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The problem with Weatherby Accubrakes... (8 posts)

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Posted 05/16/200810:42 PM

I shoot a .340 Weatherby Mark V, with a muzzle brake. I truly love the rifle, but I have an issue with the Accubrake. It reduces recoil just as it should and it makes my rifle much more comfortable to shoot. It is a bit loud, but that's okay. My issue with it relates to the way it vents pressure in a downward direction.

My rifle came several weeks before I could buy a scope, so by the time I could shoot it I had just about worked myself into a frenzy. So, when the time came to shoot it for the first time I rushed out of town, threw myself into the prone position, and cracked off a shot. The muzzle blast picked up about a shovel full of dirt,pebbles, and debris, and hurled it into my face. When I finally got all of the dust and dirt out of my eyes I found my best friend laughing so hard that tears were streaming down his face.

It took just one shot to convince me that the Accubrake needs to be modified a bit, or perhaps it should come with an idiot label so that dummies like me will not be blinded by muzzle blast powered debris.

I suspect it would reduce the effectiveness of the brake or perhaps even the accuracy of the rifle, but I'd like to see the brake modified so that none of the blast would point downward. It would sure be easier for those of us that shoot from a prone position. We cannot improve our government by electing people that hate our government...
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Oregon Jim

Posted 05/17/200809:20 AM

I have one rifle with a muzzle brake.  An Accumark 30/378.  The brake perfroms and works well.  Hardest thing I ever had to get used to was the rearward percussion from the brake when shooting from a bench.Baby, get my rifle!!
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Posted 05/17/200811:58 AM

Actually I think the biggest problem with the accubrake is the noise increase. Try shooting without ear protection for awhile and see if you can hear. There is no doubt IMO that the accubrake can cause damage to the auditory receptor cells of the ear. They are really hair cells and pick up noise by shearing action of the hairs.  It is well established that listening to loud noises can cause hair cell damage and hearing loss. Yet shooting the bigger weatherby calibers almost mandates their use. Catch 22 issue. I have 3 rifles that have the accubrake. A 270 (can't understand why it is there), a 30-378 and a 338-378 (85 pounds of recoil). Thinking through the issue, I would never shoot from a horizontal position with any muzzle break for the reason listed. With holes on the bottom there will be a cloud raised.   bob chronister
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Posted 05/17/200805:49 PM

I'm not a fan of muzzle brakes but that doesn't mean I may not have a rifle equipped with one in the future.  I don't like the noise and I think they detract from the lines of the gun.  My personal decision is to hunt and shoot with calibers up to my recoil limit that I can accurately shoot from any position I need to.  The animals I hunt are limited by that decision, too.  If I need a muzzle brake to justify owning the cartridge, then I either need to practice more, choose a different cartridge, or mitigate the recoil by other means such as gun weight or a better pad.  My limit is the .340 Weatherby and the .375 H&H without a muzzle brake.  Having said this, I do own a .460 Deluxe that has the discontinued Pendleton brake which is a series of small holes at the muzzle that aren't really noticeable until it's viewed from up close.Jerry

All Weatherby, All the Time
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Posted 05/19/200803:07 AM

I had my 30/378 Accumark rebarreled in 338/378 without the muzzle brake, specifically because of the noise and blast.  I can tolerate the recoil (which is substantial) but firing my 30/378 one time without ear protection was enough.  I don't want to be in a situation where a shot is missed/passed up because I had to put on ear protection, and I wouldn't shoot that rig without it.

With the new barrel the gun is still loud and still has a lot of blast, but it's nothing compared to what it was with the Accubrake.

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Posted 05/19/200806:59 AM

I have to agree that the noise gets to be a problem, but I've worked around it with a snazy pair of electronic ear muffs - the kind that amplify small sounds and cuts off anything over a certain level.
I don't remember where I saw it, but there is a company that makes after-market brakes for rifles in just about every caliber - they have one brake they claim reduces recoil by 95% or more. It basically looks like a brake off an Abrams tank...I use a .460WBY on Squirrels...
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Posted 05/19/200809:27 AM

It is no problem at all to use ear plugs when I am target shooting, but I must admit that using a muzzle brake has made a huge change in my hunting. Gone are the days when I might have cracked off a quick off-hand shot without hearing protection at a fast disappearing animal. The brake makes the blast too loud. Now I just take my time. I like to sit and just watch watch the game I hunt anyway. Deer and elk are so beautiful, and it is such a gift to be in the mountains with them. If my animal is gone before I have time to put in my earplugs and set up my shot, that is just too bad for me. I am old enough to enjoy the hunt even if I go home empty handed, as just being there is enough to fill my heart. SmileyWe cannot improve our government by electing people that hate our government...
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Oregon Jim

Posted 05/19/200802:34 PM

check out a gentleman by the name of david gentry from montana.  he runs gentry custom firearms, and makes a muzzle break called the "quiet brake".  it sends the blast and noise forward, and you can shoot without earplugs.  all you have to do is send him your existing brake, and he will make you a new one ( and return your old one as well).  he advertises a 2 week turn around time.  look him up on the internet, and give him a call.  i have one of his brakes on a 300 weatherby, and it is a pleasure to shoot.
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