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Do any of the members here have any information on these. The stock geometry looks like a Mark V and you can tell the action shares some of the features of the Mark V as well. I found one I would like to buy, just looking for more info. as it seems to be scarce.. I did find out these rifles were also known as the Kleinguenther k-14. My Dad said he had heard once before that Mr. Kleinguenther was on the Mark V design team. Still have some questions if anyone knows about them. Thanks.

aka Hunter:
I have one of those rifles, and like it.  It was made in Germany, and many folks who see it think it is a Weatherby. 

This is what Gun Digest shows:
1968-1971 editions - A Shikar rifle (which looks just a little different than mine) is shown, and is described as having been imported by LA Distributors -- the word "Voere" does not appear in the description. 

1972 edition -- The Shikar rifle is not shown; however, a rifle described as a "Kleinguenther M-V-2130" is shown, and that rifle looks very similar to mine; however, it is described as having a "one-piece Mauser type trigger guard and box magazine" (mine does not have such a configuration).  It also says Kleniguenther was the importer.

1973 edition -- Shows a "Kleingunther K14 Bolt Action Rifle," and describes it as having a "hinged mag. floorplate" (sound like mine), and as having been imported from Austria by Kleingunther.  The rifle pictured looks very similar to mine.

1974 edition -- Shows a "Kleinguenther K-14 Insta-Fire Rifle," and it also looks somewhat similar to mine (but not as much so as the one in the 1973 edition), except that it appears to have two triggers.  It is described as having a "hidden clip," and having been imported from Germany by Kleinguenther's.

My rifle says "VOERE Vohrenbach Germany SHIKAR," and does not have any markings that I recognize as identifying it with a U.S. importer (whereas a K-14 Insta-Fire shown in a Sports Afield article from Nov 1973 does have such markings).   

According to the 21st Edition of Blue Book of Gun Values, Voere of Germany was "located in Vohrenvach, Germany [and] should not be confused with the current Austrian firm of the same name."

According to the Gresham book on Weatherby, Roy hired Kleinguenther around 1953.

The Voere 'Shikar' was nicknamed the 'poor mans Weatherby'. It had a 6 lug bolt and the safety was mounted on the back of the shroud. the safety was pushed straight up or down. It was chambered in standard calibers, .243 - 30/06, and in magnum calibers, 7mm rem. mag. etc. . It also had shorter barrels, not 26" that I am aware of. Other than that it was identical to a Weatherby. The nickname came from the pricing at the time they were available. Weatherby's  retailed about $325 , the Shikar was about $220 and Remchesters  were about $180, Husky's $149. (1968-69)
Kliengunthers K14 came later and were not the same design.

Sorry to resurrect this post, but this post is how I found this site, and it looks like there are a few people here that know a bit about this rare rifle.  I am having problems figuring out how to disassemble and reassemble the bolt.  It wouldn't fire reliably after a couple of years of not being used in my dads safe, and it was suggested to me to clean the firing pin spring. After fiddling with it for a while, I managed to get it apart and cleaned gobs of gunk out of it.  After a whole lot more fiddling, I somehow got it back together and it shot very well.  Today I was having some problems opening the bolt after each shot.  When I was cleaning it when I was at home, it seemed like the screw in it (at the back of the bolt) was too loose, so I gave it a little snug, but then remembered that it seemed to lock down the bolt, then I took it apart again, kind of on accident.  When I dryfired it for a function check, the bolt was again really hard to cam over to open (cocks the firing pin during that cam over) can't find much on the Shikar, and I was hoping someone had some info, or that they might be similar enough to a Weatherby action that someone can help out, Thanks.

mike cardinal:
you wern't kidding rockandroll. It really does look like a wby. right down to the diamond insert in the pistol grip. Sorry i can't help you. maybe someone else can. Welcome to the nation.


Added a site with pics of a shikar i found on the net. Might draw some attention to your problem.


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