W no. 2.Troy
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Posted 12/08/201304:42 PM

Lincoln's henry rifle? Have heard that it is priceless.Chris Kiefner

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