Gloss scope finish vs. matte black?

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I recently bought 2 used Weatherby Mark V Deluxes in .270 Wby Mag and .300 Wby Mag respectivly. The .300 has an unusable old Redfield box view scope and the .270 has a descent Leupold 3x9x40 with a gloss black finish. My problem is, I like the gloss black finish on a scope to match the deep blue finish of the rifle, but, I can only find it in Leupold and lesser optics. My other rifles (Remington 700 XCR and Win model 70 SS Extreme Weather) have Zeiss scopes on them which to my eye are FAR superior in light gathering, clarity, crispness, low light gathering, everything. I looked at Leupolds, Zeiss, Swarovski side by side yesterday and the Swaro and Zeiss are the hands down winners in function. I'm a professional camera operator by trade, so the optical details stand out to me.Does putting a matte finish Swaro or Zeiss on a beautiful glossy finish rifle make it ugly or detract the asthics in any way, or am I reading too much into this?

It's all based on personal preference really!, I put a gloss scope on my high gloss Sako thinking it would be a better match? but in the end I removed it in favor of a Matte finish. You were looking at the VX3 line of Leupolds I take it,.....

Purpose of the guns is..... ? For hunting it's matte all the way. I hate fingerprints and I'm constantly trying to get them of gloss areas of my rifle.

Matte scopes are not really all that "matte" these days.

I have a few VX3's and a Mark 4 LR/T that have an "in-between" gloss/matte finish and go well on any rifle. I had a Mark V Deluxe that came with a factory gloss Weatherby scope and didn't really care for it. Put a "matte" scope on it and would not be ashamed to show it to anyone.

When my new Accumark arrives this coming week it is getting another Mark 4.  Just trying to decide which Weatherby.... .308 Vanguard SUB-MOA TR, or the Accumark .257 WBY will be my long range gun cause thats gonna get a 6.5-20x50mm on it for 1000yd range/match duty. I'm guessing it will be the .257 Wby.

It's very hard to  get a perfect match in the first place even with Mattes's let alone gloss seems they have different shades of blue and matte.     Some rifles I have gloss on gloss,   others  a matte scope on a gloss rifle,  I even have a gloss scope on a matte rifle although it looks like crap.   Matte scope on stainless rifle ,  even one handgun stainless on stainless.  Sign of the times most scopes are matte today because it's cheaper, not as reflective, doesn't leave fingerprints as bad and easier to look clean.    One thing I will do when putting a  matte scope on a gloss rifle is match the bases and ring matte also,  I think it looks a little cleaner than mis matching everything.   I love the look of gloss on gloss, but for practical use I'll take a matte rifle & scope.

Thanks for the replies. fuonlynu, yes i was looking at the Leupold VX-3's and I was seriously trying to convince myself to buy it. But I couldn't lie to myself, the gold colored cross hairs are distracting to me and the color definition wasn't very crisp in backlit situations. But zonie, I like your idea of matching the bases and rings to match the scope if it's a matte on gloss situation. If I do that, I might be able to go with the Zeiss Conquest and save a little $$ over the Swarovski. However, my buddy seems to think that the silver falcon of the Swaro matches beautifully with any finish of rifle 


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