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Really how good is the 257 WBY Mag ? (8 posts)

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Posted 01/28/200901:31 PM

I would really like to hear any real life hunting stories using a 257 mag, especially on big game, up to and including elk.  On deer and antelope I would imagine it would be great,  but my main concern would be elk.  Thanks
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Posted 01/28/200908:24 PM

Even though Roy Weatherby used the 257 to kill Cape buffalo as well as other African dangerous game and I'm sure it has killed tons of Elk.The 257 is not an Elk rifle.It's best use is extended shots at thin skinned,medium size game.In this application it kills like a lightening bolt.Whenever I think about what rifle I'll take to the field with me,I think of what it will take to humanely kill the animal I'm after with one bullet even if I miss the sweet spot by a few inches.You know Eskimos have killed Polar bears with 22 long rifles,but that doesn't make a 22 LR a bear gun.
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Posted 02/16/200905:20 AM

I've not shot an elk with a .257 Wby Mag -- yet -- so I won't weigh in on that other than to tell you that I have several friends at Weatherby who routinely advocate the use of the .257 for elk -- and I am aware of elk outfitters who will tell you that a surprising percentage of the rifles that show up in their camps are chambered for the .257. Part of the reason for this is the undeniable fact that bullets like the TSX are fundementally changing the game in some respects. Personally, I still prefer larger calibers for elk, but if I could own only one rifle for hunting in North America for the rest of my life, I would happily settle for a .257 Wby Mag. There's a REASON it was Roy's personal favorite.
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Posted 02/16/200909:15 AM

What about barrel life with the 257?  Lots of copper fouling?  How many rounds can you expect to fire before losing accuracy due to fouling?  It looks to be a really great round, just want to know the ins and outs of it.
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Posted 02/16/200909:56 AM

I'll agree with 224king. As a child, I remember my Dad telling me stories of my grandpa, back in the 1930's, taking moose with a .22LR, to feed the family. I definitely don't condone the act, but I guess it can be done, because smaller calibers have been documented on taking larger game. And what about the late, great Jack O'Connor. "Mister .270" would have been a proper moniker for him. I've heard nothing but g-r-e-a-t things said about the .257 Weatherby. I hope to own one someday.
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Posted 02/20/200904:21 AM

Like I said, I haven't shot an elk with a .257 yet, but I have shot everything from javelina and pronghorn to big whitetails, big mule deer -- and some VERY large wild boar -- with no issues whatsoever. Virtually everything I've taken with that caliber to date has simply blown up in flames... dropped in its tracks. Part of the reason for that is my fondness for the 120-grain Nosler Partition factory load. It is extremely effective. That doesn't mean I want to run out and shoot elk with it. I tend to match calibers to the game, and I'm just more comfortable shooting at bigger game with bigger bullets. Re. copper fouling, that usually depends on the individual barrel and not necessarily the caliber of the rifle. I've had no issues, but then again, I clean my barrels after every hunt or range session with Bore Tech. Great stuff - gets the copper out using only patches and has no ammonia.
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Posted 02/21/200908:43 PM

The 257 weatherby is an awesome cartridge. I dont know what it is but it drops critters like a lightning bolt; bang-flop. I probably wouldnt purchase it soley for an elk rifle but if the opportunity came up to shoot an elk with it I wouldnt hesitate a second to take the shot. Use a good bullet and pick your shot, shouldnt be a problem. I love mine it is my go to rifle in MT for anything and everything. As far as barrel fouling goes I would clean it regularly with good copper and carbon remover and you wont see any problems that way and let it cool between shots at the range as it is a hot rod and will warm up quick other than that shoot the hell out of it, you will love it!!!
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Posted 02/23/200901:49 PM

I personally don't own a .257 Weatherby but have seen 2 elk killed with one.  The first one stopped dead in it's tracks and the second one ran about 20 yards until the second shot was placed.  The deal with shooting big game with a small caliber is hitting the sweet spot perfect.  When it comes to guns I tend to agree with Elmer Keith.  I consider .338 caliber to be my minimum for elk and often use it for white tailed deer. When using a large caliber you have more margin of error for your shot placement. As far as a deer gun goes the .257 is an excellent performer and I have seen way to many deer to count fall to a .257 and have never seen one take another step after the first shot.  So to answer your question the .257 will work for elk but you would be better off with something like a .338 Win Mag or a .340 Weatherby.
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