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I have some preliminary load data given to me by Dick Quisenberry at the shot show,  same gentleman on the you tube,   it covers 5 calibers,  and no doubt more  in the works that isn't quite  out  yet.   I'm a little hesitant to place any speculation on  burning rates,  we will find that out when more info is available.

  Comparitive load data,  not burn rate seems in between Retumbo and US 869 bordering close  to Vithavuori 24N41.   This is not velocity,  only rough comparisons on charge weights. 

 RL 17 and RL 33 are both made by Rheinmetall Nitrochemie in Switzerland while RL 22 and RL25 are made  in Sweden. 

To give a little load data from Alliant's  promotional flyer. 

7mm stw 175 gr speer deep curl,   84.5 gr  RL 33 @ 2946  fps
7mm stw 175 speer hpbt,  85.7 gr RL 33 @ 3033 fps
300 wby 220 gr sierra mk ,  89 gr  RL 33  @ 2865 fps
338 Lapua 250 gr sierra mk,  103.5 gr RL 33 @ 3001
338 Lapua 300 gr Sierra MK   97.5 gr  RL 33 @ 2748 fps
7MM rem mag 175 speer sp  75.2 gr  RL 33 @ 2909 fps
300 win mag 220 sierra mk,  79.6 gr   RL 33  @ 2780 fps

We will see how this powder pans out,  I would be more inclined to believe like most speciality powders  should work good in some calibers,  but not an across the board general purpose powder.    I'll let Roger work on that one in the 257  and see if he gets 100 fps more than reasonable charges with  his other powders.    It seems awfully slow and  I'm not to sure it's  even a good powder for the 257.   

...looks to be a slower burning version of RL-17, which happens to be very temp. stable & produces fast, accurate rounds in the cartridges it was designed for (short mags), & some others. Burn rate's one thing, but the pressure profile of RL-17 makes it more efficient, more MV w/ less pressure...

Per Gene's description, it sounds like it's the same idea as the "superformance" powder, but for big cases launching heavy bullets. As opposed to RL-17 and superformance being for those cases that are short and fat launching relatively lighter for caliber bullets.

I'm going off in the weeds a bit, but I think it is worth mentioning.

It may be a long, long time coming but I would like to see Superformance load data for the Weatherby cartridges. I'm not into trying to transfer data from a similar load of a 300 Win into what it could be for a 300 Wby. Simply pulling a bullet from a 300 Win and dumping the powder into a 300 Wby case is NOT the way to go, in my opinion.

Since Hodgdon has published some load data for the 280 Rem and the 30-06 Spfd, I guess this gives me hope there data on more chamberings, but maybe that is simply a hope. (Hope is not a plan.)  It is logical to publish load data on the most popular chambering in North America, and I'm sure there are some 30-06 shooters who now glad to be on the edge of 300 Win velocities without having to change rifles. I'm glad there is Superformance data for a 280 Rem. If my gunsmith gets a barrel in soon enough, I will be spending some of my summer at the range working up loads on my 280 Rem.

I hope Alliant's Powder is better than their Customer Service.I called this morning to ask some questions about the RL 33.Called the number on their website and it said to enter a four digit number if you knew it or press 1 for Technical Assistance.I got a recorded message saying this was Dan and that he would be out this week.You would think they would have more than one person that could help you if that person were gone.


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