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Just curious to know who uses this program and what were it's pro's and con's and wondering if anyone had any specific known issues with inputs as far as affecting accuracy? I am just fixing to start using this program for my rifles and was wondering who likes it and who does not like it. I have heard from many that they use the program but not a lot from people that actually have likes and dislikes about the software? I know it can only be as good as the data input but was wondering how good the program really was and what were the little secrets of those that use this program?

It's good, but not portable unless you have wireless internet access and a laptop.

The Droid app has all the same bullet data as JBM and is portable. Shooter Ballistics app also picks up local weather data, temp, elevation, barometric pressure, humidity wind speed and direction, etc... from the GPS in your phone and inputs it automatically into the calculations- most importantly is the crucial data needed with windage changes.

So, unless you input every weather variable into JBM and print out the tables to bring to the range it's no where as good as the Droid app.


I think the Droid and the Shooters Ballistic would be kind of cool to play with,  but I can see some pitfalls with both systems.   These are guides only and you still need to shoot your data or range card to verify.  The Droid in my circumstances just won't work where we normally hunt  (no cell phone coverage) , and as far as using any programs you have to contend with the wind.  If it's a constant and you are out in the flats somewhere it might be OK,  but here in the mtns you might as well pee in one direction and where the game is you might get peed on.  Doping wind in canyons and mtns is far from a perfect science.  That comes from experience and you can still screw it up.  Not only that long range shooting in mtns & canyons can have up drafts and down drafts,  there is no program in the world that can compensate for all the variables in the field.   These programs are fun to play with and will give you a better understanding of ballistics, and that's a real plus, so I won't knock any program in that sense.   Out target shooting or long range prairie dog shooting  I would most likely have a lot of fun with it. 

JBM has an iPad app now which works nicely but it does not do any wind measuring which is a must for NM, having a Verizon connection is not a must as it is a stand alone app not needing an internet connection! I do have a Verizon connection but where my range is at it would probably not connect anyway to my provider? I like the format JBM uses but it's just all new and i understand that sending rounds down range is way more important than running a ballistic program but i suspect that these programs are worth what ya pay for them!   I was told by the app writer that Altitude was one of the important factors since we are at 5300 feet here in ABQ, not to sure about the barometric pressure as it has absolute and actual? not sure which one to use? It is always high here in NM, 30.10+ a lot of the time! I have a Chrony and will run some rounds thru it so i can come up with some range card info for the 2 338-378 rounds i have to run thru it! The iPad app will save your range cards in it's own file or you can print them? I plan on just cutting out the range and MOA portion and stick it to the inside of my flip up occular or paste it to my stock instead of messing with the iPad at the range anyway? I will take it with me when i shoot just incase someone i shoot with needs some data but to me it's not like i will be texting and on it every waking minute! I do not even know how to text anyway! 

Terry:I like the JBM.I tried it  without cell coverage and it did work.Super easy to plug in different wind conditions that are at the range from a wind gauge but as Zonie said it can sure change a lot from where you are to where your target is.I was taught at a long range shooting school to watch grass,branches etc and shoot every time when it looked the same at the distance you were shooting and make adjustments accordingly to the scope.Reading the wind was the key and a good spotter.Keep your head down on the stock and same weld on the gun and don't try to see where you hit on the target,and shoot when the spotter tells you to after you say you are ready or they cuss at ya. .


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