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Roy Weatherby knew what he was doing (13 posts)

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Posted 07/26/201104:51 PM

Circa 1944: Roy Weatherby's vision for high-velocity hunting cartridges is coming to life and the decisions on the chamberings for this signature line is being made. I think part of that decision included this: what calibers are best going to offer a spread of projectile weight.

The 257 Roberts and 250 Savage were in production, the 25-06 was still a wildcat, so the 257 Wby filled the hole for a caliber with a bullet between 87 and 120 grains.

Nothing was challenging the 270 Winchester (yet) for velocity, so the 270 Wby was an easy fit. I don't know for sure how light or heavy the bullets could be for a 270 in 1944, but today they range from 90 to 160 grains.

America's caliber -- the 30-06 Springfield, the 300 Savage, the 30-30 Winchester and the 300 Holland & Holland -- well established chamberings are out there - so again the Weatherby magnum version of it likely came easy, especially since the 300 Wby is based on a 300 H&H.  Bullet weights for the 300 Wby go 110 to 220 grains (And I would never use a 300 Wby with a 110 grain bullet, but that is my opinion.)

Where is the 6.5mm / .264 cal in all this  -- missing because all those bullet weights shown above are covered by what a 26-cal rifle would fire (back then, and now). Today you'll find .26 caliber rifles shooting something between 85 grains and 160 grains. Every Weatherby chambering listed above can hit all or part of that range of bullet weights. A .264 Weatherby isn't going to do something an existing chambering can't do.

I am not saying there can't be wildcats or never before produced chamberings. Market needs and production costs associated with research and development all factor into the big picture more than "I wanna make one cause nobody else has one", in my humble opinion.
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Posted 07/26/201106:01 PM

It was all about going faster.  Still is. The 6.5 based on a 300 Weatherby mag would be a sweet round for sure.  I agree that the gaps were filled nicely, about the only two that didn't do that were the 220 Rocket and the 224.  And I know the 224 sort of filled a gap depending on the load data you look at but still never set the world on fire sales wise.

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Posted 07/26/201106:40 PM

Yes there are the same bullet weights in all of the existing Weatherby calibers but with the super BC bullets like Berger and Barnes, technology has proven that the 7mm and 6.5 offer the best BC for those weights. Best of the West and Grey Bull precision have proven this and have plenty of video on you tube. I would like to have a 6.5 based on the .270 or 7mm Wby cartridge,
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Posted 07/26/201110:00 PM

Correction! The .300 Weatherby range of bullets tops out, custom or self loaded, at 250 grains and not 220 as you posted. The 250 grain Hawks bullet and the former 250 grain Barnes Original are both awesome as .300 Weatherby bullets. I have had great success bear hunting and a buddy has dropped 2 big Alaskan brownies with this combination.

Notwithstanding that, both the 30-378 and the 338-378 are awesome.
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Posted 07/26/201110:11 PM

Eric:I believe you and Roy are and were correct.Great BC for the 264 though and I can see why they are liked.We all like an excuse to get another gun though.Roger
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Posted 07/26/201111:12 PM

Marishka: Yes, you are correct (and I was not) with the 250 grain bullet as the largest one topping 300 Wby loads.  I believe you on how it will drop an Alaskan browns.  That is good to know, for sure.

Terminator: As for the outstanding BCs from the 6.5mm and 7mm bullets, there is no denying that. If I was going to make a rile for target shooting, I don't know what I would use other than a 6.5mm Creedmoor. I think the 6.5mm Creedmoor will soon be known as one of the finest precision shooters out there, if it is not already. So a 6.5mm could be the next one for me, provided I don't win a lottery and go on safari. If that were the case, I think I'd get a 375 from the Custom Shop.

Somewhere I read the early Weatherby chamberings were in the most popular hunting calibers, but the 7mm Wby Mag was out well before the 7mm Rem Mag. I know my son loves his 7mm Rem Mag Vanguard Sporter.

Overall, I think a great many North American hunters think of a .30 cal as their "go to" rifle over a .28 caliber, but here that is the nature of the beast here. Nobody is wrong, but its a great choice we have and I'm glad to defend that choice.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

Every man needs to know his limits.

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Posted 07/26/201111:26 PM

Eric:For what I do,I will probably stick more to the 25 and 30 caliber bullets.Looked at the 264 win seriously before getting the 257 Wby but decided on the 257.Nothing wrong with either.Roger
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Posted 07/26/201111:40 PM

I posted this somewhere here before, McWhorter Rifles makes a 6.5mm Weatherby and I like the way they represent it. Small groups at long distances. They had one of their 6.5 Weatherby's advertised for sale and it was shooting 3/8"-1/2" groups at 300yds!! I have handled a couple of these rifles and I can see it happening. I personally think a 6.5mm Weatherby would be great, especially with the high BC bullets that are available today.Tennessee- The patron state of shooting stuff!
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Posted 07/27/201112:00 AM

Years ago you use to be able to buy 180 gr 270 bullets round nose those have went by the way side Ballistic Matrix in Canada makes some very cool looking bullets in various calibers 165 gr 270 cal static BC of .738 and 175 gr with a .782.  It's about time someone came out with long range 270 bullets.   My buddy in South Africa makes a 260 gr 30 cal bullet copper plated game ranger.  Hard to get in the states.   I'm not quite sure why you would use that heavy of a bullet probably great on penetration.  

I think one of the reasons the 6.5 wby would be great is lower recoil and you don't have to push these things to the max to hit what you are aiming at.  The 6.5 lapua or the Creedmoor I think would be kick ass calibers for deer + size and targets or std range sniper.   I love the 6.5x55 sweede it's a wonderful caliber to shoot and way more accurate than I need, but it isn't going to set any speed records and that's OK.  just aim higher.  The 6.5 WBY would have the energy at longer ranges to take elk sized game.  The 257 is a pussy cat to shoot and I doubt the 6.5 would be maybe a little more recoil , but not much.

I'm sorry but Weatherby need to get the ball rolling on a 6.5.  The bullets we have now are just suberb and it's not going to wear out barrels that gave the original 264 win mag a bad rep.   I would buy one in a heart beat.   Â 
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Posted 07/27/201112:06 AM

Doc:Pulled up the site and I think they are saying .225 and less than .5 inch moa groups at 100 yds,or at least the ones I saw there,as well as they advertise less than .5 inch in all calibers I believe .Very impressive but it should be for close to $5000.When reloading most Weatherby rifles and calibers will be very close at a greatly reduced cost.It seems they make a load for a specific gun and give it to you.We can do much the same and get very close with our own reloading.I probably can't shoot .25 in with anyones rifle  Grin.Roger
Faster horses,younger women,older whiskey,and more money.
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Posted 07/27/201102:09 AM

i am a weatherby fan but don`t forget the proven 6.5x68.
hard to invent something better in this caliber, especially if you use it with modern bullets, powders. rev
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Posted 07/27/201106:26 AM

back to the original post...................shooting cats with the 300wby and a 110gr v max is awesome fun Grin   Huntin the Aussie bush
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Posted 07/27/201110:01 PM

Not much left to stir fry after that I bet  Tongue
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